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About the Brickset forum and the trial (beta) period



  • thesinisterpenguinthesinisterpenguin Member Posts: 96
    @Huw As illustrated there <-, I imagine most people can suffice with either using an '@' or a '^' to reply to people. The quote function just leads to massive repetition and hugely long posts that are distracting and annoying! Leave the quote button out!
  • GalactusGalactus Member Posts: 260
    I agree that it's even cleaner this way. But quotes sometimes make replies more readable. Especially when you reply to several messages/parts of messages at once. But I think the quotation marks " will suffice here.
  • davee123davee123 Member Posts: 854
    Is there any guide to what markups exist for VanillaForums? I found examples of "blockquote", "i", "b", and "code", but I'm sure there are more (like images, URLs, etc). Actually, I found one reference suggesting that some more advanced HTML/CSS markups are supported, but I haven't tried them here to test.

  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    edited April 2011
    I think pretty much all HTML is supported, Even {span style "color:red"} has worked
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited April 2011
    Hi all, just got round to reading this thread ... firstly, I love this forum software. I'm very picky, and since forums are something you need to get into and spend time with to get the most out of, and because I came from a usability background so have high standards I guess. This issue stops me using a lot of forums as they drive me nuts. This is a fantastic platform, building on what is already a very good site; whoever builds it (@Huw??) clearly has a strong internal usability barometer.

    Anyway, in the interests of progression, here are a few suggestions to make it better
    - Integrate the profile page with the main site profile page and generally pull out more of the power of the site functionality onto that page, eg bricklists, maybe top 10 sets or something.
    - of course single signon
    - some kind of hashtag so that when you mention a set number it auto links to it (or does it already do that I wonder #10194 )(Edit; it does do it but something weird comes up)
    - instructions to the RH side of the entry field on accepted formatting etc.
    - reminder email titles with thread name not person name so they group by thread in gmail
    - Ability to tag threads and browse by tag
    - This is bound to be difficult, but the main site could be leveraged more e.g. there seems to be a need for discussion around a set, which is not 'reviews' but which could go on the set page. I know this kind-of happens already but it seems very seperate to the forum. Wouldnt it be nice if all of this was in the forum, and there was also a section in the forum where you can go to 'sets' and see which sets are being chatted about too.
    - Ability to watch categories, keywords or hashtags, i.e if Im intersted in a set I can get emailed when its discussed.
    - Similar to other themes about integration really - wee now have 2 'dashboards' - the news updates list and the forum homepage, would be nice if they were merged.

    OK hope thats useful... Simon

  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    ^ I second this list :)
  • paul88paul88 Member Posts: 169
    Hi Guys,
    Glad to see a forum associated with the brickset site :) I don't think I've missed this in preferences, but... is there anyway to limit the number of discussions/topics that display per page? For instance, maybe have 15 or so topics on the front page, then start breaking into pages? It's a little mind boggling scrolling down and seeing so many topics. It's probably just me though :)
  • mkoeselmkoesel Member Posts: 97
    I agree paul - it would be nice to have threads per page and posts per page settings.
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    There are global settings, I think it's at 50 at the moment,
  • Tahu8993Tahu8993 Member Posts: 2
    I have a quick question: being a new member here, I'll probably look through some of the old discussions. So my question is what are your rules on topic necromancy? Is there a certain amount of time that we should post in and once that time has passed the thread essentially dies? Or would it be fine if, say, I post in a topic that has been untouched since the beginning of the forum?
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    ^ Feel free to comment on whatever you like!
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    Thanks for all your comments in this thread. As you'll see from my other post we are now live and thus I will close this topic.

    There are loads of things that could be improved with the forum software but for now, given that generally it's working just fine, I'll leave it on this hosted platform which does unfortunately limit what can be changed and how closely it can be integrated with the main site, but also makes it so much easier to run.
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