NOT BendyBadgers Big Bonus Ball Bonanza - Small set Giveaway (12th Sept)

ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,086
In the absence of @bendybadger for another week, I'll sponsor a drawing this week. I've enjoyed entering even if I have not hit the jackpot yet.  I felt it only right to give something back and keep tradition going ;) 

After rummaging through my collection, I decided to offer a #40148 "Year of the Sheep" set.

Everyone should play by the usual @bendybadger rules.

To enter this time, and keeping in the spirit of the prize, tell us what is your favorite Lego rendition of an animal. Could be a set, an MOC, or you really dig part number #40232 (owl). If you got a good picture or link, please post. 

I love this tiger:

This is based on the UK national lottery bonus ball drawn on 29th August 

1st comment gets number 1 up until the end of the first page where the last person gets number 49. So we should have a full page of yes pleases. There are only 49 places so if you are on the second page and all has gone smooth then you are out of luck and will have to wait till the next giveaway.

If Bendy doesn't post in time, he will get number #49




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