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What's the status of LEGO Atlantis??

yys4uyys4u USA SoCalMember Posts: 1,093
edited January 2012 in Collecting
I haven't heard any news of this theme and don't particularly collect it so haven't kept an eye out for it. I see a couple random sets here and there, and looked it up online and [email protected] still has a tab for it same with TRU, still has sets for sale.

Yet Huw didn't mention anything about it from the London Toy Fair... so are there new sets coming? Are they being discontinued? Whats the deal? It seems like people forgot about this theme...

I only bring this up because I'm still trying to get 7985 City of Atlantis (at a good price) so would like to know how much time I have.


  • Chang405Chang405 Member Posts: 88
    I believe its EOLed. Not a popular theme.
  • dimefielddimefield Edmonton Alberta CanadaMember Posts: 314
    Dead in the water... so to speak...
  • canuhandle23canuhandle23 Member Posts: 104
    IT WAS a terrible set. The younger kids werenhe t fans and bought other sets. The older kids were to grown for the theme and normal stick to licensed themes or the modular craze. The set was zero geared for adults so to be honest they really didnt have a market. You can find this stuff discounted for 20 dollars at MArshalls and tj maxx...

    i mean the 100 dollar set that came out you can find for 50 dollars everywhere....
  • yys4uyys4u USA SoCalMember Posts: 1,093
    @canuhandle23 I agree, aside from some of the fish people, I thought the theme was pretty bad, I didn't have any interest. However I do like the golden King from City of Atlantis and think the set itself might go well with some of the Spartans or Romans from the CMF (With some modifications). That's my interest in the set.
  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Chicago Burbs USA (and sometimes Ireland)Member Posts: 1,003
    I thought the theme was very disjointed and the story did not tie the sets well together. The only set I thought was nice was the Portal of Atlantis. Hopefully I'll be able to get one at a low price at some point as I missed the sales on it after Christmas.
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,986
    I guess my son was one of the few that really enjoyed the theme. He enjoyed the ocean characters and the vehicles, and had a blast putting together Portalof Atlantis.
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    I loved the various beasts of the theme. The angler fish, the crab, the squid, the shark, etc.

  • legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
    Yeah, like others have said, it pretty much dead.
    @tamamahm...My son enjoyed them too, but wasn't hooked to get the whole line. He loved the figs and had more fun building the creatures instead of the vessels.

    Design-wise there are some nice ships here, and the figs have great parts to customize with, IMHO. The transforming mecha, Undersea Explorer, was fun and Neptune's Carrier has a lot of playability. Nicely designed as well.
    Found Neptune's Carrier for $25 back in Nov. and also snagged 3 Gateway of the Squid's for $10+ a pop. Nice diorama and play functions but better to part out.

    The one to get is City of Atlantis. I don't have it but when I saw it's a good lookin' set and the parts are a must to create some Roman themed Moc's.
    That Temple Statue fig is excellent.
  • stagusstagus Member Posts: 256
    I have only bought the sets recently for parts and I must say I am very pleased with purchases. There are some excellent parts that are going to be involved in my MOC superhero (baddies) vehicles.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    City of Atlantis is truly a great set, although the reason I bought it for is now redundant - I was going to MoC it into a town hall!
  • JasenJasen Member Posts: 283
    Yeah I've altered mine alot, removing the "pop-up" section and that weird thing on the bottom of the steps and changed a few plates to make the floor flat and raised the gate slightly. For animation it has potential now :)
  • jwsmartjwsmart Member Posts: 298
    I'd have to agree with @Odindusk - the star of the theme was the brick-built sea-monsters.
    When the second wave got released, I bought a number of them for the trans-yellow parts.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    Has anyone ever seen a picture of all the sets in the theme all set up together?
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    PS does anyone know what the movie is all about?

  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,986
    I think the one problem with Atlantis, is that it wasn't a line where my son looked at the boxes and said he wanted it. It didn't have that 'box appeal' like Alien Conquest did. It wasn't until we picked up several pieces in the 2010 after Christmas clearance that he changed his tune. When he had put a few together, he found that he really liked the theme. He really did enjoy the vehicles. He first built the Turbo sub and the Neptune carrier. He played with this line daily for 1/2 of last year.

