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series 14 aftermarket?

FurrysaurusFurrysaurus Hiding in the kitchen.Member Posts: 156
i ended up with a spare series 14 sealed box of figs (well, either going to keep it or open them)  what's the general feeling on keeping these boxes sealed?  with what the haunted house did in aftermarket, i'm wondering if it makes more sense to hold onto them until next halloween?  maybe i'm over thinking this?


  • RonyarRonyar Member Posts: 373
    I've picked up a couple of spare figures that I'm leaving sealed until next Halloween.  I'm guessing that you'd be better off holding a full box as well until then.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,917
    I don't think Halloween actually matters that much for this series. They will go up, period. It's a fantastic series with virtually no duds. People want monsters all year round not just at Halloween.
  • tecjamtecjam Germany / SwitzerlandMember Posts: 255
    edited October 2015
    I am looking to buy a box of 60 for series 14 actually, as I really like the series, although I do already own the complete 16 figs, plus 12 or so double.

    I think it will appreciate in value and some of the figs are even now selling rather well at higher prices, even though they are still available in most shops.

    I still have a Series 6 box sealed, but alas I don't actually own any of that series apart from the sealed box of 60.
    I love the statue of liberty, but wonder if I should keep the box sealed and sell it in a while, or sod it and open it, selling each fig seperately, just so I can get myself a complete set! I've come close to opening it before, only to say to myself: Leave it for another year.

    I can never decide!
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Amsterdam, NederlandMember Posts: 1,435
    Open the box. It probably contains three complete series (all 16 different miinifigs). Keep one or two complete series for yourself, and sell the other 16 minifigs as one lot, and the extra 12 minifigs individually. That would be what I would do if I would sell those CMF's. Ooooh and very important: keep the ones you want to sell sealed!
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,917
    The valuable ones (Liberty, Roman) are easy to feel for too so easy to keep sealed for selling.
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