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Space Lego, Sausages and Coco-pops!

Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,713
Hi everyone!
Joined here because I was looking for more outlets for my foul opinions about the need for a return of classic space. It's where it all began for me, a 918 for my fifth birthday!

I'm known, or have been known online as; legospod, but some forums wouldn't let me have that name because it was offensive!?, so I became badgerboy, but that name was taken on brickset's main site, so here, I shall go by the same name I have there.
It's not my real name, but for those that care, it's from Scrooged.
"Excuse me Lumpy..."
"Most folk round here call me Mr Cross!"

I'm trying to re-engage with the AFOL community. I was pretty active online between '03 and '08 then life stuff happened and I just didn't have the same time for Lego. I popped up again in 2011 or 2012 when my little boy was born but until very recently it's all just been childcare as I'm the stay-at-home one in our family.

I understand it is the etiquette here to discuss sausages, usually I try to avoid mixing sausages with my lego, I once sneezed coco-pops all over my space Lego and that took an age to clean off. (I kind of went off them after that.)

I guess that's about all you need to know!
Looking forward to getting to know some of you.


  • bookmumbookmum Member Posts: 1,512
  • bendybadgerbendybadger Member Posts: 1,139
    Welcome to the mad house.  With your humour you should fit it well here. Oh and badgerboy would have been a cool forum name. The world needs more badgers
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,713
    Thanks for the warm welcome.
    You're right the world does need more badgers!
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    Welcome to the forums! Your title really caught the eye, you'll fit in well here!

    There's quite a number of people that want space to return so you'll be able to chat about that no problems...

    Looking after children is a busy but very rewarding job :) glad you are finding some time to spend on your hobby.

    See you around!

  • OldfanOldfan Member Posts: 707
     Badgers?  Badgers?!  We don't need no stinking badgers!!

  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,730
    Oldfan said:
     Badgers?  Badgers?!  We don't need no stinking badgers!!

    Love that movie!
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,579
    Hello! Welcome to the forum. I too am a fan of Classic Space - mainly because my brother got all the best sets, and my insane jealousy has only made the situation worse over time. Anyway, once I get LL-928 and maybe 918 and 924 and the Galaxy Explorer, I'll be fine. And take back the set he thinks his his but is actually mine. But that's another story. Have fun! :-)
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,713
    Thanks for the welcome everyone!
    @MaffyD, I agree those are some of the coolest ships in the fleet! I had a crazed period of collecting when I first got back into Lego and I got reasonable quality examples of 928, 924 and the Galaxy Explorer off eBay , they are most definitely must-have sets, but my favourite is still the humble little 918 that I've had since 1979!
    I still need 920, 926 and a couple of other (smaller) classic space sets but the prices have gone silly and I keep telling myself I have all the parts necessary to build them using downloaded instructions...
    What I'd really like though, is officially produced modernized alternatives!
  • iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
    Welcome. Another badger - who'd have thought.

    Loved 918! It was the first space set I bought so it also has a special place for me.  I saved all my pocket money for weeks to get it, and I still have it now (minus box and instructions).

    You sir, are made of the right stuff :-)
  • sid3windrsid3windr Member Posts: 1,460

    You do indeed seem to fit right in here. Enjoy your stay, the forum is about as addictive as Lego itself.

    <insert obligatory sausage remark>
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,713
    Thanks! Already feeling more at home here than any of my other internet haunts!
  • LoytybLoytyb Member Posts: 3
    918 - perhaps one of the best sets ever. Managed to build one from a huge haul of space Lego acquired from car boot sales in the 1990s.  Try getting hold of Lego on car boots now - you have to fist fight with ebay sellers! Enjoy and turn the other way when sneezing!
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks Member Posts: 1,731
    I totally agree about Lego remaking Classic Space. I never got any of those because they were discontinued long before I was a Lego fan. ARE YOU HEARING THIS LEGO!?!?
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