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1960s wooden boxes

LeeLee Member Posts: 138
Hello again! Does anyone have any info on the wooden boxes made in the 60s? I have a one but cant seem to find any info about them. Ive found photos that look like the one I have same wood same sliding top but mine seems to be bigger. It doesn't have a lego label across the top and mine has a lovely leather handle witch may have been put on later in its life. It came full of 1960 lego and some have Europe languages printed on them. I have photos if any one wants to have a look. Any info would be great. Thanks Lee


  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    Sounds like a job for @Istokg or @LusiferSam :)
  • LeeLee Member Posts: 138
    Thanks. So should I just send them a message???? I'm new to this sort of thing.
  • LeeLee Member Posts: 138
    forgot to put a link to the photos of the box so here it is. Also have a look at some of my builds if you want.
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 571
    I don't know knowledgeable I really am about this subject, but thank you for the vote of confidants @khmellymel.  Most of what I know I've learned from Istokg.  He is the really expert.  I more dapple in the subject.

    This doesn't look like any wooden box I'm familiar with.  But that doesn't mean much, new boxes seem to come out of the wood work all of the time. ;)  This seem to be one poorest document topics of the early era.

    Random guess is that's a kindergartner set or a retail/sales men's box.  What are the dimension of the box?  It also looks like there is something on the lid.  Is that anything?  If you're looking for info about the parts you've highlighted I can tell you about most of them.
  • LeeLee Member Posts: 138

    Thanks so much, any info would be very welcome. Its measurements are 64cm wide 48cm deep and 17cm across. The handle is off centre by a few cm but now that I think about it it may be that way for carrying it? it has 22 compartments also. I don't think there was ever a pull out draw like the ones I've seen. The label you see in the photos was the price tag from the charity shop I got it from (£19.99 hehehe). I've had a very close look at the lid an it may have had something glued in the centre at one point (lego label maybe?)

     There is a photo of 2 clearish 2by2s joined, any clue what they were for? Also the white plate with the wheel axels attached, what are they for??One last thing, the doors with the fish printed on them, what set were they from?? Thanks so much Ive been looking everywhere for info on the box.  Oh whats a kindergartner set?

     Again many thanks

  • rd1899rd1899 Member Posts: 210
    edited September 2015
    Lee said:
    One last thing, the doors with the fish printed on them, what set were they from?
    375-3 Refrigerator Truck and Trailer. A quick Google search for "lego fish transport" brings up several relevant results including a image of the set's instructions sheet with set number.

    Regarding those other pieces, posting images to the "Help Identifying Parts" thread would probably get you the quickest response.

  • LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 571
    edited September 2015
    Ok, I'm assuming your talking about the nylon hinge coupling and the wheel holder steering assembly. I think it's best to look at the instructions to understand what these parts are for.  Here are the two clearest examples I can think of off hand.

    Tractor and trailer 304 for the nylon coupling.  Look steps 7 and 8.

    Delivery Truck 333 for the wheel holder steering assembly.

    A kindergartner set was education set for the class room aimed young school aged kids, basically pre-Dacta.  In the 50s and 60s the numbers were 700K (K for kindergartner).  As with any of the 700 series don't be fooled into thinking this is a single set.  They are multiple sets that share the same set number.  They changed year to year and country to country.

  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    All true LEGO boxes have to have a logo or image somewhere on the box.  I've got images of 80 different wooden boxes, and never seen one with a leather handle, or that strange arrangement of compartments.  I think it's either a non-LEGO box that was filled with circa 1965-75 basic and model sets, and spare parts packs... or a home-made box.

    Here are a small selection of LEGO boxes from my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors 2800 page guide as computer desktop download... 

    The only wooden boxes that ever had a handle were the USA/Canada Samsonite LEGO 750 and 7100 Educational Sets, with plastic Samsonite handles.

  • LeeLee Member Posts: 138
    Thanks so much for all the information its been a great help. As for the info Lusifersam said about the box I find very interesting and I'm go to have a look into that more. Ive emptied the box now and I now believe the handle was added later as you can see where the screws were filed down on the inside. I believe mine most looks like the one on the top far right of the photo. The info about the parts was great and now I think im going to rebuild set 375-3 fom the parts in the box. Thanks loads guys. Very helpful.
  • LeeLee Member Posts: 138
    Sorry forgot to say thanks Istokg for the images and rd1899 for the links. If you ever find a box with the same configuration as mine will you let me know please.
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