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What is your all-time favorite set?

My all-time favorite set would have to be either the Maersk Container Ship or Bag End. Both have outstanding attention to detail. 


  • SuperTrampSuperTramp Member Posts: 1,021
    The set what started it all #6541
  • xwingpilotxwingpilot Member Posts: 799
    #10240. No contest. The one that got me back into LEGO :)
  • willobee498willobee498 Member Posts: 349
    #5918 Scorpion Tracker. Not my first set, but one that gave me so many adventures as a child.
  • SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,779
    Golden Guardian. Not my first set, or largest. But it was always the first set out of the bucket when I wanted a Mech battle- and I even always preferred Takeshi's mechs.
  • mmozzanommozzano Member Posts: 417
    As a kid I've really fond memories of Forbidden Island #6270 (I really should pickup that set again).  Nowadays I'd go with Haunted House #10228 or Unexpected Gathering #79003
  • YodaliciousYodalicious Member Posts: 1,366
    So many for very different reasons. I'll do my best to be brief...

    Absolute favorite for too many reasons to name - #6080 King's Castle - Not my first set, but darn close. I've decided to pull it back out of storage, dust it off, and rebuild it next month on my birthday.

    #6698 RV with Speedboat - I lost the instructions, so I never took it apart. Due to that it gained legendary status in my collection as the only set that has never been disassembled. It came out in 1986. It's now 2016. 30 years assembled. Sure, with instructions now online, I could take it apart, but not a chance at this point.

    #4842 Hogwarts Castle - My mom LOVED Harry Potter and she LOVED that I LOVED LEGO. She had quite the Harry Potter memorabilia collection, but no LEGO. She passed away the year before this set came out, but if she had still been alive it would've been her birthday present from me. I finally broke down and bought it for myself a few months ago.

    #4184 The Black Pearl - Love everything about this set from the build to the final display to the great set of minifigs.

    #7685 - Bought for my first son when he was born.

    #75105 - Bought for my second soon when he was born.

    (I only have kids when LEGO releases Millennium Falcons apparently.)
  • sklambsklamb Member Posts: 516

    The one I admire most has to be #10189 - Taj Mahal. Couldn't have afforded it and will never have the space to do it justice, but it's almost as gorgeous as the real thing!

    Favorite set from my collection - hard to say, but #10211 (Grand Emporium) is probably the one I'd try to save first in a fire, even though it's not the most valuable one I own.

  • tallblocktootallblocktoo Member Posts: 497
    Of my current collection I would say MetalBeard's Sea Cow #70810-1.  
  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    That honor belonged to the black seas barracuda, till I bricklinked a ucs falcon, which was then subsequently replaced by the green grocer.  I look forward to what will replace the grocer :)
  • natro220natro220 Member Posts: 545

    Well, I agree I will have to answer this a little different, same as Yodalicious.

    For nostalgic reasons, I would choose Eldorado Fortress as my favorite set growing up.  It was the biggest set I had as a child, and I had infinite fun with it.  A close 2nd, because I wanted it more than any other, would be Black Seas Barricuda.  Never received it as a child, but was one of the first old sets I bought out of my dark ages.

    10179 UCS MF is my favorite newer set, for obvious reasons. 

  • OldfanOldfan Member Posts: 706
    Gotta be the Galaxy Explorer #497.  King of the Classic Space sets and the source of most of my Lego envy as a child (finally got one about 15 years ago).  A fantastic piece of design work in the late '70's, and still looks pretty good on the shelf today.  Solid non-Technic studs-up construction means that you can swoosh all you want without everything falling apart during those high-g turn maneuvers, too...Throw in 4 Space figures, a 2-baseplate space base, and a car that can be carried in the back of the ship, and you have a complete all-in-one ticket for adventure!
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,583
    My favourite of all-time is the set I loved most as a child and I still love it, #6970 Beta I Command Base.
    Of my post-DA sets, it would be a toss-up between #70751 Temple of Airjitzu, #70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! and my modular street, made up of #10218 Pet Shop, #10232 Palace Cinema, #10243 Parisian Restaurant, #10246 Detective's Office and #10251 Brick Bank. I love all those sets.
    For sets that are greater than the sum of their parts, I would pick all the minifig scale Minecraft sets together, as I don't build them on their own. They have to all go together.
    Hmm, far too many... ;-)
    If I had to save one from a fire, it would be #6970... So that's it... Sorry for being so long-winded in getting there.
  • jason1976jason1976 Member Posts: 322
    edited February 2016
    For me, it can only be the first set I remember getting, - what made it worse was my birthday was the same day we went back to school, so I had to wait a whole day until I could get home and build it!

