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Boards and generic lego

dav588dav588 FalkirkMember Posts: 2
hi, new to the site, just been give a few boxes of lego, mostly just regular stuff, and a few big boards, could anyone give me a rough price guide for boards and regular stuff by weight, I'm just looking to sell it on 


  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,814
    edited July 2017
    If selling by weight, the easiest thing is to have a look at the Lego sales on Ebay - if you put in, for example, "2kg Lego" and check the "sold" box in the left sidebar, you'll get results of sales that have finished so you can see what it actually goes for, as opposed to the starting prices people put up. As for the baseplates, some are a bit more in demand than others - if you've got a lot of straight road pieces, for instance, or older plates in colours no longer made, you may get a bit more for them - again, search Lego baseplates and see what comes up. 

    You do have to watch that all of what you've got is actually Lego-branded, though, and not one of the many off-brand compatible equivalents like MegaBloks or Kreo. If it says "Lego" on the studs, it's real Lego. If it doesn't, you can't sell it on Ebay as such. I mean, people DO, but you'd be risking negative feedback. 

    Also, it'd be handy to know how you came by it/how old it is. Like, if this is the childhood collection of someone who got it in the 70s, it might be worth knowing a bit more about what you've got specifically (e.g. minifigures) and trying to sell it on the Marketplace forum here rather than braving the wilds of Ebay. 
  • dav588dav588 FalkirkMember Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice, I got it from a guy at work,
    ive been through it all, I've got over 28kg of bricks, over 100 figures and 30+ boards, what kind of price do you think I could ask for that?
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,027
    It depends what the figures are.
    There are that many variables to your question, it's actually impossible to answer!  Why not post a couple of pictures of at least the minifigs so we can get some sort of idea of what you MAY have?  A better idea may even be to reach out to a board member here who is located close to you to assist in the process.  Fact of the matter is you may have stuff worth pounds on the kilo or thousands of pounds...
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