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Modulars for sale (UK) - Town Hall, Fire Station, Grand Emporium (Green Grocer?)

Hi everyone,

I've been off the site for a while, kinda finished my Star Wars collection and not looking to get much more of much else, and hard times have befallen me so I need to cash in a few of my modulars.
Don't worry though everybody, I'm not even close to getting rid of the Star Wars collection, and I'm keeping my favourites of the Modulars too.

I'd like to sell the Town Hall, Fire Station and Grand Emporium.
The Town Hall I bought second hand just after it had been retired, boxed, complete, perfect condition.
The other two I've had from new.
They're all complete with box and instructions, only ever displayed and for a chunk of that time in a sealed cabinet.

And I've also got a Bricklink-built Greengrocer with a few parts substitutions that I might sell too.

This is a feeler post, hopefully I'll have time later in the week to put something a bit more substantial up, do some pictures, check out what the going rates are and all that. I thought I'd throw this out in case anyone's desperately missing any of them and wants to jump in quick with an offer, given how long they've been retired for now and all!

Alan. :)


  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 14,220
    If you're intending on selling, your best bet is for this to be moved to the Marketplace.  @Huw; @drdavewatford; @CapnRex101.

    I'm sure a bunch of folks would be happy to take those sets off of your hands...
  • zipsforbananaszipsforbananas WalesMember Posts: 250
    I noticed I'd put it in the wrong place and posted again in the marketplace, couldn't see how to delete this though so if any admin wants to I'd be happy for this to go.

    No interest so far, but then it hasn't been 24 hours yet! :)
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