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Giving up on Star Wars

RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind CheshireMember Posts: 2,086
edited February 2012 in Collecting
So I have reached a moment of acceptance. That my Star Wars lego collection will never be complete. I doubt I can afford (unless I become a Banker) the UCS and some of the harder to find items. And lego seem only to be releasing sets that they have already done or new sets which seem to be really poor. So that got me thinking if I will never complete it, nor am I really looking forward to the new sets coming out. should I not sell it and then look at hunting back for a collection that I can complete such as the castles which I love or the DC superheroes sets and a few speical sets to MOC with. Have you guys ever given up on a line? Have you regreted it. Do you think I will?


  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,825
    But mate, not being able to afford the 'rest of the collection' or not liking all of the new isn't a reason to get rid of what you've accumulated - unless of course you bought a lot of them without any love for them.

    If you 'like' the sets you've got, then keep hold of them. If you bought them only in an attempt to own the 'complete theme', then yes, it might be worth selling off the less desirables to help fund other sets you do like.

  • gmpirategmpirate Member Posts: 1,654
    In the past there were things where I tried to collect everything of something. To tell you the truth, it never made me happy. Space is limited, so why take up space with items your purchased only to complete a line of something.

    Now, I just buy what makes me happy. I enjoy what I have more and have no ill feelings towards other items.
  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,764
    I have to agree with ^ + ^^, I don't think owning all the sets brings happiness.
    I think I have all but one of PQ, but I don't like that one set, I am not willing to go pay money that can be put towards something I do like just to be able to say "I have 100%".
    I would do exactly as @flump6523 says, go through what you have, keep the sets you like and resell the ones you don't to fund new purchases. Try not to get too caught up in the whole 'gotta catch em all' mentality.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    Sounds like you're saying "completionism or nothing" ... I'd say "forget completionism", it's a semi-pointless exercise anyway and it's never ending, and it'll just cost you a fortune (which I think is what you've worked out by the sounds of it).

    Why not just get what you like and forget the rest?
  • GalidorneveragainGalidorneveragain Member Posts: 89
    edited January 2012
    I don't buy sets just to be fill in for that one step more towards achieving completness I buy them for practical use aswell as if it would fit in my collection. I have some sets like my 7261( ) which I would never sell due to my love for it as a child, yet other sets I have purchased like 7674( or 7663( or the more recent 9489( I find them to be lacking that spark in what brings a set to life.
    By all means sell the sets which you don't like but don't punish the good sets.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,825
    edited January 2012
    My 'completionism' extends to just two ongoing themes now - UCS and Modulars. Yes, I have other completed themes like PotC for example, but fortunately they were short lived - just one forthcoming set release in that instance.

    So, other than UCS and Mods., from now on it will be just the sets I like, I think.....I hope!! ;o)

    But then, will the new 'haunted' modular fall in the category of 'Modulars'? That's two more sets I wouldn't necessarily have bought - although both will be worthy of buying on the their own merit!
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    The fun and happiness is in the chase, not the destination, otherwise what would one do when there's nothing left to collect?

    DrD ? ;-)
  • goosebogeygoosebogey Member Posts: 35
    Personally I've always thought collecting for the sole purpose of collecting is fairly pointless, that's why I only buy sets that interest me and I'll definitely build at some point in the future. With Star Wars especially, so many sets are remakes and it doesn't sound like you're particularly interested in them anymore...
  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,764
    edited January 2012
    ^^ @atkinsar do you not enjoy your collection for the building, display?
    I understand that mentality for the polybag hunt, but not sure I agree for full sets. Why buy what you don't like?
  • legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
    edited January 2012
    Buy sets that inspire you to build, or have great designs. Never go into a line and say I gotta' get all the sets. Buy what jazzes you. At the end of the day you want a nice build to to build and proudly display...and others that are just plain fun. At the end of the day, does it really matter if you have the whole line or not.

