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Selling off my collection (Southwest Ohio, USA)



  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Two more unusual ones, neither sold to the general public.  Both were designed for their respective companies and given to company employees:

    4999 - Vestas Wind Turbine
    Ramboll-1 - Ramboll Oil Platform

    PM me if you are interested in pricing!
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,241
    I covet your collection.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    @SumoLego - I will happily sell it all to you!
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,241
    I'd have to sell my collection to afford yours.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    I hear that you can get some decent money for your kidney on the black market.  You don't really need two kidneys, right?
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Yet another oddity in my collection, with this one not being an official LEGO Set.  This is my Bryant LEGO Van Kit, given away at the National Dealer Convention (February 26 to March 3, 2006).  What makes this interesting to me was that it was designed by none other than Nathan Sawaya.  Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    I also still have several of the LEGO employee gifts:

    2009 - Heart
    2010 - Happy Holidays - The Christmas Game
    4000013 - A LEGO Christmas Tale
    4002014 - LEGO HUB Birds
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Here's one I just picked up on a trade (I usually don't trade, but this was an unusual circumstance), and the pieces are still sealed in the bags:  4842 Hogwarts Castle.  Seals on the box have been cut, but all 10 inner bags are still sealed. See picture for actual item. Box has shelfware, creases, and has been re-taped on one side.  PM me if you are interested.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    I have quite a few Monster Fighter / Halloween sets available.  If anyone is interested in buying them all at one time, my current asking price is $600.  Lot will include the following 19 items:

    9461 - The Swamp Creature
    9462 - The Mummy
    9463 - The Werewolf
    9464 - The Vampyre Hearse
    9465 - The Zombies
    9466 - The Crazy Scientist & His Monster
    9467 - The Ghost Train
    9468 - Vampyre Castle
    30200 - Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car
    30201 - Ghost
    40032 - Witch
    40076 - Zombie Car
    850451 - Lord Vampyre Key Chain
    850452 - Ghost Key Chain
    850453 - The Monster Key Chain
    850487 - Halloween Accessory Set
    850936 - Halloween Set
    851035 - Vampire Key Chain
    5000644 - Monster Fighters promotional pack

  • tverduintverduin Member Posts: 3
    When you sell some of your sets, are you going to take them off of the Brickset website?
  • tverduintverduin Member Posts: 3
    What do you mean by "PM me"?
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    PM means send me a private message through Brickset (pm = private message).  And yes, when items are sold, I remove them from my Brickset list, so if you see it on my Brickset list, then I still have it available for sale.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Another idea that I'll toss out: I have complete collections of the following themes: Alien Conquest, Atlantis, Avatar, Discovery, Lone Ranger, Model Team, Pharaoh's Quest, Prince of Persia and Vikings.  If anyone is interested in buying an entire theme, I can definitely offer some discounts.  You can either send me an offer, or I can send you what I'm asking and you can make a counter-offer from there.

    I also have most of the Monster Fighters theme (missing the Haunted House) and most of the Architecture theme (missing Willis Tower, Chrysler Building and the Louvre).  I also have all of the Master Builder Academy Sets that were sold as product collections (20200, 20214, 20215, 20216, 20217).

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Two more unusual ones for any architecture fans: Set 19710 (Sears Tower) and 19720 (John Hancock Center).  These are early architecture sets -- originally branded as BrickStructures and limited runs (1250 sets for each).  I believe both were designed by Adam Reed Tucker (and I have heard that he was instrumental in getting the Architecture line up and running).

    Both of mine have open boxes but the contents are still sealed.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    I also have the rare Marina Bay Sands set available (21021).  Unlike seemingly 90% of these available right now, mine comes with box and instructions (and of course the printed tile).
  • Sinc3riTSinc3riT Member Posts: 1
    Sad to see all your sets go, but I'm sure it's for a good reason.

