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Loking for Input on Potential Craigs List Purchase

bazzertbazzert Member Posts: 4
edited January 2012 in Buying & Selling Topics
Hope this is the right place to pose this question. My son and I are new comers to collecting sets, mostly star wars. To date mostly new sets but I have bought a couple of used complete sets on BL and have been generally pleased with the experience and quality for those used sets.

On our local craigslist I was offered a set of 7 sets for a total price, which I estimate is ~25% less than the combined best bl price. The sets are used complete (all pieces + minifigs + instructions + box) and given there would be no shipping and I can inspect beforehand would you jump at this or hold out for better. If it helps I can post the sets and price but didnt want to overstep the expectations for this forum. Thanks!


  • dougtsdougts Member Posts: 4,110
    seems like you have answered your own question:
    I estimate is ~25% less than the combined best bl price.
  • choob99choob99 Member Posts: 147
    I assume its worth the deal, but please list the sets so we can see if it is indeed a good deal
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    It really depends on what the sets are.
  • bazzertbazzert Member Posts: 4
    The sets are

    10131 Fighter Collection
    10134 Y Wing Attack Fighter
    6206 Tie Interceptor
    7661 Jedi Star Fighter
    7664 Tie Crawler
    7665 Republic Cruiser
    10178 Motorized AT-AT

    For a total of $650.

  • gmpirategmpirate Member Posts: 1,654
    I'm not going through the numbers but I don't understand your questioning. They are cheaper, no shipping, and you can inspect them in person.

    Hold out for better? There's always better. How long do you want to wait and how much time do you have to keep searching???

    Its no different that Ebay. If you have the time and patience you can play the auction game. Or, like me, you can simply find the best "Buy it Now" and be done with it.
  • tk79tk79 Member Posts: 329
    edited January 2012
    If it's a new set I want "now", I'm happy with 25% off. Under that same reasoning, if these are 25% less than BL and you want them now, seems like an easy choice. As others have said, this is really a question only you can answer though.

    If you want to play the wait and see game, your best chance at matching these prices will probably be in the summer when buying really cools off...and even then, how much are you really going to save (especially adding in your extra time and the shipping costs involved with multiple purchases).
  • hewmanhewman Member Posts: 93
    It's only a bargain if you actually want all of those sets.
  • jeffmacejeffmace Member Posts: 28
    Actually it doesn't look like a bad deal at all. Below is a listing of current used prices from

    10131: 81.76
    10134: 245.42
    6206: 24.95
    7661: 46.37
    7664: 26.14
    7665: 78.62
    10178: 142.98
    Total: 646.24

    Then I looked at the price guide from
    10131: 97.47
    10132: 308.43
    6206: 23.03
    7661: 57.10
    7664: 38.80
    7665: 104.80
    10178: 166.22
    Total: 795.85

    The amount of sets sold is probably more than 5x since the numbers on brickpicker are coming from eBay, so the average is always lower than that of bricklink. So either you can see that the price is right on the money, or you are getting a deal if you are comparing it to whats on bricklink.
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