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  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu Member Posts: 2,318
    @vitreolum, for what it's worth, you're doing better than me. I just worked it out, if I keep having good weeks (3 supporters a week), it will only take approximately sixty four years to reach 10,000...

    I'm planning to kick my butt into gear this week & getting moving on Tumblr again, would you be okay with me writing a small piece on your project (was planning to do a few articles on projects I think deserve a bit more attention).
  • Robbzy88Robbzy88 Member Posts: 20
    New moc for my Winter Village display, I present a mobile trailer generator, Not exactly a fancy item but it'll fit well with the pf lighting.

  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu Member Posts: 2,318
    @MissKittyFantastico, the bigger issue with FF is the same as with X-Men, Fox currently holds the movie rights to their characters. Because Fox refuses to talk with MARVEL about crossovers or simply giving the rights back, MARVEL is trying to limit merch for these franchises, the mindset is to not give Fox any help with promoting these characters (heck, MARVEL cancelled the FF comic just to really send a message). So MARVEL aren't likely to give Lego the go ahead to do a FF set, likewise, the last wave had no X-Men sets, nor are there any in the announced sets for 2016.
  • VenunderVenunder Member Posts: 2,666
    ^ very good.
  • LeeLee Member Posts: 138
    This is just a sneek-peek and a new space racer I'm building. There is still work to be done and I also haven't named it yet. Just wondering what you all think of it so far?
  • crazycarlcrazycarl Member Posts: 392
    ^^^^ looks like the back half of a Klingon Bird of Prey in red!  Me likey.
  • LeeLee Member Posts: 138
    Oh yeah, so it does! Im thinking of putting lego stickers on it to make it more racy if I can find some that match it.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,554
    Something or other Mk 5.6?
  • karmajaykarmajay Member Posts: 50
    ^---Cool Halloween one! I'd love to have that on my wall for Halloween!
  • Another addition to the Dammit Fox collection, the Baxter Building:

    Bit ropey around the edges (it's half design, half 'what can I do with the pieces I have in this colour'), but it hit the points I was aiming for: old-style stone for the most part, with mad science on the top levels.  The cross-piece of the '4' looks thin under camera flash, but luckily in normal lighting it casts a wider shadow than the other beams, which gives the illusion of the proper shape.  The whole thing's sized to fit alongside #76005 Daily Bugle and #76038 Avengers Tower on my Marvel New York shelf, which means there's no way the Fantasticar was ever going to be able to fit on a rooftop landing pad, but eh, them's the brakes.  (Yes, I know it's missing a little bit from the stonework on the left, when I find one I'll add it on.  Let's just pretend it got knocked off last time Doom visited and hasn't been fixed yet.)
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair Member Posts: 2,710
    Batarang Replica

    Batarang Replica
  • crazycarlcrazycarl Member Posts: 392
    ^^^^Now I know what to do with all my extra 55706 elements!!!
  • RevBluesRevBlues Member Posts: 117
    vitreolum said:
    Made this spray bottle for a seed part (the separator) contest. Spray Bottle
    Genuinely one of the most imaginative and clever MOCs I have seen.  I don't mean to sound patronising, but jolly well done Sir.
  • MissKittyFantasticoMissKittyFantastico Member Posts: 197
    So I built a thingy for @rdflego 's car-boat-heli-plane-rocket thread, and it was fun, but I decided not a keeper for the shelves.  But after dismantling it, I still had Jesse St Claire - the driver minifig I put together during the build - and she was kind of insistent on having something that goes really fast.  This is really how my mind works.  So, Javelin:

    No M.A.S.K. transformation in this incarnation, but from the original I kept the wheels and the arrangement of an offset cockpit on one side (the wrong side, for roads here, but I'm not a driver so that didn't occur to me until some time into the build) and the engine on the other; had a lot of fun devising all the techy bits for that engine (yes, I know the turbine is right where the front wheel would be continually kicking gravel into it; let's assume there's some ingenious reason that doesn't happen).  I decided to leave the stickers on as car decorations, and eventually decided the canopy was being more trouble than it was worth, the absence of which led to a kind of future-retro open top race car look, which I grew fond of the more I worked on it.  I do intend to rustle up some alternate hubcaps for the front wheels, to lose the Ultra Agents colours (although in my headcanon, Jesse is a Lady Penelope-style ally of Ky's super-truck team; what, there's a lot of searching through storage bins for the right part, my imagination wanders).
  • Vindic8edVindic8ed Member Posts: 206
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair Member Posts: 2,710
    Circuit Board

    Circuit Board

    Circuit Board - Rear
  • ecmo47ecmo47 Member Posts: 2,101
    edited October 2015
    Vindic8ed said:

    Trying different faces.
    It took me a minute but I get it now. King Midas!! Pretty unusually to have so many gold piece. Great scene!
  • crazycarlcrazycarl Member Posts: 392
    My newest loco.  #765 Nickle Plate Road 2-8-4 Berkshire.  Also to be used for a holiday Polar Express consist.  Just need red windows for the passenger cars.
  • minifignickminifignick Member Posts: 109
    Just a "fun" picture I created after picking up a Alex custom minifig from @MinifigsMe whilst at Steam
  • legojeroenlegojeroen Member Posts: 31
    For the Lego Architecture Museum contest on Facebook I've build CORPUS, a museum in Leiden The Netherlands where you can walk through a huge human body.

  • Vindic8edVindic8ed Member Posts: 206
    edited October 2015
  • thedaveyboythedaveyboy Member Posts: 55
    It's almost too good.  You sir are a legend.
  • WatfordScottyMWatfordScottyM Member Posts: 507
    Look at that filth down the alley way. No wonder he's got a grin on his face!
  • TkattTkatt Member Posts: 472
    Your build is a lesson in inovative techniques. Thanks for sharing this.
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu Member Posts: 2,318
    edited October 2015
    @Tkatt, that could describe practically every build I've seen @vitreolum do, he is an artist of the brick...
  • jadedancjadedanc Member Posts: 1,302
    Just finished mounting the last of 4 of my mosaics on a wood backdrop. Displaying with GTWLug at the Our Lady of Snow Shine over Thanksgiving and Christmas dates. 
  • crazycarlcrazycarl Member Posts: 392
    ^^^^^Do you live in Belleville, Il jadedanc? I live like 5 mins from The Shrine. I will have to check these out in person! Let me know when they go up and where!
  • chuxtoyboxchuxtoybox Member Posts: 711
    vitreolum said:

    What's the guy on the shore doing to that poor cow?
  • AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,043
    That palm tree and banana bunch are glorious!
  • RevBluesRevBlues Member Posts: 117
    @vitreolum You are an artist.
  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    Exactly, not a builder or MOCer, but an artist, cheers!

  • crazycarlcrazycarl Member Posts: 392
    vitreolum said:
    Voodoo Pirate Morgan Hex
    That looks familiar,  what anime is this from?
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