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UCS Batmobile 7784 – Illegible Instructions

TheFewTheFew EnglandMember Posts: 1,410
Hello! I am currently trying to build the UCS Batmobile using an online .pdf of the instructions (from the Lego Website). Every was going well until I got to step 57 in book 2. Around step 57 the instructions become a bit dark and there is not sufficient contrast in the black parts of the model for me to be able to work out where I should be adding the black parts requested by the step in the instructions. I have had a look online and have not been able to find a better quality set of instructions. Further to this I have found a LDD file, but the model is built in a totally different order, making understanding what to do rather hard! So the question is… does anyone know where I can find an electronic copy of the instructions that may be legible for steps 57 onwards? Thanks


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