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Building Star Wars Environment Sets - What bricks to buy??

Hi there! (TL;DR at the end)

I recently got back into Lego as an adult and discovered that it really, really holds up over time. The therapeutic release of following the instructions and building cool stuff is tons of fun.

Then last week I went to the Lego store and got two huge cups of bricks, came home, and built a Dark Side base like lego x wing.
After tearing it down three times and rebuilding, I'm happy with it. Of course, NOW I WANT TO BUILD MOAR. 

I've seen some amazing user built bases and environments online. I want to build huge bases and stuff too. But how to decide what bricks to buy? There are a limitless number of different types of bricks. To that end I was wondering if anyone had put together a general list of the most useful bricks to buy? 

TL; DR - Guy wants to build Star Wars bases, doesn't know what bricks to buy or where to start this journey.



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