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The pricing on TIE Fighter 9492 seems off...

y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
edited January 2012 in Buying & Selling Topics
Firstly, I'm really digging the new TIE Fighter design - it looks much sturdier than 7146, but what am I missing that puts this at a higher price point than the Y-Wing? The latter has the same number of minifigs and more pieces... so the pricing seems a bit askew.

Granted, without having the models in hand, I can't speak to the scarcity of pieces used in the TIE vs the scarcity of pieces used in the Y-Wing, but the pricing still strikes me as odd.


  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Perhaps they figure more kids will want a TIE Fighter, so they can charge more for it, while the Y-Wing will be less popular?

    That being said, this Y-Wing looks much nicer than the yellow one from last year. Still looks too short to me, but ahh, what can you do?
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    BTW, I think it is a shame that the TIE Fighter is just that, not the trio of TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber.

    Just thought of something, we haven't had a proper TIE Avenger yet (Darth Vader's ship doesn't count, I mean a proper TIE Avenger like from the PC games)

    That would make a nice UCS
  • GIR3691GIR3691 Member Posts: 671
    It's really weird, especially since the idea with TIEs is you'd want a few of them. Not at $55 USD you don't.
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,129
    i absolutely hate the trend of loading up minifigs in these sets. give me the tie and pilot, drop the other 3, and sell it for $15 less == winner
  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 289
    ^Agreed, but a lot of buyers, especially the younger ones, want those MFs.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
    I'm actually (I think) in the minority as far as the minifigs go. I want one of each minifig produced for the classic trilogy SW line, but I'd rather they be included in sets where they make sense.

    Part of me thinks LEGO knows full well that there's a demographic of adults after these minifigs as well... cause really, are there a bunch of kids out there clamoring for a Princess Leia in ceremonial attire minifig (OR Dutch Vander, for that matter, though he makes perfect sense here, at least)? So I think they toss these in to "playable" sets to appease fans like me, even though I would happily buy a Yavin IV ceremonial hall - not to mention dozens of environments that they seem to pass over for the umpteenth reissue of certain ships... but I digress.
  • bellybutton290bellybutton290 Member Posts: 453
    I think the figs are great and make sw sets attractive purchases. On the main point of the tie I now own this and 50GBP is a lot but the ship is quite large with lots of big plate pieces making up the solar panels in addition no stickers but printed pieces. Piece count a little more than the Y-wing aswell so all in all not to bad but still expensive. Y-wing is the worst value of the three OT ships but x-wing is great value IMO.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
    Piece count a little more than the Y-wing aswell so all in all not to bad but still expensive. Y-wing is the worst value of the three OT ships but x-wing is great value IMO.
    According to LEGO, the TIE only has 413 pieces, while the Y-Wing has 458. Again, I'll wait to pass final value judgment on both until I've actually built them, but for now, strictly by the numbers, the cost of the TIE makes little sense to me.
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    The TIE is also just a bunch of black plates, while a few of them are bigger, there is nothing big or special there, I think the Y-Wing looks like a better deal.

    I also think the X-Wing looks nicer than the one it replaces, but not by a ton. Still not sure that needed a replacement, but whatever... :)
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002
    Ironically, the TIE is at the top of my list insofar as the three ships go, but mostly because that particular ship was long overdue for a redesign. I'll get the X-Wing and Y-Wing eventually, but I agree that neither really NEEDED a redesign at this point... though the minifigures included with the Y-Wing are great.

    Porkins is nice, too... but basically useless if they don't finish out Red Squadron (though, honestly, if they just do Branon and Dreis, I'll be pretty content).
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,129
    TIE is at the top of my list - first decent version of it. I don't have the older Y-wing, so I'll get that too. the x-wing is barely any different than 6212, so I'll skip it
  • bellybutton290bellybutton290 Member Posts: 453
    I think when some of you build this your opinion might change as it quite large but don't get me wrong guys it's still not great value compared to the other two.
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    edited January 2012
    just a thought, but do you think there is any leeway in these prices to take account of the difficult economy and therefore allow retailers to discount at some point in the product lifecyle? You might say why not just set a cheaper rrp?, but as we all know, everybody expects a discount on just about any product these days, its the nature of retail nowadays.

    looks fab though. When you look at the early Star Wars models, the Lego group have really made great strides in improving accuracy of ships and minifigs. It is this constant drive for improvement that makes them such a great company. This is how you stay ahead of the game.
  • GIR3691GIR3691 Member Posts: 671
    Agreed, I'm hoping there will be a price drop as Walmart did with a few of the last round of SW sets.
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