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dutchlegofan50dutchlegofan50 Zwolle, NetherlandsMember Posts: 200
I just wondered if there are collectors who collect only a specific subset of LEGO, like printed tiles, or animals. I know there are many part 3001 collectors (one of which being me) but never came across collectors like I'm describing. Was just thinking of collecting all printed 2x2 tiles...


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,799
    I collect 2x1 plates in all colours, it makes a change to 3001s. And monochrome minifigures.

  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 ChicagoMember Posts: 1,443
    Not really a part but I collect/need to have the vintage motorcycle assembly in every color that comes out. I need at least two, one by itself, and one to have with a sidecar.
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    I collect monochrome minifigs, bicycles, animals, and printed tiles. 
  • dutchlegofan50dutchlegofan50 Zwolle, NetherlandsMember Posts: 200
    I collect monochrome minifigs, bicycles, animals, and printed tiles. 
    and still have time for the forum - wow, that's great! There are 495 printed 2x2 tiles alone, that's a lot of BL orders.....
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    Well I've been doing this over 5+ years whenever making BL orders for other stuff & projects. Initially it was for a grand Museum MOC so you never know what you'll need. And yes, my spare parts box of these little goodies is unusually big for someone who never actually gets around to MOC'ing anything =)
  • goshe7goshe7 Columbus, Ohio, USAMember Posts: 515
    edited March 2016
    I collect monochrome minifigs, bicycles, animals, and printed tiles. 
    I haven't made the bicycle plunge, but I see the appeal.  I've stayed away since I know there are some ultra rare (ultra expensive) varieties out there.

    Of course, that hasn't stopped my slow purchasing of ghost shroud color variants.  Bright Light Orange has fallen off the BL price guide.  I'm pretty sure it was selling for around $100...

    Several minifig subsets are in my collection...  Monochrome (non-wiped), jesters, and costumed CMF.
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    ^The bicycles aren't that bad on the wallet, since I only go with officially released colors and not any one-off/prototype colors (Blue, Light Blue) which are just ridiculous at >$100. So from the official colors, black is the most expensive with dark pink after in second. I park all the bicycles in front of the Cafe Corner since that's the only modular to have a bike (red). Plus my dear grandpa had a bicycle repair shop back in the motherland, so it's a bit of a personal thing.

    I only go official colors and non-wiped also for Monochrome. But for minifigs, I have many subsets (Western, Costumed, Asian, Egyptian, etc).

    I guess from your Bright Light Orange ghost shroud, you also collect unofficial/prototype colors for parts @goshe7?
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,096
    @BrickDancer Pet Shop has a green bike!
  • goshe7goshe7 Columbus, Ohio, USAMember Posts: 515
    ^ I guess I never thought of part color variations in terms of official vs. one-off.  (Which is odd given my insistence on non-wiped monochrome).   So yes, for the ghost shroud and pine trees I am aiming for all color variations.  

    Thanks for the idea.  You may have sold me on a reasonable approach to getting started on a bicycle collection! 
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    @BrickDancer Pet Shop has a green bike!
    Oops, forgot about that one since it moved next door to CC :)

    @goshe7 the same issue affects my monochrome collection. Where there are parts in the color I need to complete a monochrome, but since it's not officially released I have to restrain myself. Such as Dark Brown Head, Lime Torso, etc. So tempting to bend the rules and complete a few more colors, but no! Must stay strong! Lol
  • RecceRecce Tiny Little Red DotMember Posts: 897
    Just dug out some figures from my Lego collection via Rebrickable.

    The brick part that I had the most colour of is the cheese slope at 43 colours. Second is the 1x2 plate with 42 colours. Third is the 1x2 tile and 1x1 brick both with 39 colours.

    Above are all taken from my Lego sets, I guess I can BL the missing colours if I wanted to collect them.

    Interestingly, the classic 2x4 brick I only have 28 colours of it.
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo CanadaMember Posts: 497
    Thats cool Reece!  Very colourful!  
  • GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 328

    I collect colours & I trying to get every element in that colour.

