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Change in packaging?

jadeirenejadeirene Member Posts: 474
edited February 2012 in Everything else LEGO
I've recently purchase multiples of some sets, namely 9493 X-Wing and 9491 Geonosian Cannon, and noticed that the box packaging was a bit different. On one of the X-Wings and one of the Geonosian Cannons, the box ends were tape sealed, while on the other sets the boxes were glued with the perforated punch tabs. Is this an indication that they are going back to the glued boxes?

I would normally have been very excited if TLG was going back to glued boxes (since I buy much of my Lego at B&M stores and am terrified of getting tampered boxes) but the glue on the X-Wing box was very loose and it was easy to pry open. Luckily all the contents were there, but it does show that on some boxes it would just as easy to re-glue the box as it is to replace the seals.

Has anyone else seen the glued boxes on larger recent sets?


  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    Are you sure its not an European version box? LEGO uses punch tabs in Europe.
  • jadeirenejadeirene Member Posts: 474
    They were purchased in the US. 9491 at TRU B&M and 9493 at Target online. I don't have the boxes anymore, but I don't think it was European.
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    Interesting. I would LOVE if LEGO would start making punch tabs the standard. :)
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas Member Posts: 8,404
    My copy of 9493 was punch tabs, purchased from Barns and Noble... The TIE Fighter and Y-Wing were both taped...

    The punch tabs would be a shame, there is no easy way to keep those boxes flat, the taped boxes can be cut on both ends and flattened.
  • DougoutDougout Member Posts: 888
    All of the lego sets I have recently opened were glued at one end and taped at the other, so I didn't notice a change in packaging. The taped boxes upset me sometimes because it seems they are so easy to steal from, so I do agree that the boxes with the perforated punch tabs are much better.
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    I also don't like when the seals become a little loose and there is a gap.
  • brclark82brclark82 Member Posts: 217
    I HATE the punch tabs...I don't keep any sets MISB but I do keep my boxes in mint condition, which seems to be impossible with the stupid punch tabs. My 8070 supercar was punch tabs, 10230 mini modulars, I believe one of my winter village sets, and a recent 3300001 Brickley set but luckily that's it. I almost tore up my 10230 box opening it no matter how careful I was and it kinda pissed me off.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    I use a sharp knife in the gap, and I've never even considered punching the punch tab! I much prefer taped boxes, but as I buy mainly online, theft isn't an issue really.
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    ^ I do the same
  • starfire2starfire2 Member Posts: 1,335
    I noticed that too when I bought the new Star Wars 2012 sets. The droid escape was glued but the Geonosian Cannon was taped. Both came from TRU online. Maybe like the carboard backed instructions, maybe they are trying out a new thing. I personally like it. Tape seals seem easier to tamper with, while glued ends are hard to tamper with.
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    This is why I directly buy my sets at my Lego store. I don't have to worry about boxes being tampered with.
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