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LEGO Homemaker sets (1971-74)

jnscoelhojnscoelho PortugalMember Posts: 525
edited March 2018 in Marketplace
So I got my hands on four precious gems:
I have no use for them, as I am not a collector, I have two little girls who want to tear them apart and I have no space.

The sets are used but well preserved, they have been extensively played with, but they are complete (except for stickers for #292 and #260). #265 still has its stickers in their sheet. All of them have their boxes and manuals, although in somewhat bad shape.
For some pictures:

I prefer to sell them all together. If you're interested, send me a PM. 


  • jnscoelhojnscoelho PortugalMember Posts: 525
    Ups, it seems the link for the pictures isn't working properly...
    Therefore, here are some pictures:

    You can also find these for sale at my BL store:
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,569
    Those sets look great, certainly in better shape than the ones I have from that series.
  • jnscoelhojnscoelho PortugalMember Posts: 525
    Come on, people, I really want to get these off my hands (shelves).
    Just make an offer! :D
  • jnscoelhojnscoelho PortugalMember Posts: 525
    These are long gone, this thread can be closed.
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