    You mentioned Castles is what you love. There you go. Go through your Star Wars collection, really look at what you'd love to keep and display and then the rest that doesn't float your boat sell to fund your love...Castle! And keep a couple of bucks to take the ladies out just in case this whole Lego thing falls through...;)
  • starfire2starfire2 Phoenix AZMember Posts: 1,329
    I don't think you need to collect everything to enjoy the line. I like alot of the figures and some of the ships/ sets. So, I am content in collecting what I like. I don't like everything that has come out with the Star Wars line. In fact, I'm probably the only one here who doesn't have a Death Star. I wish I had some of the older sets but I can't afford the Ebay prices. $200 was MORE than enough for MISB Jango Fett's Slave 1. I am looking forward to them redoing Jabba's Palace and Gungan sub.
  • littletokilittletoki Member Posts: 519
    I really appreciate this post and the comments - I was getting discouraged like Redbull. I don't know when it happened but I've been hit with the Pokémon disease - gotta catch 'em all - and it's been rather draining and has taken some of the joy out of LEGO.

    The influx of common sense from the other posters helps. I'll keep what I have collected so far but just focus on the themes/sets I love.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Northern VirginiaAdministrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    The fun and happiness is in the chase, not the destination, otherwise what would one do when there's nothing left to collect
    This is why my Gorm is overflowing! Help me, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope.

  • evileddie1313evileddie1313 Member Posts: 126
    edited January 2012
    @Yellowcastle...I know the feeling. My wife is ready to divorce me if one more Lego set arrives at my door. LOL
  • gold682gold682 UKMember Posts: 257
    ^ you and me both! My wife says I have a problem. I found a quote that sums up my 49 year old mentality "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing".
  • roxioroxio UKMember Posts: 1,382
    ^amen to that, it will be my epitaph
  • LegogeekLegogeek Orange County, CaliforniaMember Posts: 714
    It's hard to add much, since others have said it nicely.
    What it boils down to is collect what you like & like what you collect - but don't let the collecting get the best of you.

    If it has come to a decission making time, then sit down and reevaluate what & why you collect.

    At one time I was a completist. For the past few years I've been trying to kick that sickness and it isn't always easy. I was into a lot more than just LEGO. Over time I have come to the conclusion, as have many others, that I was getting bogged down with the idea of having to have everything (several times and several themes). For me the realization and the results have been a cleansing of sorts. For the past year it's been a cleaning out of home & garage - gone are my comic books, on the way out are my Star Wars toys. I'm keeping a few things that mean something, but the majority is going. It is a weight off my shoulders and a lot less clutter.

    The same can be said of my LEGO. I once had tons of Bionicle, but a gave most of it to a friend. The same for a few other LEGO themes, where I got rid of the sets that I didn't really like, but bought just because they were part of the series. Now I try (oh how I try) to only buy the sets I like.

  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,732
    The fun and happiness is in the chase, not the destination, otherwise what would one do when there's nothing left to collect?
    There's always SOMETHING left to collect....


  • FattehFatteh Member Posts: 21
    To really, truthfully consider your LEGO SW collection complete, wouldn't you need one of the five gold C3P0s? If so, you cannot possibly succeed. Give up now and be happy.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,732
    ^ No, because they weren't available at retail.

    As stated in other threads, everyone sets their own criteria for 'completeness'. Availability of sets at retail in your country of residence is probably a more reasonable definition than most. IMHO, naturally...
  • AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
    But is there anyone here who is close to say having *at least* 95% of all the lego SW sets that were ever made? All of them displayed? If so please let me know what the opening times are for your museum as I'd like to visit it :D
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,825
    Oh @drdavewatford ?? You there??
  • FattehFatteh Member Posts: 21
    edited January 2012
    drdavewatford 11:45AM
    ^ No, because they weren't available at retail.

    As stated in other threads, everyone sets their own criteria for 'completeness'. Availability of sets at retail in your country of residence is probably a more reasonable definition than most. IMHO, naturally...
    Yeah I know, but it makes for an easy reason to quit collecting if you need one.

    You're right that there's always gonna be one more thing to add to your collection and for Lego SW fans, that gold 3P0 is it. I imagine there's a few very hardcore completists out there who are not too comfortable about this.
  • DuchessaDuchessa Member Posts: 287
    I got back into Lego in 2000 when the SW-line was new. I'm a total completist (not just when it comes to Lego), so I have most of the sets from 1999 - 2007. Just missing 5 or 6 sets, and they are still on my wanted list.

