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What's your LEGO 'status' today?



  • OdeinoichusOdeinoichus CanadaMember Posts: 360
    Built Women of NASA the other day, I'm a bit impressed with some of the techniques, but dismally disappointed in the vignettes style of the set, it's really rather lacking as a display piece.

    Also noticed Brickset has added some Powerpuff Girls based sets... Um, can we expect this to mean that LEGO is FINALLY making sets based on LEGO Dimensions that we can buy to get the Minifigures we're still missing in physical form, like the entire rest of the A-Team, Doctor Who, Wizard of OZ, Knight Rider, E-T, Gremlins, The Goonies, Back To the Future, Fantastic Beasts and so on and so forth... Or did they seriously decide to release Powerpuff Girls sets so people can have Mojo Jojo?
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    Finally can almost see the floor in the old LEGO room; in the process of sorting everything and moving the new containers to the new LEGO room. Happy to be down to one LEGO room from four rooms two years ago. Now I can almost find things needed to build something. Have finished sorting through my son's old LEGO and will happily watch his old Metroliner and Cargo Trains (along with the remainder of his Technic collection) move to a new family tomorrow. Twenty years of living in a container is too long for such lovely LEGO sets...they need to played with by a new generation. Now I focus mostly on DUPLO and Friends. Phew!
  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 7,057

    Also noticed Brickset has added some Powerpuff Girls based sets... Um, can we expect this to mean that LEGO is FINALLY making sets based on LEGO Dimensions that we can buy to get the Minifigures we're still missing in physical form, like the entire rest of the A-Team, Doctor Who, Wizard of OZ, Knight Rider, E-T, Gremlins, The Goonies, Back To the Future, Fantastic Beasts and so on and so forth... Or did they seriously decide to release Powerpuff Girls sets so people can have Mojo Jojo?
    More likely there is a reboot/movie/somethingelsenew coming in '18 with the Powerpuff Girl franchise and Lego joined it.
  • KLOKRIECHERKLOKRIECHER GermanyMember Posts: 253
    Going to catch up with the 2017 Star Wars advent calendar:

  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,944
    SumoLego said:
    snowhitie said:
    @Pitfall69 you've been missed!
  • bookmumbookmum londonMember Posts: 1,350
    My daughter's latest obsession is something called Bendy and the ink machine. She built this last night. It's the ink machine. Pretty impressed!! (she is 9 and doesn't usually build much). 
  • xwingpilotxwingpilot UKMember Posts: 797
    Status: Avoiding the "Star Wars Spoilers - The Last Jedi discussion" for another two days...
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 1,709
    Got a awesome early X-mas gift from a friend that included a TLBM CMF (Nurse Harley), #30425 CRU Master's Training Grounds (which is a really great little set. I'm looking forward to writing a review for it) and best of all #5002946 Silver Centurion!
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    Status: Avoiding the "Star Wars Spoilers - The Last Jedi discussion" for another two days...
    Make that at least three decades for me. There must be someone else out there besides Hubby who is not a fan; otherwise it is just the two of us trying to ignore this madness. I once watched a minute of an earlier SW film maybe 20 or so years ago when my quiet film, The Horse Whisperer, ended a few minutes before Star Wars Whatever, and I went to find the boys and Hubby, who was fast asleep as the action hit a crescendo and everything everywhere on the screen was exploding in one form or another. And the audience was literally jumping up and down screaming their brains out. Needless to say, he is not a fan of SW either, thank god.

    The good news is that other films are widely available, but you can't find a parking place within a half mile (750 meters.) I hope that TLG makes oodles of moola (translation: lots of money) off this round of SW so it can keep on pumping up my favorite DUPLO and Friends line up of sets. 
  • KLOKRIECHERKLOKRIECHER GermanyMember Posts: 253
    And here's day 17 of the 2017 Christmas Build-Up:
  • Addicted2OxygenAddicted2Oxygen Somewhere behind all the boxes of LegoMember Posts: 438
    About to watch the last jedi! Squeee!!!
  • KLOKRIECHERKLOKRIECHER GermanyMember Posts: 253
    And this is day 18 of the 2017 Christmas Build-Up:

  • Diamondback_SixDiamondback_Six USAMember Posts: 181
    Stoked at FINALLY having my Saturn V... now to figure out what all extra parts I need so I don't have to cannibalize the CM and LEM from their mini-dioramas.

    Tempted to round up some references and take a go at a minifig-scale Apollo 13 CSM/LEM combo... then I look at the screwing Senteosan and the Jurassic Park (NOT World, even though they're covered under same license) get Every Bloody Time and think "not worth it," even though it'd be really cool if I could pull it off, get Lovell, Haise, Mattingly and Gene Kranz to autograph my ten sets and then auction them (well, nine, keep one for myself of course) as a fundraiser for aerospace charities.
  • piratemania7piratemania7 New EnglandMember Posts: 2,145
    I was in NYC over the weekend and found a renewed passion for some of my sets that are yet to be built - IE GBHQ and other modulars. I even came up with a couple of MOC ideas.
  • Pumpkin_3CK5Pumpkin_3CK5 CaliforniaMember Posts: 801
    Ayyy I'm glad they boxed my B&P order. That's a good first.

  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,698
    edited December 2017
    That feeling when you’ve caused a disturbance to the AFOL community...

  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 1,709
    Mini-Z is feeling the Christmas spirit!

  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 PA, USAMember Posts: 720

    Finally going to start building this set!
  • CharmiefcbCharmiefcb SydneyMember Posts: 401
    Last week I went to the optometrist and she was really scared about my high eye pressure. She thought it was glaucoma. So I booked an appointment with the doctor she referred me to and for the last few days I was worrying about my eyes and expecting the worst. I did drink alot of Pepsi Max with it's caffeine and aspartame among other bad things for you which I have really cut back on since I got this big scare.

