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What Are Your LEGO-Related Goals For 2015?



  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
    I'm going to see how long I can go without buying a new set.
  • chuckpchuckp Member Posts: 684
    edited January 2015
    1. MOC more (and better). My self esteem takes a hit each day when I look at my Flickr feed and see the amazing MOCs being built. :smile:
    2. Step up my photography game. (See #1).

    @GallardoLU Love your 3rd goal. I have the same goal and it's definitely not just for 2015! :wink:
  • dejavudejavu Member Posts: 235
    After the fun I had building all my winter village sets into a full village, I want to do more in that way with my Modular and Creator sets. Nobody is gonna get to use the pool table this year except me.
  • Legopassion8Legopassion8 Member Posts: 1,181
    Get back on track...
  • MathiasMathias Member Posts: 94
    I have several goals.

    1. Get Lego work room finished
    2. Sort out all loose lego and organize
    3. Find remaining missing minifigs from CMF series 1-7
    4. Finish Star Wars figure frames
    5. Build first MOC and have the guts to post it for all to see/ criticize.
  • evileddie1313evileddie1313 Member Posts: 126
    TLG said:

    Brickpicker is a LEGO reseller website/forum/community that plagues us collectors... Their website is hideous, it makes me cry every time...

    Thanks for the kind words...Funny that the two founders of the BrickPicker site have never resold a LEGO set.

  • dragon114dragon114 Member Posts: 642
    bricklink the gg in blue
  • GoldchainsGoldchains Member Posts: 795
    Find a black market organ donor site so I can sell a kidney to afford all the amazing sets they are coming out with this year.

    And how did I miss the A-team van! I need to make one immediately!
  • dannyrwwdannyrww Member Posts: 1,394
    I saw some where someone did 52 little scenes over a year. I decided that would be a fun goal, so I've started building little scenes based on whatever is going on in my life or in my classroom (with the help of my family and students). So far I've gotten three weeks posted on my facebook page (and actually have the fourth one build and photographed). I'm not as good at making MOC as others may be around here, but I thought it would be fun to see if I can keep this up for a whole year.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Well, one month in and already I'm veering off in new directions with smaller MOC's.

    As well as sorting out my Hogwarts (which is nearly done now) I am going to MOC up a version of my parents front room as a present for them (Including Minifig versions of them) and a Batman Beyond Batcave with Terry McGinnis and 'Old' Bruce figures

    I suspect however, any previous thoughts on display cases will be on hold until next year... they are not cheep.

    So one month in and new Lego building goals are popping up, how is everyone else fairing? There should some sort of prize for the person who sticks to their originally stated goals the longest :)
  • ShibShib Member Posts: 5,460
    I'm definitely doing well on the building front, but I am kind of stuck on small spaceships...not been enough sales to know about the spending yet ;-)
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair Member Posts: 2,703
    Mathias said:

    I have several goals.

    1. Get Lego work room finished
    2. Sort out all loose lego and organize
    3. Find remaining missing minifigs from CMF series 1-7
    4. Finish Star Wars figure frames
    5. Build first MOC and have the guts to post it for all to see/ criticize.

    @Mathias Just start building MOC's. Look at inspiration online and at conventions. As long as you learn from the suggestions and criticism it's fine.
  • goshe7goshe7 Member Posts: 515
    1. Achieve 900 FB on BL.
    2. Purchase a couple sets that I am highly anticipating (Ferris Wheel, Dr. Who)
    3. Build collection display shelves in my den
    4. Move my minifig collection from a sorted bin to the aforementioned display shelves

    No goals, but i expect to continue playing with LDD and MOC throughout the year. I'm satisfied with my pace and attention to those.
  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 364
    i got to stop drooling over death star in smyths ,its oooonly 340 euro, get 1 pirates 1 hobbit and a city truck set. Already picking bits for SS-secret santa not ze gestapo! also wish daily mail or sun would do polys here again
  • Vindic8edVindic8ed Member Posts: 197
    edited January 2015
    1) Buy/Setup/Create a "Lego" room to build, store, create, etc.

    2) Sort Lego bricks in said room

    3) MOC more

    4) Break 200k piece barrier
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    truck730 said:

    i got to stop drooling over death star in smyths

    Yes - the store staff are getting fed up of wiping the box off! ;-)
  • cheekymunk3ycheekymunk3y Member Posts: 108
    1) Stop making impulse buys every time there is a sale/discount

    2) Stop spending all my disposable incoming each month on lego so I can afford a PS4

    3) Spend more time at work doing work rather than reading forums and browsing for my next Lego purchases and making lists

    4) Sell some of the impulse buys that I don't really need

  • Sethro3Sethro3 Member Posts: 982
    I see a trend in this post...

