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[EU]-> WW New 2016 polybags 30446 30448 30472 30346 30471 30349 30422 etc...

urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 186
I currently have on sale more or less every new 2016 polybag that did or did not yet came out. Check out my account. If you are interested in something you can contact me here with an offer since we avoid ebay fees ;)


  • urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 186

    Selling the following Lego polybags. Prices include shipping and fees.
    Some of these are very rare and not yet released.

    30446 Super Heroes The Batmobile £12
    30373 Nexo Knights Knighton Hyper Cannon £11
    30372 Nexo Knights Robin's Mini Fortrex £11
    -- both nexo poly for £20 shipped
    30422 Ninjago Kai's Mini Dragon £11

    30397 Frozen Olaf's Summertime Fun £8

    30471 Creator Helicopter £9
    30349 City Sports Car £11
    30472 Creator Parrot £9
    30346 City Prison Island Helicopter £10
    30473 Juniors Racer £9

    Deal on multipules avaliable and swaps for s15 CMF
    I can also do a nice "1 of each" deal :)

  • LegopantsLegopants GermanyMember Posts: 1,970

    @uriel - Is any type of sticker (security, price or otherwise) attached to the rear of the polys? This is extremely important to poly collectors who like a "clean" bag :-)

  • urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 186
    most of them have stickers on the back. I have some that dont. will post here what I have clean
  • urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 186
    actually just checked. only the SW ones that I already sold dont have price stickers on them! so all of these that I have now do have 2 stickers per poly. I'll update if i get anything thats clean
  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 786
    Item location - Cambridge?
  • urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 186
    currently I'm shipping from Croatia. Hopefully to be home in a few months :) Not enought time to warrant 2 changes of home status on ebay :D 
  • urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 186
    edited January 2016
    anyone interested in swaps for s15 CMFs? I'd swap for polys. For example lets say all 4 (30371, 30372, 30373, 30374) Nexo polys and 30422 Ninjago for a full set of s15? :)
  • urieluriel CroatiaMember Posts: 186 one sale fell through (case closed on ebay), so this is the last one :)
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