    The appointment came and I did all the tests and there was nothing wrong.
    Still, better to see a doctor about medical issues sooner rather than later.
    Afterwards I went to get a present for a child I know. Got her a Friends set. Some surf shop. It was $20 down from $30. I bought the Jokers Lowrider for myself which was marked at $90 but when I got to the register it was $60 so a good day all around.
  • Diamondback_SixDiamondback_Six USAMember Posts: 181

    Finally going to start building this set!
    It's great--you won't be disappointed, though if you're like me you may find yourself wanting an extra CSM and LEM. And a crawler, and Pad 39A or 39B, and a tower... :)
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 1,990
    Very little LEGOing (is that even a word?) recently. Busy at work and the study is full of Christmas stuff so I can barely get in there. I did pull the Creator Beetle out of its bag to have a look before I wrap it up for myself though!
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 1,990
    Last day in the office was yesterday, still need to keep my work phone on incase we get any fault calls as my colleague who was due to be in for these two days is currently recovering from open heart surgery! SO I'm staying close to home by wrapping presents and watching Die Hard!

    Walked Little Miss Speedman to the childminder as they're off to the panto today, on the walk back I dropped into the shops to get some lunch and had a peek in the local WHSmiths. He sells the odd leftover LEGO magazine gifts off for £1 when he send the mags back. Spent a fiver on a couple of the City diver and shark packs and some Ninjago minifigures too
  • CaptainLegoCaptainLego FloridaMember Posts: 385
    edited December 2017
    Got this set today.

    The police boat has just enough room for a second figure. Thus...

    These Mountain Police sets are perfect for building  up a rural police force. I ordered 60175 via TRU website a couple of days ago as well.
  • CaptainLegoCaptainLego FloridaMember Posts: 385
    I also got this set a few days ago:

  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,698
    Big thanks to my AFOL friend Mark for the personalised postcard by Matthew Ashton. I didn’t even request one, it was a total surprise when I found out! ‪Thanks Mark and Matthew!‬

    While at Hamleys yesterday I also picked up the 5005233 - Hamleys Royal Guard.

  • chrisalddinchrisalddin UKMember Posts: 3,022
    edited December 2017
    uggg. make the time go Faster!!!!. come on it almost Christmas. there are set's under that tree. i just hate to wait. but i have to. Christmas build day on the living room floor. is part of christmas. (for the last 3 years any how)

  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 7,057
    Started Christmas early this year to spread out the fun. Several happy kiddos working on Elves and Ninjago dragons currently. This allows adults to sneak molasses cookies without fear of discovery as well!
  • VenunderVenunder Nottingham, UK.Member Posts: 2,589
    Just waiting 7 hours to open my Lego present.  :)
  • LEGO_Dad77LEGO_Dad77 Northeastern CaliforniaMember Posts: 243
    Really REEEEEEALLY wanna open presents early, haha! But will honor stupid tradition and wait until tomorrow morning around 4:15 when the Boy wakes up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. XD

    Finished up his custom Teen Titans Go! Robin; cobbled together from three different Robins and a painted Syndrome hair-piece. :D This will be my Sons’ bonus gift after he opens alllllllll his presents, including both TTG sets from LEGO Dimensions. I know it’s not perfect compared to how he’s represented in the game, but I figure... close enough. XD

  • Addicted2OxygenAddicted2Oxygen Somewhere behind all the boxes of LegoMember Posts: 438
    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all got something that rattles. 
  • AndyPolAndyPol UKMember Posts: 379
    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you all. I'm currently admiring the Ninjago City in it's box, trying to calculate when, where and how I will find time to build it, but still enjoying working out some of the structures and designs on the cover!
  • Brickfan50Brickfan50 Zwolle, NetherlandsMember Posts: 380
    Yesterday I laid the foundations for this set (which was a Christmas present to myself). Took about two hours to get all tiles lined up nicely :-)

  • xwingpilotxwingpilot UKMember Posts: 797
    We bought little miss xwingpilot #41177 and little master xwingpilot a LEGO storage brick as part of their Christmas presents. Nothing LEGO-related for me though (nothing I currently want either).

    I hope everyone had a great day.

    Merry Christmas :)
  • the_creative_boxthe_creative_box SwedenMember Posts: 90
    edited December 2017

    I built 42064 Ocean Explorer yesterday, which was my Lego-related Christmas gift this year (I usually get one or two big sets on Christmas). It is the first big Technic set I've built in a couple of years, and I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy the completed model was, how good it looks and how well it works. Actually, it has become one of my favorite sets.

    Maybe I will buy some more Technic next year :D

  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,367
    Got the big BB-8 for Christmas from the wife. Built all of it but the head and stand last night. I don't usually get bigger LEGO sets from her for presents, so I was pretty happy.

    Also, almost a month after ordering it, my holiday train finally shipped! Better late than never, I guess.
  • mustang69mustang69 North CarolinaMember Posts: 539
    Went to the LEGO store today because my wife wanted to get a set to build. She contemplated getting Taj Mahal but it was too much. I talked her into getting the Joker Manor but they did t have any in store so we got home and ordered it and also got the disco and clown Batman freebie.
  • RecceRecce Tiny Little Red DotMember Posts: 923
     I really need to control myself.

    Last night while surfing saw some loose Lego bricks on ebay and started clicking to buy, ended up making 6 purchases, and this is on top of another 6 or so purchases over the past week.

    My wife's not going to like this... 
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