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Newbie needs advice

Hi all
I have been given a number of Star Wars sets for my son, three of which I can't identify. I would be grateful if anyone could supply product codes for these.



  • KerreKerre Member Posts: 411
    All 2011/2012 sets I believe.

    Top left: #9489 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack. This type of speeder appeared in earlier sets (around 1999-2000) but the tree base and year of the other sets you provided pictures of make identification easy. The tree itself is missing. The piece pictured front left is from another set - #9494 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor. Any chance that set is also part in the Lego lot you happened to acquire (in a game of chance or otherwise)? 

    Top right: #9497 Republic Striker-class Starfighter. Wings swept forward in your picture making identification a tad more difficult.

    Bottom: Clearly #7957 Sith Nightspeeder

  • KerreKerre Member Posts: 411
    Oh, and welcome to Brickset. Any past Lego experience yourself? In any case, hopefully the sets provide lots of fun to both your son and yourself.

    We do have dedicated parts ID thread so the mods might move your thread as they like to keep things tidy (for good reason and much appreciated btw).
  • MarkKnuckleMarkKnuckle Member Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated. My son will be thrilled as I now have all the instructions for him.
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