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What are you buying right now ?



  • MattDawsonMattDawson Member Posts: 1,492
    I'm waiting to buy some of the Avenger's stuff from Tesco when I get home tonight.
  • brumeybrumey Member Posts: 1,002
    local toystore has clearance

    getting some lego movie sets

    ice cream machine, cloud cuckoo palace, metal beards duel

    all -50%    ....  patience pays off!

  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Member Posts: 1,795
    Fancied a beach hut, but as a friend of ours just sold theirs in Felixstowe for £20,000 I have settled for the Creator 3-in-1 31035 version instead.
  • AltairAltair Member Posts: 58
    I just managed to find and buy the very rare (and expensive) set of 12 Game of Thrones minifigs originally designed by Citizenbricks:
    I thought it had become impossible to find but I got the last one available on a Swedish website :-)
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,579
    Just bought the wife her 4th Disney CMF. She now has both 'classic couples' of mouse and duck variety!
  • YodaliciousYodalicious Member Posts: 1,366
    Wandered into an extremely old Walmart I usually avoid due to its lack of anything remotely enticing when it comes to LEGO. Glad I did...finished my Disney CMF set and almost finished a second set for my boys. And also found #75149 Resistence X-Wing Fighter. 'Tis a good day. 
  • MattDawsonMattDawson Member Posts: 1,492
    #76032 Avengers Quinjet city chase and #76038 Attack on Avenger's Tower, both from Tesco.
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    LEGO Nexo Knights #70315 Clay's Rumble Blade
    from amazon for £24.00 (that's a 20%  saving.)
    i got fed up of waiting for a better price.
    after all it's been at £26.99 for 4 months.
    could i do better?..... yes.
    am i willing to wait any longer on the Nexo knights set (after the Fortrex) that i been looking forward to getting the most?..... no.
    that and i would like to finish up wave 1 before wave 2 hit's.
    2 set's left to get, and it look's like i will be getting them from shop@home at the start of next month.
    i am after next months freebie.
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 Member Posts: 722
    Wandered into Walmart in search of Lego clearance and all I found was one of ninjago flyer things, but I bought it anyways.  Now it may be stuck on my neighbors roof...
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    Sealed box of Disney cmf. £120. Not bad.
  • dragon114dragon114 Member Posts: 642
    Got the ferry Tuesday and brick bounty, blue cargo train, and auto transport last week
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,579
    Just got #60091 Deep Sea Starter Set for a fiver from Tesco. Will be given to a child when appropriate...
  • JooTogJooTog Member Posts: 945
    Just pulled the trigger on #21020 Trevi Fountain.
    20% off @ Amazon + same-day shipping.
  • SeanTheCollectorSeanTheCollector Member Posts: 765
    Just picked up Technic #42042 Crawler Crane from Tesco after it went back down to £74.99. Managed to use double bonus points to reduce price to £56.99. It came well packed from Tesco direct in large box but lego box already had some damage. However, since I've already started building it, thats not a problem!
  • Jern92Jern92 Member Posts: 893
    Riiiight now???? Im buying A Harry Potter Wand on ebay :P 
    I have Sirius Black's wand. Harry Potter's is too mainstream XD
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    Jern92 said:
    Riiiight now???? Im buying A Harry Potter Wand on ebay :P 
    I have Sirius Black's wand. Harry Potter's is too mainstream XD
    are, but it not Sirius Black real wand, he lost that. when it was taken from him after he  when after the rat the 1st time and he had his nice 12 year holiday out at see. free of charge.
    no the one you have is the one Sirius Black got with his 5 finger discount.
  • tick1970tick1970 Member Posts: 117
    #21031 when they were 50% for a brief moment.

    Architecture 21031: Burj Khalifa Mixed

  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    i just placed a order with smyths toys for.

    LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate Flama #70339 £6.99
    LEGO Nexo Knight Ultimate Lance #70337 £6.99
    LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate Axl #70336 £6.99

    with code TOY5 (£5 off a £20+ spend)
    so payed £15.97
    about £5.33 each.
    i can live with that.
    seeing as there not officially out until sometime next week :p

    also i going to say right here right now.
    princedraven is a enabler.

    princedraven over and over again for the now unavoidable use of points.*
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    I've just done the same as @chrisalddin, except that I also added #70338 Ultimate General Magmar as well, as I'd just be annoyed not to have them all... ;-)
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    I've just done the same as @chrisalddin, except that I also added #70338 Ultimate General Magmar as well, as I'd just be annoyed not to have them all... ;-)
    Got to catch them all, Pokémon!
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    edited May 2016
    after spending the last 3 hours oh-ing and are-ing over to buy a ninjago set i had on my list for months but not at a high priority (it was on my "get it if i can at a good price" list) (seeing as i would have to push back my buying of Nexo: Merlok's Library. (who is on my high priority list) by up to a month. to get the Ninjago set. it took me a long time to make up my mind.) But i  made up my mind So......

    i have on order from Amazon.
    Ninjago #70748 Titanium Dragon.
    for £18.99 (£16 off RRP "46%")
    this is the best price i have seen this set. i also don't see it lasting to much longer on i think that this sets
    retirement maybe close at hand.
  • dragon114dragon114 Member Posts: 642
    wating till next week to get fun in the park and lighthouse point
  • JooTogJooTog Member Posts: 945
    Just came back from my local LEGO store. Bought #31050 Corner Deli and #41557 Camillot (both 20% off); just enough for the #30447 promo.

