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Bendybadger Bonusball Bonanza (SumoLego Substitute Edition) (05-19-2017)

SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 15,093
Aloha, fellow Bricksetters.  I have been called upon to do the weekly Bonusball Extravaganza!  

The first fifty nine (59) unique posts get a number for Saturday's UK Lottery Draw.  I'm sure someone can post the winning number on Saturday, as I still haven't been able to figure out which one is the correct one.  (Maybe that's the reason why I can't seem to win it!)

As I have a wide variety of extra sets, polys, figures and Lego-related whatnot in my inventory, the prize will be a bit of a "winner's choice".  The only condition will be that whatever prize the lucky winner chooses - it will be revealed further below in thread.  (And you cannot choose extra box seals.)

Given the recent policy changes with respect to comments on the Forum, I found it monumentally ironic that it is my turn to do the Draw.  @Pitfall69 is my inspiration for goofing around.  I'm certainly not thrilled about the new policy and I hope it will not adversely impact the Brickset Community.

As a swan-song to one of my favorite activities on the Forum, the question for this week is - What is your favorite Lego-related meme?

(And I hope @Huw would consider this particular thread to be complete off-topic, thus not violating the policy.)

When Pitfall posted the 'Ewok into Mordor' Meme, I burst out laughing and frightened my wife:

And my personal favorite, because I am a completely self-absorbed: 

Good Luck!

And a bonus meme, just because it remains perhaps the most prevalent inside-joke on the Forum:



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