    Pricing on 
    7984: Deep Sea Raider
    21003: Seattle Space Needle
    60016: Tanker Truck
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    @Sinc3riT - PM sent.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Any Maersk fans out there?  I have quite a few Maersk sets:

    1552 - Maersk Truck and Trailer Unit
    1651-2 - Maersk Line Container Lorry
    1831-1 - Maersk Line Container Lorry
    1831-2 - Maersk Sealand Container Lorry
    10152 - Maersk Sealand Container Ship
    10155 - Maersk Line Container Ship
    10219 - Maersk Train
    10241 - Maersk Line Triple-E

    I have boxes and instructions for all of these sets, and the stickers are all applied and in excellent condition (even for 1552 and 1651). 

    Send me a PM if you are interested, and if you have a certain price in mind, send me an offer (that goes for these sets or any other sets that I have).

    Since we are on page two of this thread, here is the link to all of the sets that I still have (I keep this list updated as I sell items off):

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    edited October 2015
    Also, I still have the following CMF series available:

    Series 1
    Series 2
    Series 4
    Series 5
    Series 6
    Series 7
    Series 9
    Series 10 (no Mr. Gold)
    Series 11
    Series 12
    Series 13
    The LEGO Movie

    If someone wants to buy multiple series, I can certainly work out some kind of discount.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    I do have a few other items that are not listed in the brickset database:

    A 2014 Kidsfest minifig (given to employees who worked the 2014 kidsfest)
    A Kladno minifig (from the Kladno campus)
    A Kladno pen

    The kidsfest minifig is the one on the right in the attached pic.  I no longer have the one on the left, which is a minfig given out to new employees.  Note that the Kidsfest minifig has the nametag on the incorrect side.

    PM me if you are interested in any of these.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Just went through this thread and I still have many of the unusual / interesting sets that I've written about.  Ones left include:

    CMF Complete Series 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 13
    2009 Heart
    2010 Happy Holidays
    3450 Statue of Liberty w/ Custom Base
    4999 Vestas Wind Turbine
    19710 Brickstructures Sears Tower
    19720 Brickstructures John Hancock Center
    21021 Marina Bay Sands
    4000013 A LEGO Christmas Tale
    4002014 LEGO HUB Birds
    K34431 Cat Mosaic
    K34434 Tiger Mosaic

    2012 and 2014 Shell / Ferrari Promotion Sets
    All LEGO Chess sets and Tic-Tac-Toe sets
    Maersk Sets (1552, 1651-2, 1831-1, 1831-2, 10152, 10155, 10241)
    Kidsfest Minifig
    Kladno Minifig and Pen
    Breaking Bad set w/ Albuquerque Action Squad
    Bryant LEGO Van Kit
    LEGO Retailers Sign

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    The Kidsfest minifig has sold.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Looks like 21021 Marina Bay Sands and 4002014 LEGO HUB Birds are sold.

    Here is a pic of the Kladno Minifig and Pen (the pen came from the Kladno Factory, but does not have Kladno written on it, just the LEGO logo).  Free domestic shipping if you buy both.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Looks like the Kladno minifig and pen have sold.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Offering up my built 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition for $300, free domestic shipping.  Set will be shipped assembled!  Box is in excellent condition.

    41999 is my first, only and last technic set that I own.  Not a fan of technic.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Looks like the 4x4 crawler has sold.
  • kopitedavokopitedavo Member Posts: 26
    hi, did you sell the chrome darth vader?
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    I did not sell chrome vader yet.  I will send you a message....
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    I have all 10 of the minibuilds given away at the LEGO Americana Roadshow.  If anyone is interested in buying them all in one lot, send me a PM.  Sets will come with print-outs of the instructions for each build.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    My LEGO Retailer Sign has sold.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Another oddity in my collection: 66208-1: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

    This is actually just a product collection, but I do think it was an interesting tie-in with the movie / book.  The box comes with nine different polybags:

    7602 - Black SUV
    7604 - Triceratops
    7606 - Frog
    7609 - Rescue Chopper
    7610 - Speedboat
    7871 - Whale
    7872 - Animal Set
    7873 - Aeroplane Set
    7875 - Backhoe

    I have the box, all nine polybags (opened), and all nine models.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Still have Liberty with the custom base for sale.  I can maybe help you with the paperwork for your second mortgage.