    He just put together the deep sea raider, portal and undersea explorer, and has been having the best time with them. I have the city and gateway still stashed for him.

    For us, this was a line that was very much enjoyable and really grew on both of us, but we really had to get a few pieces to try it out first. Then we were hooked.... but oddly not hooked enough to buy anything at retail except for Angler attack.

  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    I really like the line, I'm not sure what to do with them to be honest, as they don't fit well into my city. But my nephew loves them, and because most have been around 50% off at some point I've been able to indulge him with them :D
    He's now into heroica, but if he still like atlantis in a few months he can have some of my atlantis, we'll see.
    @Si_Dorking_Surrey_UK I got the altantis film from bricklink for 77p! it comes in a cardboard sleeve. It's not a patch on the padawan menace, but it's ok, and does feature a lot of the sets, and explains some of the story, which I liked :)
  • yys4uyys4u USA SoCalMember Posts: 1,093
    Yea I saw the movie on youtube or the first part where it ends when they reach the city. It was nice, I too like seeing all the sets. Also I got sucked into it and wanted to see what happened after they reached the city haha.

    @tamamahm Interesting. I never actually knew the box design would have such an affect. I guess its different for adults who usually see the sets before they come out and have already made their mind up as to what they'll buy, where as kids make their decisions at the stores..
  • TheCoryJihadTheCoryJihad Member Posts: 26
    It appears that I'm in the minority here, but I really enjoy the Atlantis theme. I thought it had a lot of interesting sets and minifigs in it. My boys LOVED the Portal To Atlantis set and they get a kick out of the transforming submarines. I've been on the lookout for clearance and cheap sets for this theme and I've been pretty happy with them.
  • goosebogeygoosebogey Member Posts: 35
    The 6 creature minifigs are some of my favourites, especially the Cthulhu-like squidman and the Barracuda warrior. I also really like the Portal, I'd like to get a few more of the vehicles before they totally disappear.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    Some of the minifigs are absolute classics IMO
  • malachirobertsonmalachirobertson Indiana, USAMember Posts: 268
    Is it worth getting more that one of some of the Atlantis sets for resale?
  • canuhandle23canuhandle23 Member Posts: 104
    no not for resale. Save your money on other items. Doubt anybody will care about this set in 3 yrs.
  • jwsmartjwsmart Member Posts: 298
    The whole Atlantis theme was designed to have a storyline, if I recall correctly. The first phase (Trans-Bright Green) was the process of finding the portal to Atlantis, then the second phase (Trans-Yellow) was the actual finding of the city...

    I believe they wrote about it in a Brickjournal - Maybe issue 10?
  • ereiamjhereiamjh Member Posts: 182
    I think the one problem with Atlantis, is that it wasn't a line where my son looked at the boxes and said he wanted it. It didn't have that 'box appeal' like Alien Conquest did.
    I'd have to agree with this. I started picking up Atlantis sets quite recently when 8060 appeared in Home Bargains for £10. Even then, I spent so long deciding whether to get it or not, I very nearly missed out. Similarly, I wasn't sure about the Portal of Atlantis, or the Exploration HQ, but both look way more impressive in the flesh than on the box IMHO.

    I find it amusing that a few people favour the sea monsters over the subs. Can't stand them myself. In fact my first ever Atlantis set was a polybag shark that came free with a paper, which probably explains why it took me so long to dip my toes. I love the subs though. There's a lovely retro kind of feel to them. I especially love the Typhoon Carrier, possibly because it reminds me of the 928 Space Cruiser from my younger days.

    Not convinced by the series' playability though. The diver figures seem very repetitive (not that this bothered me with the space series in the 70s), although some of the fish-creature-thing minifigures are superb. It kind of annoys me that there's nowhere to store the flippers when figures are at the controls of subs. And the inclusion of a mug in the Exploration HQ boggles my mind. How are they supposed to drink underwater? With helmets on? UNDERWATER?? Fortunately I got the HQ to put in its submarine state, but even then either the pilot has to take off his helmet to get in the seat (showing off his second face), or you can move the seat back a bit (not very stable) and perch him on the front of it (also not very stable).