    Holding up City purchases for the July Volcano Jackhammer promo... I'm looking at you #60134 Fun in the Park and #60132 Service Station.
  • MattDawsonMattDawson Member Posts: 1,492
    I've brought #76038 (Attack on Avenger's Tower), #76032 (Avengers Quinjet City Chase), #60100 (City Airport Starter Set), #60101 (Airport Cargo Plane), and I also picked up a partially complete #6399 (Airport Shuttle monorail).

    It'sa lotta Lego-a!
  • mr.pigglesmr.piggles Member Posts: 325
    Finally found a 2nd Stitch Disney CMF. Only took a good 10 minutes of feeling through two boxes. Was also looking for Alice, Minnie, or Daisy but nary a skirt piece was to be found. 

    Also purchased the final Elves set I needed in order to get the Captain America promo since TRU here has zero and I didn't need a whole big set with Cap, just the little dude himself.
  • JooTogJooTog Member Posts: 945
    Bought a few more display cases from The Container Store. ($9.99 ea.)

    They work fine for minifigures and small sets; and they fit quite nice in one of my old media cabinets.

  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,241
    Like the Exo-Suit!  Been looking for a manageable way to display my Space minifigs.

    I really want to MOC up a hangar.  (Which for me means, get detailed instructions from someone more clever...)

  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    edited May 2016
    Just picked up #60119 Ferry for £12.99 on a whim at Sainsburys... As it was about half price, it seemed silly not to... My daughters will enjoy it. :-)

    One odd thing that I noticed about it is that the box and all the official pictures have the car's front number plate stuck onto the black 1x2 cheese slope, whereas the instructions have you place it on the red Plate W. Bow 1X4X2/3, which actually looks much better.
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    Just picked up #60119 Ferry for £12.99 on a whim at Sainsburys... As it was about half price, it seemed silly not to... My daughters will enjoy it. :-)

    One odd thing that I noticed about it is that the box and all the official pictures have the car's front number plate stuck onto the black 1x2 cheese slope, whereas the instructions have you place it on the red Plate W. Bow 1X4X2/3, which actually looks much better.
    that's a fab price.
    and the number plate i spotted this to. and spent the next 5 minutes sniggering at the balls up.
    pity my Sainsburys is sold out of that set. i would love to pick up more at that price.
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,579
    Bought this:

    Been too busy to build it though!
  • DonDon Member Posts: 63
    Picked up Tree House Adventure and Lighthouse Point at the local Lego store - had to get the Captain America promotion!

    It is odd how when faced with the "what to buy" question I went with two new sets rather than some of the older ones that have been on my list of sets to buy for a while.

    My wife was not entirely pleased when I mentioned that there were still about $1,000 worth of sets that I really still "need" to get as we walked out of the store.  :-)
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    edited May 2016
    thanks to our Microwave Turn Table Dying, there for we had to order a new one From Argos, we end up with a £10 free gift code to use.
    so after spend a hour working out what to buy and what i got the money for.

    i pick and placed on order.
    LEGO Nexo Ultimate General Magmar - #70338
    LEGO Nexo The Glob Lobber - #70318
    £14.98 + Argos same day shipping at £3.95
    so i payed £8.93 and that work out as %40 off the RRP for the set's.
    for Brand new out Set's at 40% off.
    this one going in "the "brag" thread"
  • brumeybrumey Member Posts: 1,002
    power functions for motorizing #7905 tower crane !

    has anybody done this already?  need some inspiration!
  • SeanTheCollectorSeanTheCollector Member Posts: 765
    Just picked up City #31052 Vacation Getaways from Toys R Us for £49.99 since I had two £5 loyalty card vouchers that were about to expire, and picked up another free City #30348 Mini Dumper with that.
    I had planned on buying a Marvel Super Heroes set in Toys R Us so that I could get a free #30448 Spider-Man vs. The Venom Symbiote polybag but that offer seems to have expired. I had to buy one instead for £4.99.

    Later in Sainsburys, i picked up Marvel Super Heroes #76050 Crossbones Hazard Heist for £15, #76047 Black Panther Pursuit for £22.50, Nexo Nights #70310 Knighton Battle Blaster for £6.40, and #70311 Chaos Catapult for £6.40. All good discounts and no annoying stickers!

