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21030 US Capitol Building part count?

koshkakoshka UK/SwedenMember Posts: 193

I received a query from a potential buyer and as I’m away I can’t quickly provide an answer. They’ve asked how many parts are included and I’m not sure what’s prompted the question. Does anyone know whether there was a second release with a different part count?



  • rd1899rd1899 U.S.A.Member Posts: 167
    Bricklink is only showing one version of the set, 21030-1 (BL).

    If there were significant variations* in the build, then there should be entries for multiple versions. For example,  #79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase, has a "train base" version (79104-2) and a "Technic base" version (79104-3) due to changes in how the main vehicle was constructed.

    *Minor variations, such as differences in moulds (that Bricklink officially recognizes) or part colors should usually show up as "Alternate" parts in a Bricklink inventory (BL Help page). 

    As to what prompted the question, does your version of the box not show the part count? Or, the potential buyer could be a new or casual Lego buyer who does not how to check the Lego site or third-party sites (Brickset/Bricklink) for this information. And, it could always be a customer just testing to see how friendly and/or professional you, the potential seller, is.

    In your response to the customer, I would mention that Lego's official count (1032) includes the brick separator tool,** but not any spare/extra parts that may be left over after the set is built.

    **Which Bricklink considers an "extra" item, so its parts count of 1031 lines up correctly with Lego's official count.
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