    When the Clone Wars sets came, I just didn't care about them. And I also realized that I was more interested in other themes. These days I just buy the SW-sets that interest me, actually mostly mini sets and UCS. Not much in between.

    I'm still a completist, but I'm trying to focus my collection. That's why I sold lots of sets during the last year, and I'm planning to sell more. Like my MOT-trains and Santa Fe-sets. They are great, but I'm not really into trains.

    So don't give up - even completists like me (and you) can actually change :)
  • OrthobotrexOrthobotrex Member Posts: 165
    If it feels like that your cup cannot be filled, then, as others have said, collect only what you like. I don't see how you can enjoy all the different versions of the Millenium Falcon if all of them are boxed up, or catching up on the different versions of the x-wing if the first one is inferior in design. Go the middleway.
  • technicaltacticstechnicaltactics Member Posts: 47
    edited January 2012
    ^^Not into trains?
    I'd love to get my hands on some Santa Fe sets, how much?
    On topic though, I learned the hardway with phraohs quest, I never should've gotten wrapped up in it...
  • legocrazy1234legocrazy1234 Member Posts: 8
    I went through this trying to catch em all with Star wars And trains...sigh!
    It got very expensive and then Clone wars came out which I do not care for as much. I love the original trilogy and the later trilogy has grown on me.
    Hunting down the early Episode 1 sets was a real buzz its all about the chase and then it gets out of control, (Gold c3-p0 only 5 I did not know this Shock!) Like other people have said you have to just collect the sets that excite you and not just because you want 100% status. There will always be re-releases ie Harry potter, I own them all apart from shrieking shack which goes for loads now on ebay... anyways thats another story. Now I only buy what I love and must have which is erm still allot but at least its not a complete range of a theme. Well I do own all the Millennium Falcons lol but come ..on needs must! At least when I go to minifig heaven my wife and children will have plenty of Lego inheritance to keep a Lego sloped brick roof over there minifig heads. :-D
  • DuchessaDuchessa Member Posts: 287
    ^^Not into trains?
    I'd love to get my hands on some Santa Fe sets, how much?
    I'm working on a trade for the trains, including a Green Grocer and some other stuff. But it if falls through, I'll let you know.

  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,404
    Just to toss a thought in here...

    I'm a completionist, so it is very expensive to be into Star Wars Lego. That being said, I've drawn a few lines here and there, simply for practical reasons.

    It would be crazy and expensive to collect everything, so I'm sticking to the post 2006 sets for the most part, and only collecting those that are interesting...

    The UCS line is the one great exception, it is my goal to have them all, but I may end up without 10026 due to the price, even used it is WAY too much per part, something about that bothers me. Darth Maul might be something I pass on, due to the price, unless I find a good deal on that one.

    On my build table now is a set I didn't think I'd get, 7191, the UCS X-Wing. New they are $900, used they are about half that. Expensive, for the part count, but I picked one up for $250 and I'm really happy with it. About half way through it, about to build the wings, it is clearly more detailed and much larger than 6212, so far I'm having a blast with it... I can already tell that once it is on the display stand, it is going to really "pop" from across the room. :)

    I twisted and turned, but finally picked up 7676 from a member here who was nice enough to give me a fair deal on it. What I'm "really" missing now is Jabba's Palace, but they are making a new one, so I don't need the old one anymore. :)

    Side note: anyone who loves Star Wars, loves Technic, and has not purchased 8002, is missing out on some fun... It works, sometimes... but when it does, it is really, really cool to roll that across the room and have it "deploy". My son thinks it is one of the coolest things he has ever seen... :)
  • momof2boys99momof2boys99 Member Posts: 322
    We started in 1999, so I think we have had every Star Wars set at one point. We have 2 Lego rooms in our house, but it still doesn't display everything. We had to draw the line somewhere. My kids parted with the sets that they did not play with or need to keep the parts for. Now, we basically collect City, Star Wars, Modulars, and Castle. We have other themes too, but those are the main ones. I don't think you ever want your hobby to be a chore. It should be fun. Once it brings you need to step back and evaluate why you are doing it.
  • Farmer_JohnFarmer_John USA - 4,035 Miles from 62 West Wallaby St., Wigan, Lancashire, UKMember Posts: 2,404
    edited January 2012
    I think I've only completed two series. The PoP and Toy Story, which were easy to do. I plan to also complete PotC, which is also affordable at this juncture. Beyond that, I try to buy what I like (or what's for sale at an excellent price). Sets like EN and IF are just beautiful in my opinion, so I grabbed a few extras knowing that they will skyrocket within a couple years. I predict the Tower Bridge will also do exceedingly well when it is EOL'd, so grabbed a couple at a good price.