    My goals would be minimilism. We are removing many unneeded things in our lives at home, so why not include LEGO. I've been buying Super Hero and a handful of SW sets over the last few years strictly for the minifigures. Sometimes it is cheaper to just buy the full set. However, I've been evaluating some sets and I realize I don't really care about the majority of it after all and would really only like one or two figures from it. It will end up being cheaper in the long run.

    So Goals...

    1. Buy/Complete my figure collection of Middle Earth/Super Heroes and key SW figures

    2. Organize LEGO collection better. I have stuff pretty well sorted, but I'd like to be even more organized. Furthermore, organize my whole LEGO room better.

    3. MOC more. I have a few projects that have been sitting collecting dust for a while now. It's time to actually finish them so I can have something other than official sets to show at our LUG shows.

    4. Like others, spend less. Or maybe, just spend less on sets. Buy more on Bricklink. Focused spending people.

    5. Not become a reseller, but potentially sell off some older LEGO I don't need/want anymore.
  • youngagainyoungagain Member Posts: 3
    1. Build the modulars. I've missed out on the first 6, so I'm going to make sure I get the 4 still available soon. Just missed The Grand Emporium when it was on sale and not stopped kicking myself yet.

    2. Make space for the above (no idea where they are going yet!). (I may have a small LEGO room later this year when my son moves out).

    3. Spend less money this year on LEGO (no chance!).

    4. Build something amazing with EV3 (xmas present from my wife).

    I am fairly well organised and all my models are in storage boxes, the only problem is the pile is getting rather high ! I can't bear to part with anything.
  • TheGlynreaperTheGlynreaper Banned Posts: 15
    I may start my very own moc this year it will be based on Jim Hensons Fantasy Classic Labyrinth and it be set inside the Goblin Kings Castle I can easily just use orcs as goblins and ill and custom u a jareth minifigure DANCE MAGIC DANCE MAGIC
  • goshe7goshe7 Member Posts: 515
    goshe7 said:
    1. Achieve 900 FB on BL. 2. Purchase a couple sets that I am highly anticipating (Ferris Wheel, Dr. Who) 3. Build collection display shelves in my den 4. Move my minifig collection from a sorted bin to the aforementioned display shelves No goals, but i expect to continue playing with LDD and MOC throughout the year. I'm satisfied with my pace and attention to those.
    It's getting down to the wire.  Here's my progress:
    1. 833.  Not looking favorable.  The summer was absolutely dead for me.  BO has been supplementing nicely, and eBay has been surprisingly effective.
    2. Dominated.  Ferris Wheel in hand and built.  Dr. Who Dimensions in hand, and I expect to be at the LEGO store Tuesday for the ideas set
    3. Doing OK.  I found a building plan that I liked, and have procured the raw materials.  Those are sitting in the basement awaiting cutting and assembly.
    4. Pending #3.
  • dannyrwwdannyrww Member Posts: 1,394
    hmmm....looks like the year is winding down. I posted in here about building 52 scenes, one each week and here we are and I just posted number 47 on I guess I kept to my goal. It's been fun and I'll be finishing up (only 5 weeks left).  Some builds are better than others. If you want to see what I've built search #52weeksoflego on Facebook.
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
    edited November 2015
    Buy less; sell some unwanted sets; get rid of a load of unwanted figures from parted out sets.
    Done - really pleased with myself. Cut out all the uninspired fluff (polys, theme filler) that I can live without, focused on a smaller number of really nice sets. Can count on one ok two hands the number of new sets I've bought this year and that even includes christmas presents (sorry kids). Edit - I've just been reminded (the portal level pack being delivered) that I forgot 6 dimensions sets - but they don't count right?

    Done a bit, but could do better. Anyone want some Lone Ranger - I just can't build the enthusiasm to open them?

    Done quite well, although still quite a few LOTR left.

    One that wasn't listed but im quite pleased about - finally, after about 27 years I've got hold of my own #6990 and then doubled down with a #6991 (although that one's not part of my childhood).

    All in all, a very good year.

  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411

    Overall i think i hit my mark for 2105

    I have finished my scaled back Hogwarts and rained in my spending to focus on key themes, even going as far as selling off sets to clear space and help with the focus.