  • eanaireanair Member Posts: 155
    All time favourite is #6592 Vacation Hideaway.  A house!! For my minifigures!!  In my Lego world dominated by police cars, diggers, racing cars, pickup trucks, helicopters, more police cars...finally a house!!  
    Any of the bigger buildings I wanted from the Lego catalogue were waay out of budget for my mam & dad (and I doubt the local toy/fishing tackle shop stocked many of the dearer ones!), but Vacation Hideway was my treat for having pneumonia.
    My favourite modern set would have to be GE - absolutely beautiful. And I'm female so shopping brainier really! (Ok maybe that's a bit sexist to any women who don't like shopping-no offence meant!!)
  • sweetness34sweetness34 Member Posts: 415
    #10210-1 imperial flagship. 
  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Member Posts: 1,013
    My first set was #565 moon landing. I need to work on getting it or bricklinking it after all my childhood Lego were given away by my dad. A close second is my sealed UCS MF which I plan to open and build with my son in short order. 
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Member Posts: 1,063
    My favorite set is the #10189 Taj Mahal. Technically, It's not in my collection yet because I'm missing a few pieces.(As some of you may know, I'm currently bricklinking one :)

          The one I admire most has to be #10189 - Taj Mahal. Couldn't have afforded it and will never have the space to do it justice, but it's almost as gorgeous as the real thing!

    I totally agree with you on the beauty of the Taj. It's so nice! It is true that it takes up A LOT of space ;)

  • PeteMPeteM Member Posts: 447
    edited February 2016

    I'm cheating slightly as it's not 'a' set, but my 12v train sets are my favourite. #7710 retro fitted with the standalone 12v motor, with #7866 level crossing and #7824 station. I've bought more since, but they were amongst my first childhood sets and it's those that evoke the happiest Lego-related memories. It's sad that the current train-related offerings from TLG don't enable the same gradual exponential expansion of a layout/collection...

    Honourable mention for #6285 Black Seas Barracuda :)

    Of the modern era - probably #10194 Emerald Night. Sure it has some problems, but it was this set that has encouraged me most to start making and refining my own models.

  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Member Posts: 2,696
    ^ That's probably the best train station Lego has ever made, bar none. 
  • brumeybrumey Member Posts: 1,002
    emerald night is just sooooo beautiful
  • OldfanOldfan Member Posts: 706
    edited February 2016
    My first set was #565 moon landing. 

    That was my first set, too!  I was lucky that most of the pieces survived the dark ages, I only needed to BL a small number of parts when I reclaimed it.
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    Favourite retail set is #10228 Haunted House and #10179 Falcon (of course).  Favourite build has got to be the Arvo Brothers Alien.  Absolutely genius.
  • catwranglercatwrangler Member Posts: 1,894
    Well, 6850 has to be up there somewhere because it got me into collecting Space as a kid; I adored it and still do. And I still think 6949 is cool as hell; it was like catnip to me as a fan of space, robots and space robots. :D I still think 6090 is great; finally getting a Lego castle was a big moment for me and I really want to rebuild it after I finish sorting my bricks. And 6454 was very important in cheering me up when I was waiting for surgery.

    But if I could only keep one to display and play with, 10193 would be very hard to resist; it's just so much wish fulfilment in terms of extending the medieval world that began with the Castle sets of my childhood...
  • LegoPegasister2015LegoPegasister2015 Member Posts: 139
    Mine would have to be #3834 Good Neighbors at Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob. Technically it wasn't my first set (That'd be Mrs. Puffs Boating School), but heck, it's the pineapple house in toy form. SpongeBob was literally my life back then, I watched every episode constantly and was enamored by it's world. Reenacting scenes with it, making my own stories up and even making stop-motion videos (which were unwatchably bad in hindsight) with it was extremely fun. It's not quite as big or full of play features as the pineapple before or as accurate as the one after, but it's mostly nostalgia honestly. It's the whole reason I got into Lego.

    Some others I enjoyed when I was younger were the airport and toy story sets for pretty similar reason although they're long donated and I have no idea what I'd think of them now.

    If I had to pick a more recent one that I own I'd likely go with Benny's Spaceship for how unique and funky it is, or the Sydney Opera House for it's complex build and aesthetic appeal, or if I wanted to stretch it all the Minecraft sets together give an amazing result.

