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UK - Wanted Lego Batman CMF / Have Old Polybags for Trade

donutboydonutboy Member Posts: 762
As the title says, We are looking for the following Lego Batman CMFs - 

#71017-1 Lobster-Lovin' Batman
#71017-2 Glam Metal Batman
#71017-6 Barbara Gordon
#71017-9 Dick Grayson
#71017-10 Pink Power Batgirl
#71017-15 Zodiac Master
#71017-17 March Harriet
#71017-18 Calculator

We have these polybags for trade, some old, some new, all sealed, nothing too exciting I'm afraid


#8028 - TIE Fighter x3
#30053 - Republic Attack Cruiser x1
#30056 - Star Destroyer x2
#30240 - Headhunter x1
#30246 - Imperial Shuttle x3
#30274 - ATDP x1
#30276 - First Order TIE Fighter x1
#30278 - Poe's X Wing Fighter x4


#30014 - Police Helicopter x1
#30017 - Police Boat x1
#30222 - Police Helicopter x2
#30227 - Police Watercraft x1
#30310 - Arctic Scout x1
#30311 - Swamp Police Helicopter x2
#30313 - Garbage Truck x1


#30183 - Creator Little Car x1
#30108 - Friends Mia's Picnic x1
#30259 - Elves Azari's Magic Fire x1
#30251 - Chima Winzar's Pack Patrol x1
#30293 - Ninjago Kai's Drifter x1

Ta for looking.


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