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What's your LEGO 'status' today?



  • PicopiratePicopirate Member Posts: 318
    I got Dimensions so I built the portal but have not yet played the game.  I may do that with my son later today.  I did visit already and got myself the portal and dr who expansions.

    I also got the LEGO mug.  I am sure I was not the first person with the idea, but back when Cuusoo first launched, I scaled up an image of a LEGO mug and superimposed it on a picture of myself so it looked like I was holding it.  I then submitted the picture along with the idea of making a life-size mug but it was rejected because it was not a LEGO build.  Im happy they finally made one but I just wish it were a little bigger.
  • legonut80legonut80 UKMember Posts: 314
    I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas with family or friends and some yummy food :)

    We are having a relaxing family at home Christmas, the big hit in our house has been duplo #10566 even the big children have been making food :) still waiting for dimensions to be opened yet though :)
  • JetWing34JetWing34 Michigan, USAMember Posts: 38
    I've received three Lego sets - City #60057 and #60084, and Minecraft #21119. I'll start on my sets tomorrow.
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    Got the 2015 Target Cube, Jay's Electromech, and Wall-E for Christmas. Haven't started building them as I already have a backlog.
  • nexandernexander Glasgow Member Posts: 898
  • MattPetersenMattPetersen Florida, USAMember Posts: 282
    Today I got:

    LEGO dimensions game 
    Jurassic World expansion set
    Cyborg character expansion

    Millenium Falcon set (Force Awakens)

    Star Wars Rebels The Ghost 
    Star Wars Rebels Ezra's Cycle 

    DC Heroes Darkseid Invasion

    Ghostbusters Ecto 1

    Marvel Heroes X-Mwn vs Sentinels 

    yeah, I had a good haul this year!!!!! 

  • Lego_StarLego_Star ... in a galaxy far, far away.Member Posts: 2,147
    I got a really cool LEGO present from the @TheOneVeyronian. Pictures tomorrow.

    Also my not so secret Santa gift was opened but not built (the wrapping of presents somehow wrapped around today, lol) and I am chuffed with it too :o)

    For now though, it's a hot cup of tea and something fine to go with it and Dr Who recorded earlier this evening. 

    Hope everybody had a really lovely day today, I know I did. :o) Merry Christmas bricksetters!
  • gratefulnatgratefulnat SwitzerlandMember Posts: 281
    Finally made it to The Art of The Brick show here in Zürich since September.
    Wonderful to finally see many of Nathan Sawaya's sculptures in the buff, so to speak, rather than just on the computer screen.
    Took along my dad (77) and mom (74) as a christmas gift, my mom thouroghly enjoyed it, my dad rather non-plussed, but you can't win them all.
    If you haven't been to one of his exhibits, can really recommend it!

  • manmythicmanmythic CanadaMember Posts: 22
    For Christmas, I received:
    • The Hulk Buster Smash
    • The Tumbler
    • 2015 Christmas Tree (GWP)
    As a collector who displays LEGO sets, I've put together a fantastic display that I'd like to share. Is there a sub-forum/topic to do so in?
  • samiam391samiam391 A log cabin in PA, United StatesMember Posts: 4,348
    And thus it begins...

  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    Waiting for a parcel to go on its way to me atm.....
  • xwingpilotxwingpilot UKMember Posts: 797
    Merry Christmas All :-)

    Today I don't expect any LEGO-related news regarding my collection, but my daughter might well be getting a few presents originating from Billund (and want some help building) ;-)
    Well over the last two days my 5 year-old has built Elsa's Sparkling Ice Palace and the Friends Sunshine Harvest. It's lovely to see her concentrate for so long then play for hours afterwards at the dining table :-)

    Amazing to think LEGO is good for kids too ;-)
  • JetWing34JetWing34 Michigan, USAMember Posts: 38
    A couple days ago, I sent two boxed-up sets, one box each of Creator and Star Wars, to my 9-year-old nephew. I bet he's going to enjoy his sets as much as I do. :)
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    samiam391 said:
    And thus it begins...

    --Image snipped--
    Whats the plan with all those sorted parts?
  • tecjamtecjam Germany / SwitzerlandMember Posts: 255
    So, I bagged up my xmas sets and just finished the Battle for Ninjago City and am currently starting bag 3 of the airjitsu temple.

