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Paris and Disneyland Paris Lego stores

RogerKirkRogerKirk BrightonMember Posts: 348
Hello! In September I'm going to Paris and then on to Disneyland Paris.

Are the Lego shops worth visiting? I think I'll definitely make the effort to got the one at Disneyland, but is the one in central Paris worth it?

Is there anything special to look out for at either store?

I'm wondering whether it would be worth to take the passport I picked up at the London store opening - do either have passport stamps?


  • stluxstlux LuxembourgMember Posts: 2,228
    I'm not aware of any store-specific sets at the Paris store, so no need to make a detour for that. They seem to have some nice models though, as pictured in this thread.

    In August all European Lego Stores will exchange calendar voucher 8 for a passport, so from that date they might all have stamps as well. That's my assumption though; I haven't seen any official confirmation of that.
  • 77ncaachamps77ncaachamps Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West (US)Member Posts: 2,439
    If you're in the area, it's worth stopping by the Paris Lego Store. Nice displays.
    Nothing special from what I recall is offered there though.
  • Legopassion8Legopassion8 North CarolinaMember Posts: 1,181
    Beware. My evil clone resides there. A doctor no less
  • RogerKirkRogerKirk BrightonMember Posts: 348
    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks also for the link to that thread. We'll have my three year old with us, so we need to do things for him and I think he'd love the models. 

    Interesting to hear about the passport voucher. I had forgotten about that. Hopefully it will mean all stores will have stamps soon?? I guess I will know before I go. Has anyone heard anything more yet?

    @Legopassion8 - I have no idea what you mean :D
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation UKMember Posts: 5,527
    I posted some pictures of the models at the Disneyland Paris store here
    Don't look if you want to be surprised when you go! :-) 
    I can't remember anything location exclusive to buy, but definitely worth popping in the shop to look at the models and mosaics. 
  • LuLegoLuLego UKMember Posts: 932
    I remember there being the Paris minifigure keyring and a pack of 3 minifigures (in the create your own minifigure packaging) dressed as 'typical' French people last year.
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