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General Technic Discussion

playwellplaywell UKMember Posts: 2,246

I have never been a fan of the smaller technics sets but here are the prices for them:

42044 Display Team Jet 9.99 €

42045 Hydroplane Racer 14.99 €

42046 Getaway Racer 19.99 €

42047 Police Interceptor 19.99 €

42048 Race Kart 26.99 €

42049 Mine Loader 39.99 €

42050 Drag Racer ?

42052 Heavy Lift Helicopter ?

42053 Volvo EW 160E ?


42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator ?


  • samiam391samiam391 A log cabin in PA, United StatesMember Posts: 4,430
  • BACbrixBACbrix AmericaMember Posts: 655
    Yes please enough
  • playwellplaywell UKMember Posts: 2,246
    samiam391 said:
    BACbrix said:
    Yes please enough

    You can post these thoughts here, thanks

  • samiam391samiam391 A log cabin in PA, United StatesMember Posts: 4,430
    edited September 2015
    @SMC - I have, and I believe you're taking what you might originally have considered a "green light" to implement your idea much, much too far.

    I'm posting here in the hopes you'll take immediate notice and at least stop for the time being. My Sunday evening Brickset browsing doesn't need to be interrupted by spam.
  • BACbrixBACbrix AmericaMember Posts: 655
    You are creating a new thread for each news feed. You could have very easily consolidated it all into one general news and prices thread. Spamming away the useful threads.
  • playwellplaywell UKMember Posts: 2,246
    edited September 2015

    Does anyone have any information on 42053 Volvo EW 160E or 42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC, I googled them both and they look cool.

    VC is a nice looking tractor that could come with other farm gear to pull.

    I have and love 42030 Volvo L350F so I wondered if 42053 Volvo EW 160E would be the right scale to go with it and if it would have any power functions as 42030 came with every motor you could think of.

  • (1)Stein(1)Stein GermanyMember Posts: 31
    42050 Drag Racer

  • playwellplaywell UKMember Posts: 2,246
    Looking at the back wheels on my phone, are they what I think they are.
  • (1)Stein(1)Stein GermanyMember Posts: 31
    edited November 2015
    Your phone has wheels?
  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFW/BGMember Posts: 7,354
    Batmobile wheels? I think you may be right. Fits the style of that sort of dragster perfectly.
  • playwellplaywell UKMember Posts: 2,246

    Yeah tumbler wheels, should bring the price down might get to bricklink some now.

    Didn't see this before but from the brick fan:

    "LEGO TECHNIC fans also get in on the fun with a Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) that goes for $499 NZD. There’s also another TECHNIC set named “Ultimate Vehicle” which goes for $699 NZD. I’m not sure if that’s the final name of it or not but that’s what I was told."

    $700 NZD is like £300

  • OndraOndra Member Posts: 74
    These prices seems to be a bit higher, I read that prices for two biggest sets are 220€(Probably fot that bucket wheel excavator) and 300€ for ultimate car .
  • playwellplaywell UKMember Posts: 2,246

    Yeah I think New Zealand doesn't come out too well when it come to Lego conversion rates so I think they would be cheaper although not by that much. Guess we will have to wait for more final prices. 

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