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My 71-yr-old Mom: "No religious sets? We'll see about that!"

CathyVTCathyVT VermontMember Posts: 44
Holy Cannoli! When my mom was visiting at Christmastime, she was admiring a Santa's Workshop Lego set I had on display, and she flipped through a Lego catalog that was on the table. She said she wanted a Lego nativity scene and I said she wouldn't find one as a set because Lego doesn't make any religious sets. Not one to be easily dissuaded, she returned home and got to work on eBay, buying loose parts. She said she was building a Last Supper scene, and also the "rising from the dead from out of a rock cave" thing (I'm not religious - can you tell?). She wanted to display them at her church where she is the Pastor (she was a paramedic when I was growing up, after my parents split up. Being a church pastor was a 2nd career choice she undertook while I was in college). I said she needed to send photos. Well here they are! I'm so happy I got my 71-year-old mom back into Lego (we always had them growing up, and she played with them with me and my brother). As far as I know, she hasn't touched Lego for over 30 years, until she got this bee in her bonnet at Christmas! I can't wait to see her Christmas scene! She is a Master Builder, and I'm so proud of her.



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