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Mssive Minifig clearout. US-WW (Great prices)

SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,758
My job lot minifigure buckets are overflowing, so I'm trying to move as many of them as I can. I'm really (really) sick of dealing with BL buyers, so I'm listing them all here for less than the lowest BL prices. Trades/partial trades welcome. More added as I can. Will ship anywhere. If you feel the price is too high on anything, feel free to make an offer. Just trying to clear out.

Super Heroes:
Loki (original) w/helmet and staff but no cape $7
Robin Black cape $6.5
Nightwing (new version) no hair $4
Catwoman sh006 No headgear, head print is good, but there are some nicks around the neck, and a hairline crack up the side of the head. $3 (or make me an offer)
Batman - Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Dark Blue Mask (no cape) $7
Batman - Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest (Type 2 Cowl) $4
The Joker- Lime Vest
Mr. Freeze sh049 $6

NBA Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers #8 (Home Uniform) - $11
Frenzy $3
Squidman $.50
Eglor $1.25
2x Shark Warrior w/trident $1.5
Kai ZX w/Fire Sword (slight bend marks in the usual spot) $4
Jay w/Nunchucks of lightning $1.5
Cole $1.75 w/ Scythe
Razkal (heavy armor, no wings) $.75
Adam Acid $2
Wyldstyle with hood $2.5
Alien Pilot $1
Agent Curtis Bolt  with Goggles and stud shooter $2.5
2x Foot Ninja $1
El Mach Wrestler $2
Flying Dutchman $5
Super Hero Spongebob $4
Pirate Patrick $2.5
Sheriff Not-a-robot  (with guns) $2
Red Knee $4

Star Wars
Barriss Offee (dar blue cape and hood) $2.5
General Grievous (new episode III style, missing one arm 87568pb02l) $10
Aurra Sing (blaster, no hair) $5
Kithaba $2
Embo (no hat but bowcaster) $6
Chewbacca (reddish brown) $3.5
x5 Snowtrooper light bluish gray hips $2.5
5x Clone Trooper Clone Wars $2.5
3x Stormtrooper (Black Head, Dotted Mouth Pattern) $3.5
3x Mandolorian Trooper $1.5
Clone Trooper Clone Wars with Sand Green Markings $2

CMFs (complete unless otherwise mentioned):
Prospector $2
Hazmat Suit Guy $10
Battle Goddess $3
x2 Minotaur, no axe $2.5
Genie Girl $3
Genie Girl w/o lamp $2.5
Crazy Scientist $4
Scientist $7
Swashbuckler $1.8

Loads more to come. Blasters, other accessories, etc.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.