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What does everybody do with their Lego Boxes?

StevenAshbyStevenAshby Member Posts: 155
edited March 2014 in Everything else LEGO
Mine are currently going into the attic. However I am going to be moving soon and realised 1 van load is just going to be lego boxes which means its kinda getting out of hand so time to do something about it.

Is there a resale market for boxes? does it affect the resale value of the set massively if you don't have the box (all my sets are open, I'm tempted to cut of the fronts to keep the artwork and make it a feature wall in our new house when we move in, is this sacrilege to do this to lego boxes?.

Anybody in the South West of the UK need any boxes lol


  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,431
    I generally throw the boxes out, but I don't ever plan on selling so things like resale value don't matter to me. I have kept the boxes from my Lego Movie sets as thats the one collection I might potentially sell in the future (as I've been acquiring as many of the theme as i can) so the boxes for that are put inside each other as much as possible then put into a plastic storage box.

    I like your idea of having them on the wall, I could see that working nice in a lego room.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,769
    If you are in two minds about chucking them, then just open both ends and flatten them. They don't take up so much room.
  • BastaBasta Australia Member Posts: 1,259
    At the very least it is probably worth while keeping boxes from the larger more collectable sets. Boxes for sets like UCS MF, Taj Mahal & Eiffel Tower etc can sell for a lot (people are asking $450+ for UCS MF on bricklink, not sure what they are selling for)
  • zipsforbananaszipsforbananas WalesMember Posts: 250
    At very least have you put them all inside each other as much as you can? I've got quite stack as I like to keep them and haven't broken them down, but each large box has a whole load of smaller boxes in, so I've essentially only got 8 or 10 large boxes taking up one shelf in a cupboard.
  • timinchicagotiminchicago USAMember Posts: 239
    ^Exactly what I do, little boxes inside big boxes.
  • LouiseLouise Member Posts: 5
    They get torn apart and thrown in the recycling bin. All of them.
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor MericaMember Posts: 3,950
    edited March 2014
    Louise said:

    They get torn apart and thrown in the recycling bin. All of them.

    I do this also (well, not the tearing apart anyway). I think it helps me convince myself of "see, it's not a total addiction."

    Then there are instructions. I toss those too except for the bigger sets, like $100+. Though I gotta admit, those are pretty dense and really heavy when you store them in one place.

  • SapmiSatanSapmiSatan Member Posts: 106
    I just threw out the boxes from my latest purchases (Jabba's Palace+Rancor) and nearly filled the container (big Amazon box as well). I used to keep them in the attic when living back home, but I started throwing them out, the new ones, that is, some time before moving out.

    I think I learned to let go when going back from New York a couple of years back. I had to leave the boxes behind and just put the bags in the suitcase. It hurt then, but I think it was for the best...

    From now on, I'll just keep the really cool boxes, I think.
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    edited March 2014
    You'll find quite a few answers to that question in this thread:
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
    I've kept a lot recently and just flatten them unless they are the old train/pirate ship type boxes that aren't easily flattened. Since I just moved I decided the Uhaul mirror boxes are a great way to store the flattened boxes.
  • yuffieyuffie Member Posts: 91
    use the big ones to put all the other cardboard (including all the smaller lego boxes) in for recycling - metalbeard's sea cow is just about full up now
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,831
    This thread is making me ill.
  • binaryeyebinaryeye USMember Posts: 1,734
    Legoboy said:

    This thread is making me ill.

    One person's treasure is another's trash. ;)

    To those who do keep boxes: How do you deal with boxes that are intended to be torn open (e.g. with the perforated thumb punch)? In the US, these are generally used for smaller sets, like the Microfighters. Every time I open one of these I wonder how box-keepers handle it.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,769
    ^ It is possible to slide a knife in and cut the glue if you really want to keep the box pristine (but opened). Or just buy another copy and keep it sealed with the contents inside.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,831
    ^ Exactly that. Take the Leatherman and slice along the fold underneath the perforations.
  • natro220natro220 USAMember Posts: 545
    I had kept the boxes from every set I had purchased since coming out of my Dark Ages (about 5 years ago). They took up a rather large closet. I am moving into my in-law's basement for about 6 months, and all my stuff is going into storage. So...I threw about 99% of them into the recycling. Over the past month, I've filled a huge 70 gallon recycling bin 3 times, and I still have (and am keeping) my Death Star box, several boxes from sets where the box is actually useful (like the monorails), and all the boxes from the Lego Games. I feel awful having gotten rid of them all...someone please tell me I did the right thing.... : (
  • Bluefairy_56Bluefairy_56 Member Posts: 320
    I still have two boxes from two HP big sets...not sure what to do with them yet. My daughter just tears them up and recycles.