    I also may not own something like The Green Grocer or Grand Carousel and never, ever get them in my life but I'll still be soughting after them for years.
  • pricey73pricey73 Member Posts: 352
    I'd have to say the Bucket Wheel excavator (although it's not out yet). 
    Otherwise it would be the Beta Command Centre (retro) or there's just something about the Galactic Titan from the Galaxy Squad theme!
  • Legopassion8Legopassion8 Member Posts: 1,181
    An Unexpected Gathering aka Bilbo's Baggins Place...
  • catwranglercatwrangler Member Posts: 1,894
    You've made me want one now, @cheshirecat! I didn't know any set had something as cool as a light-up console!
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
    No nor did I. Its the only one that does though. Although they also made light up signs - construction, police, fire etc. - they're not quite the same.
  • catwranglercatwrangler Member Posts: 1,894
    I remember that set well - I always used to think about buying it because I could see the theoretical coolness of lighting up my vehicles and buildings, but in practice having a set that was satisfying to build in itself always won out. Foolish 10/11-year-old me!
  • bandit778bandit778 Member Posts: 2,383
    My all time favourite set 'so far' has to be #10221
    Purely because it was the first set I bricklinked and the sense of satisfaction with finishing a big project like that was great. It also helped that when it was finished, it looked the dogs hangy things on display.
  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 Member Posts: 1,831
    My favorite is also the first set I can remember getting. Santa brought me #590 Engine Co. No. 9, and that started my love affair for LEGO. 
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,794
    #6399 Airport Shuttle. Though I will always have a soft spot for sets #6607 and #6606 as they were I think the first sets I got (or at least remember playing with)
    Not sure what my 'modern' pick would be though.

  • mrfuturemrfuture Member Posts: 31
    As a child i think my favorite set had to be 918 or 928 Classic space sets. Love the space sets.
    But also a bit soft for the Modular houses. I think it was ether Pet shop or Fire brigade. that wake me really up and back into Lego. Before that i had a strange slumber with occasionally technic set and missed the old building style. 
  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,679
    Portal of atlantis and Battle for ninjago city, followed by Kingdom joust and The battle of helm's deep. The battle of helm's deep wins the best minifigs prize.
  • legodad1legodad1 Member Posts: 53
    Three favourites representing different phases of my Lego life: I'd received Classic Space #918 as a birthday present as a child, and was craving #928 / #497 Galaxy Explorer, which was an extortionate price in New Zealand. Some family friends were visiting America and brought it back for me! Fave One.
    Meanwhile, my brother had the old 4.5V battery powered #182 train (which I've recently rebuilt and adapted with a PF/RC tender).

    This amazing classic led to me saving up and buying The Inter-City Passenger train #7740 when I was about 10, on a family visit to Australia. (Now also adapted to PF/RC). Fave Two.

    Fave Three, #7939 Cargo train, earns it's place in my heart as it brought me out of my second dark age.

  • OrmskirkBricksOrmskirkBricks Member Posts: 265
    edited February 2016
    I've been meaning to post here for some days, but I have had internal challenges on what makes a set my favourite!  Is it the shear size of the set such as #76042, is its the awesomeness of the set like #10240, or the more simple things like details and fun build of #79108, which to be fair you needed to enjoy the movie for!

    But what I settled on was...

    #42009 I know it will make a few people go, "ergh technic", and I'm not a technic collector as such, but this build was amazing, the final result is stunning and when people are around the house its the one set they want to have a go with! 

    If you have spend the several hours this build takes, I am sure you will appreciate the gearing in this model.
  • high5debrahigh5debra Member Posts: 16
    Golly, gee.  This is tough.
    Despite owning the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, I really loved 6277 Imperial Trading Post.  I loved the small ship and what I always considered as the "civilian" pirate sailing it.  So many features in one set.

    But 6989 Mega Core Magnetizer might be the winner.  I had all the M-Tron stuff, and this behemoth was just awesome with all of it's little mini ships and buggies and tool/weapon boxes.  So many things to do in this one set.

    6391 Cargo Center was the crown jewel of my collection for what seemed like years.  You could fold it open or closed!  Lots of trucks and cargo and super fun things to play with.  And a broom!

    But of the recent sets, my son's 7066 Earth Defense HQ has lots of everything.  The connecting function of back "trailer" to the front "cab" is brilliant.  All of the separate pieces/functions that come with it are great.  Great play features all around.

    But I also love the 8097 Slave I.  I know some people prefer 6209, but the semi-automatic missile launcher function is fantastic.  Although, once I finally decide it's time to give the UCS Slave I that's sitting in my attic to one of my boys (or me?) for a Christmas present, I think that might become my #1

    10228 Haunted House might be the set I'm "proudest" to own.  It's beautiful, and I'm incredibly happy that I thought to pick it up when it was still available.