    For me it's about the set AND price. I just won't break the bank trying to complete a series; especially if I can't get a positive return on my investment (which aftermarket sets seldom provide after they've been built).
  • OldfanOldfan Chicagoland, IL, USAMember Posts: 695
    I definitely understand the OP's position; I quit collecting SW action figures for much the same reasons. For Lego, I'll only pursue the themes I like. That said, I'm glad I wanted to collect all the old Classic Space sets, because they look really good all assembled into a gigantic blue-and-grey space base...
  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind CheshireMember Posts: 2,086
    I think i have reached that point that you guys seem to have gotten to, in that you stopped being a complitionist and just chose what you want. Which is very good to know I am simply on my way and we all have this moment :-D.
    I am I must admit a massive complitionist as you can all guess. It is just the frustration of knowing you cant complete something, which kinda makes me wonder why try, but there are great sets and i dont want to lose them. Perhaps that is why Lego re release stuff so people do have everything.

    @Oldfan i gave up star wars figures for the same reason
  • DuchessaDuchessa Member Posts: 287
    I don't think I'll ever stop being a completionist, but I have to chose carefully what I try to complete. I have a complete collection of Viking sets. There are just seven of them, but still. Just the other week I ordered a PotC battlepack, because it was the only set i needed to get a complete PotC-series.

    But I realize that I can never have all the SW-sets. Same thing goes for Castle and Pirates. The only (financial) problem I have right now is that it's theoretically possible to have a complete line of modular buildings... :)
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 1,996
    edited January 2012
    I am certainly a completionist... but a completionist on my own terms. I have one set that isn't from the classic trilogy, and that particular set was a gift. Even within the trilogy, there are models that technically count that I don't consider to be 'missing.'

    I don't count the rereleases of the exact same model but with a different model number, I don't count the troop builder packs (I do have them all... I'm just prepping myself in case some sort of completely useless troop builder comes out... though I'm not sure just what that would be at this moment), and I don't count the T-16, even though Luke did technically 'fly' one in the movie.

    But I digress... collect the stuff you really want. Spending money on something just for the sake of having a full 'set' seems arbitrary and at least mildly wasteful.

    And @gold682 - I love GBS. Great quote.
  • Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM IrelandMember Posts: 993
    Having only returned to LEGO habits two and a bit years ago, I was very reticent about getting into Star Wars, because there is definitely a completist in me. I wondered if I could satisfy myself by getting what was available currently, because I didn't have the heart nor the inclination to start perusing the after-market for ludicrously priced sets (Cloud City, I'm looking at you).

    But eventually I realised it was silly to miss out on some great sets that are available just because so many others were unattainable - I felt that it was cutting off my nose to spite my face. So now I'm only interested in some of the more iconic representations of the SW universe - these are the ones I'll look at in ten years' time and really appreciate; the ones that the next generation of kids will grow up loving (oh and the polybags, I must have them all :-D).

    As others have said, once you stop letting the pressure of completion get to you and start setting your own parameters, you will enjoy collecting much more.
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    I don't own any Star Wars. I do have some sets MISB but waiting for my son to get into SW as that would become more better. So currently we chase and enjoy City, Castle, and some other themes. I had a complete range of Atlantis but we made, played, and sold all of it :) But Star Wars is a really good theme and the Best theme in LEGO so lets see when the SW bug bites :P
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,038
    I definitely understand the mentality, and even though I like SW, I made a strict rule for myself to not get into it. When I got out of my dark ages and saw the sheer number of SW sets and minifigs, I saw that was not a healthy road for me. One challenge with SW is that you want to buy and display the sets as they are - so the whole line naturally appeals to collectors. But SW sets don't stimulate playing and rebuilding like non-licensed sets do. So, I rather stay with sets and themes that cathers to my MOC-er side, and enjoy seeing the SW collections of those with deeper pockets and mroe space than me....(c;
  • vwong19vwong19 San DiegoMember Posts: 1,191
    When I first started collecting SW back in 2007 I was really frustrated that I missed the Slave and Millennium Falcon. In time Lego has reissued these sets so I don't need those early sets anymore. I have many ways to justify which sets I want to include in my SW universe...