    As much as I love some of the sets, I think the series has run its course anyway to be honest. I'll be much more sad to see Alien Conquest go to be honest.
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Sadly speaking, we sold all our Atlantis sets in Used condition and were able to make some money from them. Only remaining is the Magma Mech. And as my son back then was very much excited due to the cool mini figures, he kinda got bored with this theme too soon. We have the Angler set, and the other smaller sets from the last wave still Sealed, but I guess we do not enjoy this theme now.
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,986
    I do agree. Atlantis was at it's end. I am quite fine with it being EOL'd. I know many, though, that are very sad about Harry Potter going, and we are also sad about the end of Alien Conquest.
  • cynthilinacynthilina Member Posts: 188
    I have to agree I am sad to see a few sets go however it's not a bad thing. Consider that for every set they stop producing a new one will take its place. Or maybe more sets from one that's currently out. For me I am scooping up any HP, Atlantis and anything being discontinued. Never know they may be collectors Items latter or at least make for some good parts.
  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 USAMember Posts: 1,431
    Atlantis has some cool vehicles and buildings BUT those Lego monsters and sea creatures are kinda goofy looking. Designed for a younger crowd methinks. Maybe it'll be worth something as a complete theme.
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,775
    Was it just me, or did no-one else notice that they totally copied the Star Trek uniforms for the crew of the Atlantis video?!
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    I agree with you @cynthilina. But its pretty hard to figure out which sets would become collectors items later on and the fact to keep the sets MISB for 5-10 years is something I cannot see for myself. Too greedy you know, as I will crack the boxes open and build everything :D and then resell to people who want at a fair price. My business plan :)
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,388
    I like the minifigs from Atlantis. Although I hope there is a crash in the market, as I would gladly pick up another couple of dozen manta rays and sharks for my undersea army.
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,986
    Atlantis has some cool vehicles and buildings BUT those Lego monsters and sea creatures are kinda goofy looking. Designed for a younger crowd methinks. Maybe it'll be worth something as a complete theme.
    That may be why my 5 year old LOVES the sets. ;-) Seriously, though, I did love the look to the monsters, sea creatures and minifigs in the Atlantis line.

    My son adores monsters, so Atlantis and Alien Conquest were very important sets for him. The monsters in Monster fighters are a bit boring compared to the ones in those lines.

  • TheCoryJihadTheCoryJihad Member Posts: 26
    As I've said before, I will miss the Atlantis sets. I've got a complete theme of them and my kids and I both love them. They were a great build and have an awesome look when the whole theme is laid out properly. I just wish the divers had another, more stable base to work from instead of the Undersea Explorer HQ.

    It looks like Dino will be the next favorite with my boys. I've currently got all seven of them and they're clamoring for more.
  • BrickarmorBrickarmor USAMember Posts: 1,258
    Just gotta chime in that my son and I have enjoyed the line. He got four sets for Christmas and I'm saving Portal and Exploration HQ for later. I like the color scheme and the builds, but still haaaaaaaaaaaate the stickers. Anyhow...

    Does anybody know how long the Atlantis web games will be available? Maybe I should ask Lego directly, yes?
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,550
    I only purchased them for the Greco-themed aspects. The rest I just threw away (not literally of course).
  • JDSJDS Member Posts: 5
    I have some of the larger pieces but still missing the portal and some of the subs and poly bags. Hopefully I can grab them sometime.
  • TheCoryJihadTheCoryJihad Member Posts: 26
    Check K-Mart, Target and TJ Maxx for some screaming deals on Portal and Exploration HQ. That's where I picked mine up for almost 50% off.
  • Lego_Lord_MayorcaLego_Lord_Mayorca H-Town, USAMember Posts: 614
    Growing up in the 90s, I had the epic Aquazone and more-true-to-life Divers to fulfill my underwater play needs. With the name-stealing Aqua Raiders and then Atlantis, I realized there was little interest left in me in collecting yet another underwater theme, regardless of how many interesting creatures and minifigures were produced.
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