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Anybody else underwhelmed by 7346 Seaside House?



  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,720
    edited February 2012
    ^--have you seen 4956? I'd say they have gotten a bit more complex part wise, but at the cost of size of the set IMO

  • VenunderVenunder Grimsby, UK.Member Posts: 2,645
    I think the two houses look similar from one angle, but seem quite different from the other side. I would like to have both in my collection of houses.

    Although in my opinion the roof of the blue house would look better if it were white. So I might modify this. I am also not sure about the Torch sconces on the balcony so I might remove them when I construct the set.
    I also like the sand castle and will be using the design on my beach.
    The palm tree is a bit blocky, but this is a Creator set which might explain why the pre cast palm leaves were not used.
    If the price of this set translates to £50 it will be too expensive.
    I will be buying it in the sales.
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    Poor Creator sets. I generally like them quite a bit, but my brain insists that they're only "worth it" during sales.
  • bmwlegobmwlego Long Island, New YorkMember Posts: 819
    edited February 2012
    I only buy LEGO on sale so I can't agree or disagree about Creator only being worth it when sale. However, Creator is the best value PPR out there and as a result I own several copies of many of the Creator houses. Once I see the breakdown of this seaside house I will be able to figure out whether or not I want it for sure.
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,110
    yes, generally the best price per piece ratios on Creator. Also, you get mostly good, solid, generic building pieces, and not too many highly specialized parts like most other lines have. And of course, Creator Houses have been the only place outside of modulars and pick a brick to actually acquire 1xZ bricks in any kind of reasonable quantity.
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