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Greetings From Southwest Florida

Broke4BricksBroke4Bricks Cape Coral, FL USAMember Posts: 1

Hello All,

Thanks for having me, my name is Bryan and I live Cape Coral Florida USA. I am a residential new home builder, we build what most people refer to as LEGO houses here, it's a Styrofoam form that locks together in a similar fashion and is later filled with concrete. I credit LEGO with my choosing construction as a career for over 25 years now.

I have been a member of Brickset for a little over 2 years now and just joined the forums today. I have had a long love affair with LEGO from the 70's to now, my dark age was really only between 1992 - 2001. I had a great mother who saved all of my childhood toys including my LEGO which currnetly resides in about 6 totes and I am currently rebuilding a lot of the sets from my youth from these totes. 

My collection currently consists of about 1200 sets (polybags included) and with loose brick my total piece count is probably around 350k. I enjoy the CIty theme very much as well as licensed themes, especially Star Wars and modulars. We are currently in a temporary house while ours is being built which will hopefully be much more suitable to a large collection. My wife is urging me to just rent retail space to build my city and also have a LEGO studio of sorts. I love this site and use it daily, presently I am sorting through and completing sets from about 200 lbs of loose sealed bags of LEGO from unknown sets that I buy in bulk around 10lbs at a time, as well as about 40 lbs of misc. minifigure parts. This aspect of the hobby including the research is probably my favorite right now, figuring out what set a bag came from and then finding an unboxing video to figure out how many bags total there are, ordering the decals and instructions.

If anyone else on here is from the Southwest Florida area and would like to network I have created a meetup on for SWFL Adult Fans Of Lego in hopes of getting a group of likeminded AFOLs together to network, trade and possibly gain a presence on this coast as the only 2 Florida Lugs are not exactly close. Also please if anyone knows where I should post something about that in the forums please let me know.

Sorry for the not so short introduction.




  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 5,952
    Welcome aboard!
  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,814
    Welcome to the boards! It's always lovely to hear about someone's childhood sets having survived - I've been lucky enough to hang onto mine and when I have more space I'm hoping to display mine too. I hope you manage to get a group together locally!
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 2,612
    That is possibly the most complete and fab intro I've ever read on here. Welcome to the forum!
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Amsterdam, NederlandMember Posts: 1,388
    I concur.
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