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Roof Help Needed

Hi: I am venturing out to the MOC world and am having a major problem...I cannot seem to master building roofs...I have searched for a good tutorial but most of them are either too complicated or not helpful...Can anyone guide me to a really good, basic, beginner tutorial on roof building? Any help appreciated!



  • SocksSocks GBMember Posts: 10

    You could have a look at the Changing Seasons build instructions for a fairly standard roof.  Or you could look at the Winter Toy Shop instructions for a different approach.  You can see the instructions on:

  • Robbzy88Robbzy88 Member Posts: 20
    There's actually a video on the Lego creator website about roofs, Not sure how much help it will be though, My suggestion would be to browse for sets on here and look for any with a roof style you like and take a look at the instructions for that set.
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,110
    anymore, using the actual roof bricks (45 degree slopes) seems to have generally fallen out of favor with both LEGO and experienced MOCcers when it comes to highly detailed sets meant to model something realistic (Creator expert, Winter Village).  

    There are a lot of creative (usually expensive piece-wise) alternative techniques that are out there, but probably the most common (and least expensive) is using plates that are placed at an angle via various methods.  See the winter village lineup for a variety of ways to do this, as well as the scooby doo mansion.  One particular set of note would be #10229 Winter Village Cottage, as it handled cases of two sloped plated roofs meeting at a 90 degree turn, as well as included a small window dormer.  
  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 ChicagoMember Posts: 1,796
    My advice is to download the modular building instructions and go from there. They're mostly flat roofs but they have skylights and access doors so you might get some tips/ideas from them.
  • luckyrussluckyruss UKMember Posts: 872
    Something like #10185 green grocer is quite interesting, in that it uses a combination of 2 or 3 65 slopes with a flat plate roof on top.

    i've taken to using layers of plates as per dougts to build out a roof quickly - you can hinge then together to get any angle you want and almost "place" out top - and then work out how to attach / make a cut out for chimneys / add detailing etc as you go.
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