    Due to limited space the option was either Ninjago or Endor - looks like Endor will have to wait a couple of months.
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Studley, UKMember Posts: 1,643
    samiam391 said:
    And thus it begins...

    --Image snipped--
    Whats the plan with all those sorted parts?

    That amount of grey.. Maybe helms deep moc time? That would be my guess. 
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    edited December 2015
    Parcel finally on the Snail-Mail.... More in approx 24hours
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    Update: #10188 under Construction...
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,794
    Update: #10188 under Construction...
    For the third time?
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 PA, USAMember Posts: 720
    Finished #10247
  • samiam391samiam391 A log cabin in PA, United StatesMember Posts: 4,348
    Legoboy said:
    Update: #10188 under Construction...
    For the third time?
    Don't worry, they'll still make a target-able exhaust port that can destroy the entire structure with a single missile. 
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 1,654
    Finished all bag 2s from Detectives Office today. All the ground floor is complete. Tomorrow is bag 3 day with luck
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Montreal, CanadaMember Posts: 1,049
    Hey @Speedman29 , I'm also currently building the DO modular! I just finished the #3 bags:
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Studley, UKMember Posts: 1,643
    samiam391 said:
    Don't worry, they'll still make a target-able exhaust port that can destroy the entire structure with a single missile. 

    I don't know what you're implying. You can't not vent the exhaust of an engine that size!  And it doesn't make good economic sense on a multibillion GCS not-moon to put a grate over it to stop people shooting/flying in. Next you're going to be asking for railings on the walkways! 
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 483
    Found the new First Order battle pack at TRU today. Had to get a manager override, but am happy to have my first TFA Stormtrooper.
  • brumeybrumey AustriaMember Posts: 1,002
    best christmas holiday in years. my nephew got his ninjago city and is on cloud 9. a bricky christmas
  • wjbwjb ukMember Posts: 9
    75105 today, we've put it off long enough :)
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,664
    I finally managed to watch the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time before Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and only now I connected and related with the original trilogy sets and I'm kinda disappointed on how many awesome sets I've missed out on, below are most of the major ones...

    #10143 Death Star II
    #10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon
    #10188 Death Star
    #8017 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
    #10212 Imperial Shuttle
    #10221 Super Star Destroyer
    #7879 Hoth Echo Base
    #9516 Jabba's Palace
    #9496 Desert Skiff
    #75005 Rancor Pit
    #10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter
    #10236 Ewok Village
    #75059 Sandcrawler
    #75055 Imperial Star Destroyer
    #75054 AT-AT
    #75052 Mos Eisley Cantina
    #75095 TIE Fighter
    #75093 Death Star Final Duel
    #75060 Slave I

  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,162
    edited December 2015
    Today is a good day, Just received my TFA Millennium Falcon  & Kylo Rens Shuttle from the Amazon Spanish site, with the conversion rates on the day, worked out at 30% off delivered.  ;)
  • OrmskirkBricksOrmskirkBricks England, UKMember Posts: 265
    edited December 2015
    Just finished 75094 - Imperial Shuttle Tydirium, not a christmas pressie, but at £10 off at Argos in the UK currently thought might as well!

    Nice model of the Imperial Shuttle, 5 minifigs, and looks impressive next to the other OT models. Need to work on a stand now, as looks best with its wings in the flight (down) position!

    Now I want the UCS Imperial Shuttle!!
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    edited December 2015
    Finally finished with the build :)
    Thought 2 times a part was missing (first time a entire #2 bag managed to hide between #3-s) but luckily it was just the weird ability of lego parts of hiding out of sight even when you keep em jailed inside a box. Got troubles now with shelf space since theres no suitable one free atm.
    @OrmskirkBricks thanks god i was able to snag that one before EOL but due to unnumbered bags its a PITA for finding the parts
  • snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 3,008
    Just finished the Ewok Village, it's even better than I thought.  I will enjoy to build and I'm really happy with the end result, now have to break something else down to make room on the shelf.

       my 6 year old is also really getting the hang of it he went to play at his grandparents this afternoon, but still managed to finish three sets today, rey's speeder, Farrand christal hollow and advanced tie fighter! 

