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FS (UK/EU/WW): Arvo Brothers Kaneda's Bike with book and unused original stickers

DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745
After spending a few (or more) years collecting all the parts, I have finally completed Arvo Brothers Kaneda's Bike. Selling because I have 15month old twins who are expensive and I need to focus my LEGO collection (according to my other half!)

Sale Includes -

Manual in very good condition, marked in pencil at the inventory pages as I spent ages collecting the parts.
Unused original sticker sheet.
Front Fork naked version
Front Fork covered version
Main body bike.

This allows either version of the forks to be used with the main bike body without having to cannibalise for parts. Only one!!! part missing due to my failure to find it in my collection after ordering it twice from different sellers and still managing to misplace it again.  The 2x2 trans tile is missing as I've used 2x  1x2 trans clear tiles.  If I find the 2x2 tiles I will include them or post them separately as I have no use for them other than for this bike ahh.   Everything else is as per the book.

Mix of new (when I bought them) and used parts but none are trashed parts, used but in good condition is the lowest level of part condition.

The HTF parts are all there e.g:
  1. Ferrari 1:8 rear tyre (was NEW when I bought it) #32296
  2. 2 x RED scala 5x5 dishes.
  3. 2 x  Black Windshield 3x6x1 #62360 (now HTF because of Arvo's Alien Project)
  4. 1 x RED RC Train wheel spoked #8548gb
  5. 1 x  X-Pod RED bottom Cap #47676
  6. 6 x X-Pod RED top cap #47675
  7. 2 x RED Turntable 2x2x2 #41533

Unused Stickers

Willing to post worldwide if P&P covered although I'm based in the UK.

PM with offers :-)  I also have spares of some of the HTF parts and some of the other parts if anyone is looking for something as I have a few doubles due to ordering when sleep deprived!


Elspeth De Montes


  • DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745
    Spares that I have available :-)

  • DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745
    So... SPARE things I have:
    1 x  Tire Technic Street Bike #8420
    1 x Black Turntable 4x4 #3403c01
    2 x Black Slope 6x6/33 #2876
    8 x Black Slope Curved 2x2 #30602
    3 x Red Container X-Pod Bottom #47676
    1 x Red Container X-Pod Top #47675
    1 x Red Dish 4x4 #3960
    1x Red Scala Dish 5x5 #6942
    lots x Hinge plate 1x2 Top plate #3938
    8 x Red Slope Curved 10 x 1 #85970
    12 x Plate Round 4x4 Corner #30565
    1 x Red Slope 33 3x1 #4286
    2 x Red Slope 33 3x3 Corner #3675
    1 x Slope curved 2x4 #88930
    1x Red Slope Inverted 45 2x2 Double # 3676
    4 x Red Wedges (NO NOTCHES) 4x2 #2399
    2 x Red 4x2 Wedge Triple Right #43711
    2 x Red Hinge plate 1x2 with 3 fingers #4275
    2 x Red Hinge plate with 2 fingers #4276
    2 x Red Plate 1x12 #60479
    1 x Red 1x10 Plate #4477
    2x Red 4x2 Wedge Triple Left #43710
    3 x Red Wedge 6x4 Triple Curved #43712
    1 X Red windscreen 1x6x3 #64453
    1 x Red Wedge Plate 3x4 without stud notches #4859
    2 x Red Wedge 4x6x2/3 Triple curved #52031
    8 x Trans-Black Slope curved #42022
    1 x Trans-Black Windscreen 1x6x2 Curved #45705
    1x Trans-Black Windscreen 8x6x2 Curved #2224
    2 x Trans-Black Panel 1x2x3  #2362
    6 x Yellow Minifig heads plain #3626

    Sorry I accidentally put two black windscreen in there at the top Right before I remembered that I used these as place-holders until the red ones arrived :-)

  • DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745
    Complete bike & manuals SOLD.

    Other parts still available :-)
  • thebricksilothebricksilo Member Posts: 1
    Any chance you still have the parts? i know im late to the party but ive just brought the book and lord is it hard to find sellers in the UK with them.
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