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UK trade...Trying to get Bumblebee Girl Minifig

redarmyredarmy AberdeenMember Posts: 691
I have tentatively decided to start collecting series 1-10...despite my better judgement!....For whatever reason i want to start with the Bumblebee..i know want i want and want i'll get maybe different but i'll give it a try anyway...i have 5 sealed Rocket Boys and 3 opened Rocket Boys...i would ideally like to trade for the 5 sealed ones,but i guess that is up to you guys...anyone willing to trade??


  • redarmyredarmy AberdeenMember Posts: 691
    Hi guys and girls..i'm still going for S10-S1...not the smartest idea but what the hell..i'm trying to start at 10 and work down but thats up to i'm asking if anyone can help

    My haves..#75901 Mystery Plane Adventure

    #75167 Bounty Hunter Battle Pack

    #75085 Hailfire Droid

    #5002126 Martian Manhunter

    #30449 Milano x5

    #30355 Jungle ATV x2

    #30351 City Police Helicopter x4

    #30352 City Police Car x2

    #30400 Friends poly

    #30477 Cameleon

    #30521 Mini Batmobile

    #30193 Shell 250 GT Berlinetta

    Everything above sealed

    #30194 Shell Ferrari 458 Italia

    #30195 Shell Ferrari FXX

    #30190 Shell 150° Italia

    #40049 Sopwith Camel

    Above opened and built with instructions and bag..

    I also have 8 S17 Rocketboys 5 sealed 3 open..

    Please pm if you can help..


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