    As for the instruction manuals...I could never get rid of them. I have them all in plastic sleeves in a folder. I like to build, take apart and rebuild....that is until I get somewhere permanent to put them I think.
  • LegoMom1LegoMom1 Member Posts: 652
    @natro220 said: ...someone please tell me I did the right thing...

    You did what you needed to do at that time, which did the right thing.
  • Jonn420Jonn420 Member Posts: 267
    i flattened my boxes till they got out of control, now i cut the very front of the box off , so i have a visual reference of my inventory sitting in bags in tupperwear.
  • KleiovousKleiovous UKMember Posts: 95
    I tend to put smaller boxes inside the larger ones, helps cut down on space but is a bit of a chore to remember where you put something
  • Lego_Lord_MayorcaLego_Lord_Mayorca H-Town, USAMember Posts: 597
    Considering the shape my closet is in, I should, against better judgement, start flattening my boxes. My Celestial Stinger (from 1998) is already in such shape by accident. My stance, however, is shaky since I justify keeping all boxes in order to have somewhere to store the sets when disassembled.
  • dmg111dmg111 Member Posts: 40
    I just don't have room for both boxes and sorting drawers, being in a 1-bedroom apartment. Into the recycle bag for all of them.
  • dannyrwwdannyrww WisconsinMember Posts: 1,395
    I usually throw mine out but haven't had the heart to throw out my Orthanc box.
  • TyresOFlahertyTyresOFlaherty USAMember Posts: 342
    Resurrecting this old I hang on to mine, still not sure why. Maybe in a future apocalypse scenario, Lego will be some sort of currency?

    Seriously, though, those of you who buy/sell a ton of Lego online, does having/not having a box change the price significantly of a set? Once it's out of box, that obviously takes a lot of the initial value away, but does the box itself hold its value?
  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,477
    TyresOFlaherty said:
    Seriously, though, those of you who buy/sell a ton of Lego online, does having/not having a box change the price significantly of a set? Once it's out of box, that obviously takes a lot of the initial value away, but does the box itself hold its value?

    Have you seen the price of a 10179 box recently @TyresOFlaherty?
  • asrfarinhaasrfarinha Galway, IrelandMember Posts: 140
    ^ That's a bit insane... $800 for a box?!
  • rdflegordflego in a world of his ownMember Posts: 324
    I obviously don't do this with every set I purchase but I've stuck some Cuusoo and Ideas boxes on my wall to make some nice art. My plan is to add more Ideas boxes when I get my hands on them.

  • Upsidedown98Upsidedown98 Chesterfield, UKMember Posts: 17
    Mine all go in the recycling bin...
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 3,022

    I keep all of mine. My children's go straight into recycling though. For me, it's the difference between someone who collects Lego sets rather than someone who collects Lego (without the sets distinction). Of course, there are those who do both (which I am slowly thinking I ought to emulate, but that's for another time and another thread). All these factors influence your attitude towards boxes, but there will be a lot of other, more practical concerns as well.

  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 530
    Mine usually stay but thats cause i also reuse them as storage container for almost anything... (a few are filled with parts, too since my part storage is based on a assortment of cardboard boxes)
  • RecceRecce Tiny Little Red DotMember Posts: 923
    A few weeks back I've discarded some empty small/medium boxes (see pic below).

    My Lego Box wall now mostly consists of big boxes (which still have some medium boxes inside them).

  • Bluepilgrim3Bluepilgrim3 N.H.Member Posts: 15
    I broke mine down and made a box of boxes when I moved.

