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harry potter minifigure indentification

hi I'm new to this forum but  been collecting lego for years and I have never seen these figures
harry potter minifigure indentification

has any one seen  these figures before with  hufferpuff shield on torso
found one on ebay labeled Lego Harry Potter Minifig Minifigure Prototype Cedric Diggory
any help would be gratefull

I do have another cedric diggory head and hair , so i can make 2 the same
I don't think harry potter should be wearing the hufferpuff top
is there any minifigures with this torso



  • lobleymark1lobleymark1 Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2017
    that's Hufflepuff shield  on torso not hufferpuff lol

  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    edited July 2017
    Welcome to the forum

    That isn't a Hufflepuff torso, the H stands for Hogwarts. It's the uniform worn by the students before being sorted into school houses. The Harry minifigure in #4701 Sorting Hat (the right hand figure in your photo is the correct version from this set) and the Hermione figure in #4708 Hogwarts Express use this torso.

    The head for the left hand photo comes from the Ron minifigure and the hair is from the Draco figure.
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