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[US] Classic Town sets (80's and 90's)

graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,239
edited March 2016 in Marketplace
I have the following classic town sets for sale.  Figured I'd post them here for the collectors before they go in my Bricklink store. All are 100% complete (except one that I'm waiting for 2 parts to come from Bricklink for but will be complete).  All have the original boxes (with cardboard tray inserts, plastic trays, and windowed plastic intact), instructions, stickered pieces, etc and are almost brand new condition unless noted.  Some of the transparent pieces, although in great shape, are slightly, foggy as some of the older pieces get.  Most are still like new and clear.  Sets that had STAMPS (stickers across multiple parts) are applied and the pieces are currently connected to protect sticker.

Previous owner was a cat owner so there may be a hair or two still left but I went through everything and dusted off the dusty pieces.

Additional pictures upon request.

Prices do not include shipping.

#6660 Hook & Haul Wrecker $15

#6593 Blaze Battler (Price sticker on box shows original price $10.49) $18

#6450 Mobile Police Truck Light and Sound - L&S functional, just needs 9v battery. Remnants of price sticker on box. $45

#6480 Hook and Ladder Truck Light and Sound - L&S function, just needs 9v battery.  $40

#6373 Motorcyle Shop $75

#6368 Jet Airliner $50

#6363 Auto Service Station $50

#1490 Town Bank $425

#6376 Breezeway Cafe $75 

#6671 Utility Repair Lift $25

#6355 Derby Trotter (Price sticker on box shows original price $11.99)  $45

#6693 Refuse Collection Truck  $45


  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,239
    #6381 Motor Speedway (Price sticker on box shows original price $16.99)  $45

    #6375 Exxon Gas Station - Stickers are all accounted for but some are peeling off at the corners and they are somewhat discolored/aged.  $150

    #6377 Delivery Center - The two window stickers (white lines) are peeling but the original extra stickers are included.  $175

    #6382 Fire Station - Some whites/clears are slightly discolored.  Stickers applied but may be peeling off slightly.  On small sticker from I think a 1x1 brick has come off but is included.  1 sticker that should have been on a 1x6 red brick is on a 1x4 and 1x2 brick.  1x6 brick is also included.  Instructions are separated at the seam but complete.  $100

    #6349 Vacation house  $100

    #6379 Riding Stable $75

    #6387 Coastal Rescue Base (Price sticker on box shows original price $32.99)  $100

    #6397 Gas N' Wash Express (Price sticker on box shows original price $42.99)  $90

    #6383 Public Works Center  $400

    #588 Police Headquarters - Some parts may be slightly discolored and most parts show some wear but still in Good to Very Good condition.  $60

    #6392 Airport $150

    #6391 Cargo Center (Price sticker on box shows original price $39.95) - Includes a catalog from the time period.  Not sure if it was originally in this set but came to me in this set. $250

    #6390 Main Street - Some parts may be slightly discolored/aged.  Has original extra stickers included although sheet is aged.  $125

    #6395 Victory Lap Raceway (Price sticker on box shows original price $49.99) - Some parts may be slightly discolored.  $150

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