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Europes only specialist Lego Auctioneers? - Auction on 3rd Dec

KnightOfNiKnightOfNi Bristol UKMember Posts: 12
That's their tagline, not mine!

My local auction place has had regular toy auctions for a while, and is now advertising a special sale only for Lego on the 3rd Dec. Sadly I can't go as I'm away that weekend, but thought it may be of interest to others. The are online and pack and ship all over the world.  Looks like there are 300 lots available atm.

The catalogue and online bidding portal is located here.

Some nice things in there and some not so nice, so may be worth a look.



  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,336
    Thanks for posting..... their claim is not quite true.... there are also the Lauritz and Tradera auction houses in Scandinavia and there's also one in the Netherlands, who's name escapes me at the moment.  Possible the only LEGO specializing auction house in the UK... that I could agree to.

    FYI.... Item #60, which is unlabeled (set number wise)... is a 700K UK/Australia wooden box set.  Since it has plastic (instead of wood) partitions, it dates to 1965.  Also included is a 200 UK Town Plan Board (left driving), which although a British LEGO Ltd. item dating to 1962-67.... it was made by British board maker Waddingtons Ltd.

  • kizkizkizkiz londonMember Posts: 95
    They claim to be experts, but are generally clueless. There was a discworld sale last year, and every lot had ridiculously wrong estimates. They were emailed and had this pointed out, but were really arrogant with their reply. Most things went for way over estimate, but the poor seller lost a fait bit of money due to their incompetence, as there were bargains to be had.
    Looks like that may be the case here.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,395
    It looks more like a Lego only sale than a specialist auctioneer. There is a difference.
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