    Only other things I've bought this bank holiday weekend, all on eBay, was Friends #41001 Mia Magic Tricks for £12 (cool 4 aces tile!), and Creator #40107 Ice Skating for £7.91 (total impluse buy).
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Member Posts: 1,063
    Just received #40140 for my Detective's Office :)
  • MattDawsonMattDawson Member Posts: 1,492
    Picked up a Jewel Thief #71011-15 to make up a SHIELD staff member for Avenger's Tower. 
  • brumeybrumey Member Posts: 1,002
    animal land 40234 RAT

    cant have enough of them!
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    I have been buying up Mixels at half price. I think these are largely over looked by most people.
  • catwranglercatwrangler Member Posts: 1,895
    I agree - the character designs are fantastic, even before you look at their value as parts packs. 
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Member Posts: 1,795
    Doubly agreed.  Not that I ever find any half price that I want more parts from, but I think they are great fun little builds.
  • brumeybrumey Member Posts: 1,002
    edited May 2016
    still having my eyes on #10244 and #10247...   but i find myself more and more aching for the 2 industrial train sets.

    i m on the fence
    -get a 2nd PS and PR for reselling and keeping misb
    -get both industrial trian sets #60098 and #60052
    -get a proper fairground with #10244 and #10247

    have around 200,- to burn
  • mmozzanommozzano Member Posts: 417
    Just picked up another 16 Dbf figures from Lego store in Liverpool, leaving about 10 on the shelf (I couldn't have any more). Person serving me said they and Disney figures have been insanely popular. Suspect it's just going to be a stack of the common figs but worth picking up just in case. 
  • pharmjodpharmjod Member Posts: 2,916
    richo said:
    I have been buying up Mixels at half price. I think these are largely over looked by most people.

    Where are you finding them half off? I got a case of series 7 half off at tru some months back when they were 2/$5 but haven't seen them half since then. I love the new series with the pirates =)
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin Member Posts: 3,041
    from shop@home

    Big Ben
    Big Ben #21013 £24.99

    The Kings Mech
    The King's Mech #70327 £29.99

    LEGO Fountain
    LEGO® Fountain #40221 £-FREE

    i used up my VIP points so Big Ben #21013 was also free as i had £25 VIP to use.
    now Just have to wait.
    the down side to shop@home. it is anything but FAST.
  • msandersmsanders Member Posts: 1,017
    Well it took long enough....Shop@home wasn`t allowing most new sets to be put in the basket this morning but now at 8:30 am (Swiss time) I`ve ordered:

    #70323 Jestro`s Evil Lair (I`ve really got into Nexo Knights - I love all the monsters!)
    #70594 The Lighthouse Siege (I love the look of this set and all the ninjago sets of the last few waves)
    #853515 and #85316 Nexo Knight army builders

    I split into two separate orders in the hope that I might receive two Fountain freebies (I really like the look of the freebie this month!). 

    I love June - not only for the release of new sets (I`m so impatient!), its the month of my birthday so I can buy these as presents. 

    Super excited although my wife might make me wait to have these until my actual birthday at the end of the month..... :-(     Now I have a kid I have to set a good example....yeah, like, woteva!
  • mustang69mustang69 Member Posts: 544
    Anyone know if #40221 is available in store as well as online? I havent been able to find any details yet.
  • CircleKCircleK Member Posts: 1,055
    I ordered a Brick Bank from S@H in order to nab the free Fountain set.  I've been waiting for a decent promo so that I grab could the bank and use $55 worth of VIP points.  BB is on back-order so I added a Mixel as well (S8 Tuth - The first and probably only Mixel I will ever want). The Mixel addition was somewhat strategic. I'm hoping the fountain ships with it separately so that it doesn't get crushed by the Modular. 

    It's been a few months since I have ordered from S@H - do they still ship the promos and available items immediately while waiting on back-ordered items? I hope so.
  • bandit778bandit778 Member Posts: 2,398
    edited June 2016
    Not really anything that I was in a hurry for but really like the promotional set #40221, so brought #70339 (Ultimate Flama) as I like the minifig and it will keep Lavaria company. 
    Also picked up #40240 Technic Fire Plane as it was on my "to get" list and I figured that if I have to buy a full priced set, I may as well get two builds from it.
    Also helping with the choice is that the Fire Plane is on a Double points promotion this month so it eased the slap that its £9 cheaper on Amazon at the moment (but it is a REALLY nice promo set this time).
  • mustang69mustang69 Member Posts: 544
    S@H was updated a few minutes ago so I got my question answered. The fountain is available online as well as in store.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    edited June 2016
    Just bought #70594 The Lighthouse Siege and a large PAB cup of bricks, so also got the #40221 Fountain free gift as well...
    I've been looking forward to both of these sets, so I'm very glad to have been able to pick them up.
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