    1. I only like the fleshy head versions.
    2. I prefer newer better versions... I sell off the earlier.
    3. I prefer Original trilogy, but buy some prequals.
    4. Clone wars are generally a pass unless there are minifigs that translate to the movies.

    I have reached display capacity so I have decided that a rotating collection is more fun. It is great to know that I have had the opportunity build and play with many great sets for free.
  • choob99choob99 Member Posts: 147
    I am currently working on catching up on SW as I didn't start until December, It is a REALLY REALLY expensive venture, but it is fun trying to track them all down, I know how you feel with the money of it all.
  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind CheshireMember Posts: 2,086
    @choob99 that is my thing as well. got into star wars lego in 2007 and am now filling in gaps which are to big. There are some great sets out there for it but I think i may do what some others are doing and be selective. Although i think castle is very do able especially as they are very low prices and SW is stupidly high.
    I am also looking at the star wars ships etc and just thinking these are useless of MOCing which is what i am really getting into but the others such as castle and modulars are just crying out for it
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Northern VirginiaAdministrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    In related news, George Lucas is giving up on Red Bull. ;o)
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,732
    But is there anyone here who is close to say having *at least* 95% of all the lego SW sets that were ever made? All of them displayed? If so please let me know what the opening times are for your museum as I'd like to visit it :D
    I've only picked up 2 of the 2012 SW sets so far - no hurry - but if you take 2012 out of the equation then I guess I'm up to at least 95%. I certainly have all the retail sets since 1999, plus the Brickmaster polys, the limited edition chrome minifigs (no solid gold one, however) and some of the obscurer stuff like the cube dude sets. I'm missing some of the comic con minifig exclusives, but I'm not interested in paying silly money for them - for me complete is basically the retail sets + Brickmaster + chrome minifigs, i.e. the stuff available to your average LEGO fan to buy or as a giveaway without having to attend a one-off special event to get it. All the other stuff I've picked up is just a bonus.
  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind CheshireMember Posts: 2,086
    @Yellowcastle I thought he had given up on more than just film making :-D

    @drdavewatford see that is what im hoping to achieve butits just filling those gaps that is frustrating. Whats the point of collecting if you never complete it.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,732
    drdavewatford see that is what im hoping to achieve butits just filling those gaps that is frustrating. Whats the point of collecting if you never complete it.
    To be honest with you, if I was starting out now rather than 3-4 years ago I think I might have serious second thoughts - prices of some of the older sets, which I picked up for reasonable sums a few years back, are now ridiculous.
  • LegogeekLegogeek Orange County, CaliforniaMember Posts: 714
    edited January 2012
    ^^ Does complete = happy?
    Do you enjoy the series even if it is not complete?
    If you do, then you should look at the glass as being half full, not half empty.

    Do you enjoy the hunt? Then keep it up, but learn to have patience my young padawan. Good things come to those who are patient.
  • ThezoofoxThezoofox United Kingdom - EastMember Posts: 188
    "Collect or do not, there is no try"
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Northern VirginiaAdministrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    "If this is a Star Wars collection, where is the gold 3PO?" (said in James Earl Jones voice)
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    @Yellowcastle Ha! Very funny. My family tends to be completionists when it comes to collecting, but with LEGO, there are sets I LOVE, and sets I don't. I'd rather have 12 Emerald Nights than only one, but a bunch of Atlantis or Power Miners or City sets that I don't like, but allow me to "complete" a collection. That's hundreds of sets a year. It's so large that you could never really sell it as a complete collection anyway, even if you just collect Star Wars. Just my 2 cents.
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,404
    I have run into this issue, there are just too many sets, must sell some... :)
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