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Photos and Experiences at BrickCon 2016 (Seattle)

I had the great pleasure of attending the four-day BrickCon Convention this past weekend, here in Seattle.  Now in it's 15th year, BrickCon is one of the longest running shows in the country.  It was my third year attending the full convention; I also visited the Public Expo three times before that.

Los Angeles City Hall, by Bruce Heller.

We had an amazing selection of LEGO models on display, about 25% more MOC's were registered this year than last year!  My passion is LEGO Architecture, and I was rewarded with amazing models of the Norwegian Opera House, Los Angeles City Hall, and a massive model of Mont Saint-Michel to name a few.

Mont Saint-Michel.

Not to worry, there was an excellent representation in all of the other themes as well, including Art, Space, Castle, Bionicle, Technic, Cars, Micro BrickCon, and more.  We even had three amazing models based on Game of Thrones.

A collaborative Classic Space themed build called "WACKTRON"

"The Edge of Glory" by Paul Hetherington was inspired by Dia de los Muertos and colorful Tattoo Art patterns.

I also brought a selection of LEGO Architecture models, including the models featured in my book, The LEGO Architect.  I was excited to unveil two completely new models at BrickCon: The first is a small model of Torre Cepsa, in Madrid.  The second is a 1:650 scale model of Rainier Tower, 1977, Seattle, WA by Architect Minoru Yamasaki. 

My LEGO Architecture models on display at BrickCon. (Rainier Tower at left)

I was inspired to build at the 1:650 scale by the work of Spencer Rezkalla & Rocco Buttliere.  The scale is convenient for Skyscrapers, as a single story can be modeled using two plates.  (I will share an in-depth look at my model soon.)

Private Convention:
In addition to the models on display at the Public Expo, I really enjoyed all of the presentations, games, conversations with other builders, and after hours celebrations.  

There is a gathering each evening with speakers, awards, and prizes.

BrickCon 2016 was a great experience, and I hope you are able to join us next year!


P.S. Additional photos and a longer review is available at:



  • LEGO_Dad77LEGO_Dad77 Northeastern CaliforniaMember Posts: 243
    Excellent review on your site! Sounds like an entertaining and educational gathering. Now I'm off to check out all those photos.... :D
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,522
    Thanks Tom, a great review. I hope to get there next year. I believe there may be window of opportunity next year because of the way the dates fall: it'll still be a week after Skaerbaek but a week before GWBS in the UK and not over the same weekend.
  • henrysunsethenrysunset Member Posts: 232
    @huw, I hope you can make it.  It's a great show, and it would be a pleasure to meet you!
  • LEGO_Dad77LEGO_Dad77 Northeastern CaliforniaMember Posts: 243
    edited October 2016
    My personal favorite builds from the additional photos are:

    • Multnomah Falls (and the cross-section is amazing too!)
    • The Sneetches (I've been in the mood to build Seussian LEGO lately...)
    •"Unite The Magic!"


    •the Minifig Alphabet. :D

    I might have to try and go next year, if so, it would be my first LEGO con!
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    @Huw I'm tempted by this next year. Skaerbaek - BrickCon - Steam would be quite a three weeks!
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,522
    It would. Not sure if I'd get a pass from the wife though. Maybe if I take her on a nice cruise first... :)
  • ImABrickManNowImABrickManNow BrickyMcBrickMember Posts: 270
    This just makes me really sad that I'm not there right now. :(
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