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Colors - How They've Changed!



  • AanchirAanchir United StatesMember Posts: 2,897
    davee123 said:

    Ok, what about themes?  Which themes contribute the most to black?
    3133.56 - Ninjago
    1825.70 - Technic
    1317.59 - Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series / Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
    1315.28 - Friends
    1148.59 - Ultra Agents
    1093.55 - Super Heroes / Avengers Age of Ultron
    1070.4 - Super Heroes / Avengers
    948.16 - Star Wars / Star Wars Episode 7
    913.59 - Speed Champions
    874.67 - Technic / Model / Race
    Ninjago?  Seriously?  Wow.

    Interesting! Is this just for this year's sets? Or overall?

    It's obvious from this list that Star Wars and Super Heroes are broken up into categories, in accordance with the BrickLink database. BrickLink doesn't divide Friends or Ninjago into categories, although each of these themes has even more sets than the Super Heroes theme! If they did divide Friends and Ninjago into categories, those themes might not rank as highly, whereas if you ranked all themes without any kind of category distinctions, Star Wars would certainly rank much higher (note that the two categories listed here make up only 26 out of 483 Star Wars sets in the Bricklink database), and other large themes like City might also show up.
  • davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 814
    edited October 2015
    Oh, definitely just 2015-- I was basically just trying to see if we could nail down any particular offender that might be making black so large, instead of it being a general trend.  But... doesn't really seem that way.

    As for "all time" contributers to black?  Ninjago's surprisingly at #11 (I figured it wouldn't even be in the top 20 list at all):
    15260.39 - Technic / Model / Construction
    12724.17 - Train / 9V
    10869.38 - Train / 9V / My Own Train
    9819.60 - Creator / Basic Set
    9308.29 - Technic / Model / Traffic
    9261.22 - Racers / Radio Control
    9014.24 - Train / RC Train
    8769.78 - Star Wars / Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
    8528.37 - Technic / Model / Off-Road
    8434.60 - Train / 4.5V
    7895.45 - Ninjago
    7078.82 - Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series / Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
    6797.02 - Town / City / Police
    6624.02 - Train / 12V
    6359.44 - FIRST LEGO League
    5827.75 - Train / 9V / World City
    5682.43 - Racers / Power Racers
    5496.60 - Racers / Ferrari
    5424.97 - Legends of Chima
    5365.35 - Technic / Model / Race
    And 9v Trains is clearly getting a boost from black train motors and large train bases, as obviated by the element category breakdown (again, all time for black):
    69963.20 - Plate
    68336.80 - Tire & Tread
    59239.64 - Brick
    21446.66 - Technic, Brick
    20894.80 - Technic, Liftarm
    19440.84 - Electric, Train
    18420.71 - Wheel
    18123.77 - Technic, Axle
    17302.69 - Slope
    15885.90 - Plate, Modified
    10993.62 - Technic, Connector
    10033.77 - Technic, Pin
    9448.66 - Brick, Modified
    8611.35 - Electric, Motor
    8377.94 - Train
    8153.80 - Duplo, Toolo
    7815.79 - Duplo, Train
    7271.00 - Wedge, Plate
    7233.45 - Electric
    7209.13 - Hinge
  • nteeuwennteeuwen Seattle, WAMember Posts: 2
    I had done something similar with the data from Bricklink but used Tableau to analyze the data.  

    is my findings so far. Its still a work in progress. The data is also from 2014.

    Can you tell me how you downloaded all the set inventory? I have a file called S_PartInventory.txt but I cannot for the life of me remember how I obtained it.  It is csv file that has all the vital information I needed to make my findings above. I know Bricklink lets you download several data files, which I also used but this was not one of them. I sadly didn't document how I obtained this file and would really like to update the data source.
  • davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 814

    I downloaded the data using a program I wrote to go through all the inventories slowly.  I think there may be a way to do it more quickly (I recall that some programs were able to download a LOT of BL's data very quickly-- either in parallel or in some larger file), but I don't know what it might be.

    There's a place on BrickLink where you can download raw catalog and inventory data:

    I only know how to do 1 set at a time, however, so I had my program download all the catalogs, and then go through the lists of sets, gear, and minifigs, downloading each inventory separately.

  • nteeuwennteeuwen Seattle, WAMember Posts: 2
    Thanks DaveE.  I did download all the files from Bricklink that are listed in that link but some how I figured out how to download a file called S_PartInventory.txt from somewhere and I cannot recall how I did it. I doubt this was a name I gave the file myself because its unlikely I would have named that. If I ever figure out the answer I'll be sure to post here.  
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