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    edited December 2015
    I also have the following complete CMF series left:

    Series 2
    Series 4
    Series 5
    Series 6
    Series 9
    Series 12
    Series 13

    Second mortgage probably not necessary for these.

    All other sets remaining for sale:
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Also still hoping to find that one LEGO collector who is also into Chess -- I have every chess set that LEGO has ever done and I am still hoping to be able to sell them all in one lot:

    5702 - LEGO Chess - PC CD-ROM (Includes Set 2586, the Crazy LEGO King)
    40158 - Pirates Chess Set (2015 version)
    852001 - Fantasy Era Castle Chess Set
    852293 - Fantasy Era Castle Giant Chess Set
    852676 - Travel Game - Multi Game Pack 9-in-1
    852751 - Pirates Chess Set
    853373 - Kingdoms Chess Set
    G577 - Vikings Chess Set
    G678 - Knights Kingdom Chess Set
    LEGO Wooden Game Set, 2012 Gift to Employees.

  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 Member Posts: 1,833
    Received my order today. Everything was just like ToddMyers said. Thanks
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Thanks @gmonkey76 !
  • legogallegogal Member Posts: 754
    Todd, Some lovely sets for sure! Are you selling off everything or just selected things? Will you still be into LEGO? If not, what other hobbies are you pursuing?
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,241
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    @legogal - I'm selling everything and exiting the hobby entirely.  I'm considering a meth lab in my RV ;)
  • andrewtandrewt Member Posts: 10
    I don't mean to pry, but I (and probably other people) find it interesting that you are going from owning one of the most unbelievably spectacular collections in existence, to zero. Is this change due to changing interests, or other personal reasons? 

    Really - to acquire the collection you have built must have taken an enormous amount of dedication (and funds).
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,241
    I got it - you're buying a timeshare.
  • sklambsklamb Member Posts: 516
    Or a racehorse....
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,241
    Are there timeshares for racehorses?  Anyway, let's not derail this topic.  @ToddMyers is trying to accomplish an actual task here.
  • legogallegogal Member Posts: 754
    Not sure that a meth lab in an RV will cut it these days as there is a lot of competition in that racket. Hubby (being in medical gas) says to make sure that you have a first rate gas mask and a safe supply of oxygen. And do make sure it doesn't take down someone's home or a school when it does blow up.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do and thanks for sharing your magnificent collection with us mere amateurs. 
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Bump!  Still have quite a few sets to sell off, and I now have four days on my hands to pack and ship.  Send me a PM if anything interests you.

    Also, I still have the following sets not listed on my brickset list (pics appear above in this thread):

    Statue of Liberty w/ custom base
    10 minibuilds from the LEGO Americana Roadshow
    Bryant LEGO Van Kit (Nathan Sawaya design)
    The Tiger and Cat Mosaics
    Citizen Brick's Breaking Bad Meth Lab + Albuquerque Action Squad figures

    I also have this duplo brick:

  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Also, I am selling a sealed 4842 Hogwarts Castle for a friend.  Some shelfware, so the box is not perfect, but still in good shape and all four seals are still intact.  PM me for pricing!
  • BrickCreatorBrickCreator Member Posts: 137
    PM sent...
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Anyone here with experience shipping to Brazil?  A long time ago, we stopped sending packages to a family friend down in Sao Paolo because the packages would disappear in transit, but I'm hoping that their postal system has improved since then.  Just trying to determine if I should accommodate a request from an interested buyer down there....
  • mountebankmountebank Member Posts: 1,237
    My experience is that when one of their frequent postal service disruptions happens everything disappears. The last time this happened for me I was very relieved to get a £300 insurance pay out.
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