    Plenty of smaller MOC's and figer designs throughout the year, but as susspected no display cases yet, although i a meeting a cabinate designed at the weekend for some quotes, so maybe not too far away.

    Role on 2016 (already have my first project of the year in mind)

  • legogallegogal Member Posts: 754
    Have moved most of our LEGO containers off the floor onto rolling racks or shelves, which was a huge endeavor that required me to dispose of 60 large containers of bulk bricks. Now I can focus on going through the remaining containers and completing the partially built sets in some of them. Eventually I would like to display most of the Friends sets along with my Architecture, Creator, modular, minis, and Duplo MOC's. 

    It is so much easier to find things and build when there is space to move around and work in without tripping over containers. Next comes disposing of my spare polybags and minifigs, which could take six months because of the sheer numbers involved. My end goal is to have only one huge LEGO room and empty my other full LEGO storage room that is 13 by 13 sq ft. If there are polybags or minifigs you need, PM me and this will help empty my storage room. I am looking forward to enjoying my LEGO in 2016 now that I can easily find what I want to play with at home.

    My other 2016 goal is to be involved in BrickUniverse 2016 in Raleigh the weekend of April first. It was a fun event last March, and has a lot of potential in its second year.  
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    To find me the rarest piece of all.........the coveted 1x5 . I asked Santa very nicely.
  • chuxtoyboxchuxtoybox Member Posts: 711
    I didn't achieve any of my goals but I'll do the run down.
     1) Collect every mainstream Chima set released this year.
    This goal died when LEGO cancelled Chima and didn't release a wolf battle pack so my enthusiasm and interests went elsewhere and I started buying Ninjago instead.
     2)Organize my Lego room. 
    Look up procrastinator in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of me.

     3) Complete my CMF sets starting with series 2. 

    Nope! I did collect all of 13 and 14 this year. 

     4) Build one or two MOC Dickens-style houses a month so I have a village to put under the Christmas tree.

    Fail! For some reason whenever I try to build a MOC house I don't seem to have enough windows, doors and bricks in general. Next year I'll have to buy more Creator and look into modulars but I can't regularly afford them.
     5)Finish my Chima "world" which is on a table big enough to hold an average Lego train track. 
    See goal number one for explanation why this goal was not achieved. I bought the Temple of Airjitsu so I have a plan for a Ninjago world instead. I'm hoping to get the Destiny's Bounty for Christmas. I plan on buying a lot of Ninjago in 2016.

    It probably won't happen before the end of January but I have to organize my Lego room which will greatly help completing my CMF collection and to build the Ninjago set up I have in my head.

  • piratemania7piratemania7 Member Posts: 2,146
    I think my goals for 2015 have morphed into goals for 2016.

    I didn't really set the standard that high this year anyways as I had a little one my wife and I were expecting (who is as beautiful as ever as turned 10 months last week!) arrive.

    However, for 2016 time should be a bit easier to come by.

    I'd really like to continue collecting the last few original classic pirate sets that I do not yet own.  That would be near the top of the list - that and making plans for a modular/city/train layout.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,764
    Gaols for '16 would be get a house with a spare room big enough to build my city/train layout and with it all my mods as well.
  • xwingpilotxwingpilot Member Posts: 799
    edited November 2015
    ^ and ^^ do we need a new thread?
  • Sethro3Sethro3 Member Posts: 982
    edited December 2015
    I'd think a new thread would be in order in the coming weeks...Can anyone start a thread or do we need a Mod? I'll definitely want to set up some goals for 2016 for sure.

    Scrolling back, I think I kept true to some of my goals. I wanted to spend less on LEGO (I doubt it), but I also wanted to focus my spending on MOCs and minifigures I wanted as opposed to just buying sets willy-nilly. I think I have done that fairly well. And I will continue to do that next year.

    I have organized my LEGO room better, but it is still far off. I started sorting pieces by color/use into clear bags and then into clear sterilite containers. Before I used cardboard boxes. It took a lot longer to find what I needed, that's for sure.

    I did start a few MOCs, but key word is start. I tend to move on to a new project before I finish the old one. I have 3 modulars started, an M:Tron spaceship, my mini Hogwarts, and a Darth Maul lightsaber...I should finish those up soon. I did piece together some old M:Tron/Blacktron 2 sets that I wanted as a kid that I missed out on.

    I do have some vacation coming up next week, so hopefully I can accomplish something during that time.

    Interesting to read other people's goals. It helps me think about what I want to do AND it shows that we all are forever sorting...
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