     we've been listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the meantime so it's been a very nice atmosphere here...   
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    Just finished building #76049 Avenjet Space Mission. Kind of bummed out that Thanos ended up kind of goofy looking. On a good note the inclusion of Hyperion is fantastic. If you have never read the original 12 part series Squadron Supreme I highly suggest it.
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,332
    @snowhitie my boy just finished the ewok village this morning, really nice looking set although some of the barriers look a little wrong so may need to check those.
  • TheMaker37TheMaker37 Norfolk,VaMember Posts: 491
    Still sorting my spare bricks and entering them into a database. I'm up 10,000, I think I am halfway done. Never thought I would make it this far.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 3,008
    edited December 2015
    @cheshirecat    if you mean the railings, made by the brown tubes,  I've been trying to get that right as well. Even with kind of OCD checking it seems very very difficult to get it totally the right way and  symmetrical.  maybe it just needs a bit of bending and will naturally get better after a while...
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,794
    Just walked into the kitchen a moment ago and whilst taking a drink from the fridge, turned round to be greeted by One-Eyed Wall-E.  Just came to me.

  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    somehow 2 stormtroopers deserted from my storage. time to find them and send them to the death star....
  • klatu003klatu003 Hobbiton, Shire, Middle EarthMember Posts: 723
    My fingers are sore from unbuilding all the Winter Village.  Yes, I used two orange separators.  I gave up on taking the "lights" out of the "holders".  
  • EluneElune QuébecMember Posts: 99
    I've watched the two first episodes of Nexo Knights today. I didn't buy it as much as I did Ninjago, but it has some potential. And some of the minifigs are really nice. I guess it's not that bad that there won't be a "real" Castle theme wave in 2016... Plus, it gives me time to hoard Elves sets, haha.
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo CanadaMember Posts: 497
    @snowhitie The Ewok Village is a set I debated on just prior to its disappearance off of the retail shelves.  I have yet to buy a Star Wars themed set as I was never a fan however I am sure I would love some of the builds.  Perhaps it will reappear once again as it is still listed. 
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    edited December 2015
    bullshit-detector beeped massively, sent 2 non-allowed parts to the hell. detected em while searching for a few parts to fix a issue on the deathstar
  • gratefulnatgratefulnat SwitzerlandMember Posts: 281
    Taking 10196 Carousel down, wash, dry, sort, and bag & box it up.
    A few other assorted sets to go and space will be available for new ones!!
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    edited December 2015
    found another few contaminations hidden between my small plates, used em as target practice for my bin. And changing the bottom of #10188 without disassembling or turning upside down is annoying as hell. Had to make some temporary support structures and mid-change one decided to separate in the middle at a connection

  • tecjamtecjam Germany / SwitzerlandMember Posts: 255
    #10197 is nicely coming together now the missing parts have arrived .. finished bags 1. Now onto bags 2!
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 1,654
    Hey @Speedman29 , I'm also currently building the DO modular! I just finished the #3 bags:
    Thats what mine currently looks like. I can't be bothered with speed building like some people do. I spent a lot of money I'm taking my time! Its taken me several days doing an hour or so a day. I'm going to crack open bag 4s later and make a start.
  • RebelegoRebelego Georgia, USAMember Posts: 171
    I've been building the Pet Shop. 1 Bag Number per day.
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,664
    edited December 2015
    Adeel Zubair - Best Of 2015

    Thank you guys for another outstanding year on Flickr.

    On 31st December 2014 I had 140 followers, and now I have 587 followers which is over four times the amount I had 12 months ago! Thank you guys for those views, likes and comments and those who shared my work.

    My main goal for 2016 is to purchase less LEGO sets and spend more on parts and elements for MOC's. As for photography it will continue but there will be less of it.

    I also hope to get closer to the 10,000 supporters goal for my 'Clockwork Robot' project on LEGO Ideas, at least 5,000 before it expires.

    Happy New Year!
  • masterX244masterX244 GermanyMember Posts: 524
    Noticed i need a few odd parts but not enough to warrant a BL order due to shipping costs, and no shop in germany got all parts.....
  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,492
    I can't be bothered with speed building like some people do. I spent a lot of money I'm taking my time! Its taken me several days doing an hour or so a day.
    same here, feels like better value for money if the build takes several days. also it's sometimes easier on the fingers than speed building.
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