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BrickStock or BrickLink inventory export into Brickset/Rebrickable inventory?

wiggywiggy EnglandMember Posts: 347
I've got 400+ sets added into BrickStock, and also exported this data into BrickLink, all good so far.

I now want to import all sets into Brickset and Rebrickable (I know they can easily import into each other), but how the heck can I do this initial import? Basebrick import is broken, I don't use peeron, lugnet or rebrickable and I don't want to have to add all sets manually again.

Any ideas please?


  • ElectrosysElectrosys Go Happy Bricks & Set Shop Posts: 1
    This is the process that I came up with this morning. I wanted to solve the same problem.

    Process for Export from BrickStock to Rebrickable

    • Export "Bricklink Set Inventory" to XML
    • Convert XML to CSV
    • Massage CSV File
      • Remove "ITEMTYPE" and also "COLOR" columns
      • Rename "ITEMID" column to "Set Number"
      • Rename "QTY" column to "Quantity"
      • Save file.
      • Upload file to Rebrickable set list.

    e.g. (file format for rebrickable)
    Set Number Quantity
    76049-1 1
    75157-1 1
    31050-1 1
    10693-1 1
    75828-1 1
    71212-1 2
    71217-1 1
    6895-1 1

  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,028
    A similar file format will also work for importing to Brickset, just needs to be a CSV with two columns, comma separated of course.

  • wiggywiggy EnglandMember Posts: 347
    ^^ Good info for someone else, but a year late for me :)
    I ended up adding them 1 at a time!
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