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Motorizing the Hogwarts Express 4841

richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
edited January 2012 in Building and Techniques
I probably should work out the answer myself, but in the interests of time, can any train or Harry Potter expert let me know if it is easily possible to motorise the Hogwarts Express 4841? (and how!)
I have been offered a copy for circa £45, so I was thinking of getting it, but I would much prefer if I can power it, as I know my daughter would love that.
My only concern is the wheels don't look right for this, unless I am wrong?

Any help appreiated!



  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    It might be a bit hard to see from the picture but this is my PF customized 4841 with lights. The process was quite simple. Basically don't build the interior of the cab and build the IR Receiver in instead. You should be able to run the cables for the wheels (and lights) through the main body of the engine and mount the power box in the coal cabin. I did need a few new pieces for this, mainly for the roof and mount for the IR receiver, but only took a few hours, quite good fun.
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    @ Monkey_roo,

    that is superb. Can you summarise exactly what core parts I need.
    Is it the Receiver, power box, lights and remote control?

    Should be able to modify myself then, as am quite partial to the odd bit of modding!

    Many thanks!
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    From the power function line i used:
    1X 88000, AAA power box
    1X 88002, train motor
    1x 8870, lights
    1X 8879, controller
    1X 8884, receiver
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    @ monkey_roo,

    brill, thank you!

  • AmikoAmiko Member Posts: 97
    Excellent stuff! I've also made a note of what to do should I buy this set and want to convert later. I have tonnes of excited questions :-

    I'm totally new to the whole LEGO trains system and was wondering what I should do about getting tracks for the Hogwarts Express set too...

    Is there a good set available that's got a decent amount of tracks and possibly a power system, or would it be cheaper to buy tracks and power functions seperately ?

    Is the power system all radio controlled / AAA battery powered now - and can the trains run backwards ? Also, presumably if the trains are internally powered, the track doesn't need to be in a loop any more ?

    Also, as a system, how long have LEGO train tracks been around and how likely is it for LEGO to change the design ? I'm just worried that if I end up buying the Harry Potter train but can't afford to expand it with tracks / power right away, then the whole LEGO train system will change and I won't be able to run it.

    This is all very exciting, although Mrs Amiko is looking nervously over my shoulder, concerned about it spiralling out of control... any help would be appreciated, along with any advice on cheap ways around starting LEGO trains... for Mrs Amiko to read! ;)

    Thanks in advance.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 Member Posts: 360
    Here's my hogwarts express powered by 9v power supply and regulator. I needed 4 motors to make it run.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    ^^There are 3 sets that you can buy that give you everything, a passenger train set and two cargo train sets. Each has the Power Fuctions parts (excluding the lights) and the track. I started by buying 2 passenger trains alongside the Hogwarts express and taking all the power functions parts from one and putting them in the express.
  • AmikoAmiko Member Posts: 97
    Hehehehehe Bluefox! The never ending train! Spectacular!

    Monkeyroo - I take it you mean 7838, 7839 and 3667 - i.e. The current [email protected] stock - I've had a look and they're quite pricey, so I might just grab bits seperately as and when. I haven't even got the train yet and here's me dreaming about tracks etc... lol

    I can tell this forum is going to get bad for my wallet. hehehe! Thanks for your help
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    That's a lot of wizards going to school.
  • LambringoLambringo Member Posts: 104
    @Amiko This thread is all about which train is best to get first. Most people agree Yellow cargo as it is best value for money for train parts, track & PF

    I motorised my Hogwarts Express and turned it into a Holiday train to run around my tree at Christmas. I have taken it apart already and returned it to its original state again so no pics sorry. I just figured out myself through some trial and error as I wanted to power the engine and not at the tender or car. There was some fiddling and part removal but it is not that complicated when you have the parts in front of you. I went with the PF wheel unit in the engine, the IR unit in the Tender and the Battery in the car. The car roof had to be raised one plate level to fit and the seating was no longer there but it actually looked better IMO sine the PF wheels change the look of the engine.

    If you need detail, has heaps of info on powering each train and multiple methods
  • AmikoAmiko Member Posts: 97
    Nice one! Thanks. This is going to end up being a fairly long term project as I'm only just back into LEGO and have spent a fortune on Hogwarts etc... I'm also keeping an eye on Diagon Alley and a some Castle bits to make it look swish. Who knows what I'll be able to afford / get around to first but this is all good info for planning ahead.
  • AmikoAmiko Member Posts: 97
    I've just sourced a decent bargain - the Passenger Train set for 75 quid. Now I'm just having a mini panic... has this got what I would need to motorise the Hogwarts - (Remote, receiver, battery compartment, motor) or is it a different design ? Also, given that I'm really after just track and parts, is 75 quid worth it or should I take my time and get things seperately from [email protected] ? From my calculations the decision is on the borderline but there are much more informed peeps on here! I guess the extra train bases would be useful for carriages in the future if I decide to MOC a few up for the Express ?

    Heeeeeeelp! lol

    Thanks in advance for any ideas...
  • mr_bennmr_benn Member Posts: 941
    edited February 2012
    The passenger train will certainly all you need to do a basic motorisation job on the Hogwarts Express - you'll be able to do anything that the passenger train can do :)

    Whilst the passenger train itself isn't great, if you add up the cost of all the bits you'll otherwise need to motorise it, plus buy the same amount of track (and you can't buy the curves separately at the moment), then you're generally onto a good thing and you've got a heap of train parts left over which is always nice :)
  • Czechmate67Czechmate67 Member Posts: 1
    Great thread- realise that it is a few years ago but just attempting this now have the late model Hogwarts express with tender and the IR parts and controller- is there a brick list of what I need to modify the train? Blue Foxes video is mad- where did you find all those carriages?
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