    The colours I collect are Sand Green, Tan, Dark Red & Dark Blue

  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,404
    edited March 2016
    Bikes, motorbikes, skateboards, food, animals, plants, wheels and treasure (gems, crystals, gold and silver).

    Just a few things I try to collect on purpose.
    Glad to see that set #41111 has a yellow bike.
  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,789
    If I were going to collect anything it'd be the bicycles; I always get very excited when one turns up in a set in a colour I've never seen before, and now I want to display them together. 
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,349
    I collect parts or parts of a specific color that I think I'll use in the future, but not sure when and want to get them cheap now, or else pay dearly for them later if they get discontinued.

  • soundmarshsoundmarsh Charlotte, NCMember Posts: 11
    When I seek parts, it's usually 1x(any length) Bricks and Tiles. I feel Tiles really add polish to a build.  
  • Craig_BCraig_B Member Posts: 20
    I have a few collections of star wars helmets, and a few Bionicle parts.[email protected]/albums/72157665778546466
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,919
    ^ I suppose they are not severed, so the macabre connotations would not apply.
  • RogerKirkRogerKirk BrightonMember Posts: 348
    Wow, I never thought of collecting all pieces in one colour or all colours of one piece.

    I wish I hadn't heard of it either, as now I'm thinking of what pieces I might start collecting...not going to end well...
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    ^ I can recommend bread as there are only 4 colours and it's not an expensive collection to complete! Don't go for bikes!
  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,789
    Those are really nice, @DeMontes! Tempting...
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    @catwrangler I am trying not to spam this thread with any more of my random coloured collections!! :-)
  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,404
    @DeMontes - Pictures as inspiring as yours are definitely not spam...... MOAR!
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,248
    Trying to hunt down Bar 4L & Bar 3L in every standard translucent Lego makes.
    Wanting Bar 1L with Top Stud and 2 Side Studs, Two Barrel Pistol & Lightsaber Hilt in all pearl & metallic colours.

    Just because.
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    @VorpalRyu post a photo of your collection thus far please
  • flordflord CanadaMember Posts: 673
    DeMontes said:
    Um....LEGO bread? does that count as a 'complete' set :-)

    I am suddenly hungry for Subway. 
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo CanadaMember Posts: 497
    You just need some sausage and cheese wedges and you would be good @flord.
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo CanadaMember Posts: 497
    I don't have any collections but does anyone have one of skateboards?  How many are there?  
  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,404
    @tallblocktoo - 5 base colours and plenty of sticker / print variants.
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    @VorpalRyu I am missing a lot of transparent bars I think...

  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    @tallblocktoo @AllBrick ; Skateboard comes in 7 plain base colours ;-)
    red, light grey, orange, yellow, lime, blue, purple.
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    My telescope collection is short of metallic gold, flat silver and flat dark gold....

  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,248
    @DeMontes, with our recent clean up, I haven't got my 3L/4L bars on hand for a photo right this moment, but I can say, I have all those 4Ls, plus the dark blue & purple. Need to acquire the yellow (not sure, but from the photo, I'm assuming that the one you have there is a fluorescent green-yellow). I keep checking BL in the hopes that one of the German sellers has a few of the unused translucent colours like clear, medium blue, black, orange, neon orange or the original green, but no luck so far. I have had it suggested I could carefully trim down a few 1x4 Antennas that have come in the colours TLG haven't released in set, but I'm not sold on the idea of doing so just yet.
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,248
    ^ I WANT!!!!!!
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    @rolyateel but that would be printed and my heads are all officially plain. :-) plus it sounds expensive
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    Love your minifigs tho !!
  • pharmjodpharmjod 1,170 miles to Wall Drug, USAMember Posts: 2,876
    Great thread gang! I love seeing everyone's various collections. Gives me expensive ideas too.
  • DeMontesDeMontes North YorkshireMember Posts: 551
    @pharmjod just pick a part you gave a few of in different colours and line them up for the camera, it doesn't matter how many...I like looking at the different colours
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