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(UK) FT (5000063-1) TC-14 for (30168-1) Gun Mounting System. FS (10185) Green Grocer

CatanasCatanas Member Posts: 8
Hi Guys!

I'm looking for a couple of trades in the UK.
I have a sealed  #5000063-1  (TC-14) Polybag for trade and am looking for a #30168-1 (Gun Mounting System) polybag in return.

I also have a #10185 (Green Grocer) for sale . 
It has only been built once and displayed on a top shelf out of sunlight. I've dusted everything off and bagged it up. It all looks great and comes with the instructions and box (flattened) in fantastic condition. Nothing is replaced (All 1x8's are there :P ) I can try and grab some pictures if required.

Ideally I'd be looking for it to be picked up in the UK but postage can always be considered!

Thats my Bricklink profile for some kind of verification. 

Stay safe!



  • AllBrickAllBrick Member Posts: 1,497
    Price please.
  • CatanasCatanas Member Posts: 8

    There's a couple of photos. I'd just noticed after I'd taken them the corner fold on instructions 3/3. >< It's a very clean fold though! 
    Anywho, to answer a couple of questions, I'm based just north of London and, ideally, I'd be looking for between £550 and £600 based on bricklink prices I guess!

    PS: You'll have to excuse the flowery zip bags. :P
  • CatanasCatanas Member Posts: 8

    Hey guys.

    Going to set the price for #10185 at £550. Willing to part trade for one or two of the newer modulars I guess so I don't leave a big hole in my heart. But at least half the price has to be currency I'm afraid. Pick up is still very preferable.

    Also willing to sell TC-14 for £25 if anyone wants it, but still looking for an Iron Patriot! ^^

  • CatanasCatanas Member Posts: 8
    Last call before I ebay the Green Grocer early next week!  Recent auctions on there have made me rethink my strategy, haha. 

    #10185 Green Grocer - £550 + postage (Preferably meet, but can post in UK )
    #5000063-1  TC-14 polybag, May 4th promotion from 2012 (Sealed) - £25 + postage.

    and adding

    #10193-1 Medieval Market Village (Sealed)  - £100 +postage.
  • legomentallegomental Member Posts: 371
    Have messaged you
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