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FS: [US] Many older sealed sets (SW, Kingdoms, City, Dino, Ninjago, Atlantis, etc)

teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 937
Hello all, 

Well it was time for a little summer cleaning out of my storage bins, and I have unearthed the following sets that I no longer need:

Pirates of the Caribbean
#4183 The Mill

Star Wars
#9495 Gold Leader's Y-Wing Starfighter
#8085 Freeco Speeder
#9499 Gungan Sub
#8087 TIE Defender
#9492 TIE Fighter
#7959 Geonosian 
#7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle

Toy Story
#7593 Buzz's Star Command Spaceship

Harry Potter
#4736 Freeing Dobby
#10217 Diagon Alley

#7985 City of Atlantis
#8076 Deep Sea Striker
#8079 Shadow Snapper

#7947 Prison Tower Rescue
#7189 Mill Village Raid
#7097 Troll's Mountain Fortress
#10193 Medieval Market Village
#10223 Kingdoms Joust

#2507 Fire Temple
#9446 Destiny's Bounty

#4204 The Mine
#7208 Fire Station 
#7937 Train Station

The Hobbit
#79003 An Unexpected Gathering

Monster Fighters
#9468 Vampyre Castle

#5883 Tower Takedown
#5886 T-Rex Hunter

#40121 Painting Easter Eggs

I also came across a TON of polybags as well, I'll be listing those as well soon.  If you find something you like here and also looking for a particular poly, chances are I have it.

Please make an offer on anything you might be interested in via PM.  Prices will be below current Bricklink listings, shipping will be actual cost.  I have excellent trader ratings on this site as well as eBay.  Feel free to ask any other questions, thanks!


  • kidatheartkidatheart USAMember Posts: 10
    Will you take $50 for 7937?
  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 937
    All PMs responded to.  Also wanted to mention that I am willing to trade items for:

    Set of the #71014 German Soccer Team
    #41045 Lego Brand Store
    #60026 Town Square
    #9476 Orc Forge
    #10251 Brick Bank
    #10243 Parisian Restaurant
    #10246 Detective's Office
    Potentially other items on my wanted list
  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 937
    Bumpity bump bump
  • BrownRiceMafiaBrownRiceMafia USAMember Posts: 18
    9446 still for sale?
  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 937
    9446 still for sale?
    The destinys bounty is still available for trade, yes. 
  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 937
    Updating my sale list, as much has changed since I last posted in July:

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    #4183 The Mill

    Star Wars
    #8085 Freeco Speeder
    #9499 Gungan Sub
    #9492 TIE Fighter
    #7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle

    Toy Story
    #7593 Buzz's Star Command Spaceship

    Harry Potter
    #10217 Diagon Alley

    #7985 City of Atlantis
    #8076 Deep Sea Striker
    #8079 Shadow Snapper

    #7947 Prison Tower Rescue
    #10223 Kingdoms Joust

    #2507 Fire Temple

    #4204 The Mine
    #7208 Fire Station 
    #7937 Train Station

    The Hobbit
    #79003 An Unexpected Gathering

    Everything must go, all reasonable offers will be accepted!  I have had some difficulty procuring shipping boxes for the larger sets, so those may be shipped without boxes for those that do not care.  As stated previously, I have traded on here dozens of times and also have 100% feedback rating on eBay.  Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

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