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Hypothetical modular scenario

GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 589
I have a 'friend', let's call him Dave. Now let's say that one day Dave walks into a yardsale and sees Market Street, Cafe Corner and Green Grocer sitting right there in front of him and the seller only wants $300 per modular, each is 100% compete except for the box and instructions. Dave is obviously desperate to buy all three (he doesn't own any of them) but he only has $300 to spend.

My questions to you are - which modular does it make more sense for Dave to buy? Does one have more rare parts that Dave would have trouble finding if he were to Bricklink any of these sets? Is one set as a whole rarer than the others? I know some people dislike some of these older modulars, but please ignore your bias in terms of their appearance and answer purely based on their worth, taking into account the questions regarding rarity and unique/discontinued parts.

My friend 'Dave' is looking forward to reading your opinions on this!


  • BillyBricks84BillyBricks84 United StatesMember Posts: 346
    edited April 2017
    I don't own any, but based on my (limited) knowledge, I believe 'Dave' should go for Green Grocer due to rare pieces and desirability. If you want to go on their "worth," check out the Bricklink/eBay sold prices for these as a comparison. 

    Oh, and Dave should buy the others anyway (promise a kidney? first born?) and someone would take them off your hands and you will make enough profit that GG will end up being free. 
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 589
    edited April 2017
    @BillyBricks84 Oh, my friend 'Dave' is well aware that all three are expensive on the secondary market and if there was any way to buy all of them, he would. In an ideal world he'd love to buy them all and keep them, or even borrow some money, buy them and then sell one or two of them and make his money back, but it's very unlikely he could get $900. He barely has the $300, which is why he's asking this question!

    Many thanks for your answer though. I will pass the information along and maybe come back on here at the weekend to let you know if 'Dave' did indeed stumble into that yardsale...
  • GoodCoffeeJoeyGoodCoffeeJoey Member Posts: 82
    It's Green Grocier. The sand green bricks are rare and expensive, the 1x8 brick is especially desirable for it's inclusion in multiple rare sets and it's high utility in custom builds, and the 1x2 with groove is extremely rare and important for the look of GG. It also general sells for the most used, has the best build and is just flat out the best looking out of the three.

    Cafe Corner is easier to BrickLink most of the pieces are more common and many of the rare pieces can be substituted with limited effect on the look of the set. Market Street looks like butt so I've done practically no research on it.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 12,187
    ^ Market Street is Sir Mix-a-Lot's favorite set.
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 589
    @GoodCoffeeJoey I have to say that Market Street is the least appealing visually for me too, but I think 'Dave' would have considered it if that was the set containing the rarest parts. It seems as if the Green Grocer is two for two on the responses so far, so that is probably the one he'll focus on most. Thanks for the info!
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 589
    @SumoLego Is that so? Or have I missed an obvious joke here? If so, I'll blame it on the fact it's 11.30pm here and I've had a long day :-)
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,096
    Badger the seller into finding the instructions and then buy the Market Street.
  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 ChicagoMember Posts: 1,476
    Is "Dave" sure there not bricklinked? Only asking because of no box or instructions. Not to fond of corner modulars so I would go with GG.
  • SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,736
    If this actually happened, it would be a tragedy of great proportion...
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,027
    edited April 2017
    Choose the one you want. Don't buy it. Check best selling one of two left on BL. Buy that one. Sell it. Go back and purchase the next. Sell that. Then do the last one and keep it.
    edited April 2017

    Not knowing where reality ends and hypotheticals begin...
    Id be EXTREMELY wary of a yard sale where the seller has those three particular sets, without boxes and instructions, built and 100% complete (how would the seller even know?), and ONLY wanting $300 for each set (how did the seller come up with that number?).
      I'd personally be wanting to take each set apart and check that every piece actually had LEGO stamped on its studs (or correct location as the case may be!)
    ESPECIALLY those sand green 1x8's and profile bricks.
  • sid3windrsid3windr BelgiumMember Posts: 1,421
    I like CCC's Towers of Hanoi approach :D I'll even gladly be the buyer of the 2 remaining ones provided they are indeed actual real Lego. :)
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 589
    'Dave' would like to know what parts are usually substituted on a typical Bricklinked Green Grocer due to rarity. Is there an easy tell? If I posted a pic here could you see?
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 589

    Here's the three modulars for sale. Do they appear authentic to the experts out there?
  • BrickByBrickBrickByBrick Massachusetts, USAMember Posts: 638
    Where is this hypothetical yard sale?
  • flordflord CanadaMember Posts: 695
    Get an up close look like other have said and make sure it says Lego on the studs. Lots of Lepin out there.
    Look at the bricklink inventories for each set. It's VERY easy to see the rare and expensive parts in each set. 
    FWIW - It's damn hard to make anything out in such a Lo res pic but the CC at least looks like the real deal eg;
    1. Lego has parrots in steeple, Lepin has owls.
    2. Lego has square handles Moulded into doors, Lepin has round studs as handles.
    3. Lego has white tubing connecting the skis over the door, Lepin has black or gray.
    4. Lego - red torsoed females hair comes over front of her right shoulder, Lepins figs hair is behind shoulder on both sides.
    5. Lego arched windows have diagonal grilles, Lepin has vertical/ horizontal.
    These are just a few of the differences
    As I stated earlier though, if it were me, and I had concerns over provenence - I'd be pulling the whole thing apart and checking each piece.
    Btw - the old man SHOULD have pants - so based on what the pic shows it ISNT 100% complete!
    And that's just Cafe Corner...
  • MrJacksonMrJackson Member Posts: 324
    Get the Green Grocer.  As far as substitutions for that set, the two most common mods are to replace the 1x2 bricks with groove with the 1x2 "Brick-bricks" like in the Detective's Office.  Even those in Sand Green aren't abundant.  The second mod is to do it in a different color entirely. Sand Blue seems to be the most common as the 1x2 with groove is in several sets, including a bunch in Pet Shop.  I've BL'd Cafe Corner and Market Street.  MS has no rare or expensive parts if you're ok with using the modern 1x3x4 window frames instead of the old train windows, and using light bluish-gray doors instead of the old light gray. Cafe Corner has some rare parts: the dark blue pillars, old style ski pieces, the black front door, and the 2x2 light bluish gray turntables are actually ridiculously expensive.  Beyond that you can order 90% of the parts from Bricks and Pieces. 
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,096
    The Market Street appears to have the white flexible tubes used for the hands rails on the upper floors which are pretty rare. If you get a good look at the Cafe Corner upper level windows, they will be made up of 2 panels vice the a full window frame.

  • HugeYellowBrickHugeYellowBrick At my PCMember Posts: 496
    Can I send 'Dave' $300 and get him to buy Green Grocer and send it on to me?
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 The Northwest, USAMember Posts: 1,654
    ...wait a second...I'm starting to think this "Dave" guy might be made up
  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,839
    Lets say Dave's friend, Andy has $600 and wants sloppy seconds. Where would Andy be able to aquire such a deal?
    ^ Thank the maker for context!
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 12,187
    edited April 2017
    Where is this hypothetical yard sale?
    Apparently, in our dreams.
    Market Street looks like butt so I've done practically no research on it.
    GeordiePaul said:
    Or have I missed an obvious joke here?

    Yes, yes you have.
    SumoLego said:
    ^ Market Street is Sir Mix-a-Lot's favorite set.
    And so, I ruin the reference...

    (The formatting is driving me completely bananas!)
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