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gah!...missed opportunity today......

pantenkindpantenkind Member Posts: 258
edited April 2011 in Everything else LEGO
At lunch I got on my phone as I always do and checked my mail and such. I also have a notice set up so if something lego comes up on my local craigslist it tells me. There it was, posted about 40 minutes earlier...A Cafe corner complete (box was opened but all polybags still sealed) for 125.00!!! I called immediately and the guy told me it sold in like 5 minutes....he said he already had gotten over 10 calls.....IMAGINE THAT:-) It was some dad that was selling it because his daughter didnt want to put it together, and he said he would have been happy just making his money back. Anyways, after my heartbreak I informed him what they sell for on ebay (after asking if he had any other LEGO sets, of course) and he couldnt believe it. He seemed pretty upset, I would say I felt bad for him but I would be lying :-)


  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    Gotta be careful on Craigslist though....ALOT of scammers on there.
  • pantenkindpantenkind Member Posts: 258
    no, it was local. I also talked to the guy who bought the sets. He happened to call me about my LUG. He paid 550.00 and got the corner market, the green grocer, 14 retired harry potter sets and a large tub of misc blocks. He said there was about 15k pieces total.

    And your right, there are alot of scammers on there, this deal though turned out to be legit and one of those diamond in the rough deals.
  • chertikchertik Member Posts: 43
    Yeah I remember jumping on one of such deals from Craigslist myself, about a year ago. For 300 dollars I got a huge lot of retired Star Wars sets, including Imperial Star Destroyer (6211), the original Arc fighter (7259) and clone turbo tank (7261), and a whole bunch of other smaller sets. A young boy basically wanted to sell his collection to get money for his other hobbies. I very well knew that he will regret it in a few years, and even told his mother to make sure he wants to do that. Don't ask me why.. I guess I saw myself in this boy, and remembered a time when I too gave away all my Lego sets, just as I was entering my dark ages :) All in all, probably one of the best purchases I ever made.
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