    O.K. and this might change if I think about it for more than 3 minutes, but I think my very favorite set is 10244 Fairground Mixer.  Holy cow.  So much to do here.  It looks great.  It has tons of minifigures.  Play features abound.  And it's so incredible how Jamie designed things to get all packed up onto 2 trucks.  The rotating function works great.  Glow in the dark pieces, ticket booth, dunk tank, stilt walker, barfing man...  This is the set that I gladly showed to my coworkers, and they were all incredibly impressed.  "Yup, Santa is bringing this to the family for Christmas."  They saw it and finally got a small glimpse into my favorable opinion (to put it lightly) of LEGO.  And in the days after Christmas, all 4 of us were able to take turns building various components of it.  Anyone can appreciate it.  It is instantly recognizable as a traveling carnival ride.  (You don't get any "Is that one of those space ship things from Star Trek?")  It's beautiful in a bright, jarring, primary colors way that the Haunted Mansion isn't.  (Despite the Haunted Mansion being beautiful in it's own way.)

    (If you've read this far, it's clear that I appreciate sets with multiple functions to them.)

    Yup, there's my answer.  Fairground Mixer.  (It's currently disassembled in plastic tub.  I smell a weekend project coming up...)

  • emilewskiemilewski Member Posts: 482
    What a difficult topic. I like Bag End #79003 a lot as it captures so much of the feel of the place in such a compact set. It is hard to improve on it. But being a LOTR fan, I must say that I really enjoy the imposing Tower of Orthanc #10237. Yes, it is mostly black, but very imposing and I loved watching it take shape as I built it higher and higher (and an Ent to boot).
  • EvilTwinEvilTwin Member Posts: 135
    My favourite Lego sets are all train sets. They are not all what might be considered great Lego sets, but they are my favourites anyway.

    Blue-rail 4.5V sets #171 and #182. These remind me of my childhood. 182 was the first motorised train I ever had. Happy days.

    9V #4561 Railway Express. OK, it's not regarded as Lego's best train ever. But it was the first train I got when I returned from my dark ages. I'm sorry I missed most of the early classic 9V era but I was happy when Lego re-released the Metroliner as #10001.

    #10194 Emerald Night. This is a great Lego set, of course. I wonder how Lego will ever surpass it.
  • legobodlegobod Member Posts: 332
    I think I'd have to say Wall•e, he's like that problem child that you still love despite all the trouble he caused.
    The City deep sea vessel could be a contender though if I ever find it at the right price.
  • brumeybrumey Member Posts: 1,002
    its changing, as i find new sets i dig nearly every day!
    currently really digging  #70748 titan dragon
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    Posted this before, but it bears repeating for this.  My favorite set of all time was the #6931 FX Star Patroller.  That and it's little brother the #6891 Gamma V Laser Craft introduced an insane amount of new pieces such as:

    Colored cockpit canopies
    Flexible hoses
    Blue 1x2 slopes with the CB-microphone print
    Small radar dishes (in clear colors!)
    Clear small nosecones
    Clear antennae
    Jet-pack minifig harnesses
    Robot arms
    Arrow-printed tiles
    1x2 printed "union jack" computer tiles
    Honeycomb bulkheads

    Total greeble goodness!
  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515

    It has to be Super Star Destroyer.

  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    The last ones to cross off the list are taj mahal and 10030, heard mostly nothing but good things :)
  • chertikchertik Member Posts: 43
    5590 will always hold a special place in my heart, maybe because that was the first and only set I've owned for a long, long time. I've assembled and reassembled the primary and secondary models countless times, as well as designed many of my own creations just using the elements from this set. The whole Model Team series was just excellent in terms of the selection of elements, and especially set 5590 - you got 10 wheels (plus smaller airplane wheels), a lot of wing and slope elements, and a functional box that I used for sorting and storing bricks. The only things missing from this set are minifigs :)
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo Member Posts: 497
    edited March 2016
    Oh that does look like fun @chertik
  • flordflord Member Posts: 797
    My sentimental favourite is the Blacktron Renegade #6954. It was the first Lego I bought with my own money way back in 1987. The Renegade was pretty badass for its time - all black, including black-clad astronauts with black visors, and a strange asymmetrical design. I loved the hell out of that thing. I kept it on my shelf until my little brother played with it, broke it, and lost a bunch of pieces. 

    We have not spoken since.
  • MrShinyAndNewMrShinyAndNew Member Posts: 283
    6950 is my favourite set. It was my first space set and to this day I still love it more than everything since. 

  • mmozzanommozzano Member Posts: 417
    6950 is my favourite set. It was my first space set and to this day I still love it more than everything since. 

    Wow,  I remember that set as a kid, I used to love it!  Still to this day I remember how unstable the arm holding the rocket was! Always used to fall off! 
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