    It got lost. 
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,471
    I'm the same as you, @MaffyD. I keep all my own set boxes carefully sliced open and flattened. They are then stored inside large LEGO Store yellow bags, which sit in the closet in my study. It's amazing how many boxes you can store in not a huge amount of space.
    My daughters' set boxes are nearly all thrown out, as neither they nor I have any use for most them.
  • bookmumbookmum londonMember Posts: 1,342
    I saw an flat Simpsons house box in the back of someones car. The temptation to break in.... (I wouldn't do that, I'm not completely nuts) but can you imagine the call to the insurance company... "so, let me get this correct, your car was broken into a some cardboard was stolen? Oh a cardboard box? And what was in the box? I'm sorry did you say Just The Box? And it was flat. So a flat cardboard box? I'm going to put you through to my supervisor.... "
  • 77ncaachamps77ncaachamps Aspiring Time Traveler Stuck in the West (US)Member Posts: 2,442
    Louise said:
    They get torn apart and thrown in the recycling bin. All of them.
    This is an excellent idea.

    Helps maintain or drive up the prices for those who keep the boxes.
  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,890
    edited February 2017
    I use the small to medium ones as a lap tray to build the set in, then flatten and recycle them. I suppose my habit of throwing the boxes out is down to the fact I never kept them as a child. Since I didn't have a Dark Age worth speaking of, when I started regularly buying Lego again it didn't feel like I'd begun a new, collecting habit - just resumed the old habit of acquiring more Lego. 
  • natro220natro220 USAMember Posts: 545

    I flatten the large boxes for sets that I think might be valuable in the future.  Any boxes that require you to punch through to open - not taped - immediately get tossed.  Those in the middle - taped boxes ranging in size - I either keep flattened, or toss, depending on the theme and my mood.  : )

    Any boxes I've acquired from older sets that are the insert style I keep intact, stacked in paper boxes if they'll fit.

  • YodaliciousYodalicious DagobahMember Posts: 1,366
    Into a large blue recycling bin provided free by the county (or, you know, that I paid for in my taxes).
  • natro220natro220 USAMember Posts: 545
    Into a large blue recycling bin provided free by the county (or, you know, that I paid for in my taxes).

    What ARE the property tax rates on Dagobah? 
  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 USAMember Posts: 1,434
    Architecture and Ideas boxes stay. Anything $100 I keep the box. Everything else gets the boot.
  • ChakorChanningChakorChanning United StatesMember Posts: 17
    For me, it depends on what theme the boxes are from and what sets they belong to.  It's on rare occasion that any LEGO boxes in my collection get thrown away.  Most of my older LEGO theme boxes like Atlantis and Dino Attack get folded-up and stored away.  Things that hold mores sentimental value to me, like my Ninjago 2012 set boxes, stay in the condition that they were in when purchased in the store (minus having been opened, of course).
  • jaitheartistjaitheartist Member Posts: 30
    This conversation fascinates me because I struggle with what to do with the boxes. I only have one box left from a set from my childhood, an old Pirates set (6270). We didn't keep boxes, I don't know any kid that does. But as I began buying Lego again after my dark age I kept everything, I even keep the polybags. The collector in me thinks I need them for future potential investment, even though I would be devastated to sell any Lego. So it really doesn't make sense to hold onto them, but I have.

    After seeing this thread awhile back I did decide to break down the boxes flat and store them in a large cardboard box which now sits in storage, but that box is now full. A big part of me wants to be more of a minimalist and get rid of all those boxes, I think it would feel freeing, because really, I want the Lego, not the boxes, but there's something attractive about the idea of having the original box, I don't know what it is. So I envy those that can just recycle them and not have that attachment. I may need to start with just getting rid of the small/medium boxes. Anyway, this has been good therapy, thanks guys. ;-)
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 The Northwest, USAMember Posts: 2,305
    I'm going to aim for something along these lines...

  • Jackad7Jackad7 Wisconsin Member Posts: 555
    I honorably burn all the boxes that are not worthy in a sacrificial pyre.
  • mr_bennmr_benn United KingdomMember Posts: 895
    Only a few boxes from the 'big' sets (basically the Modular/SW UCS sets) get saved and stashed in the loft, for some reason I'm still not completely sure about - probably has something to do with how much was spent in the first place.  Everything else goes straight into the recycling - there's no way I could keep everything!  
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