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Selling majority of my sets almost 300. In Grimsby/Cleethorpes area of Lincolnshire. (UK)

jamiestjamiest Member Posts: 37
edited August 2015 in Marketplace
Hi all,

Looking to sell majority of my collection, due to change of interest (I'm not selling everything!!)

Initially, I would like to see if I can sell anything by collection only (less chance of any damage, loss etc)

My owned sets are here. (Mostly technic, but varied)

Please note, not everything is for sale.

If you see anything you are interested in, please PM me.

My eBay is here, if you would like to see my feedback etc (mostly lego selling, very high sales)

As far as I can recall, majority are 100% complete with box and instructions, but will advise when PM'ed

Sorry if this is  bit vague, but I really have a lot, and it would take forever to list all!

Although i'm not a big poster, I have been following forums for a long time.

Thanks for looking



  • jamiestjamiest Member Posts: 37
    Regarding the Grand Carousel. It is an unfinished brick link project. I think it is probably about 80-85% complete. It includes the expensive baseplate, and most other parts, but no soundbrick, or sails!  Also the sticker sheet is a reproduction. You can make me an offer if you fancy the project (I can let you know exactly whats missing).
  • AsterickedAstericked Member Posts: 36
    Will you ship to U.S?
  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Member Posts: 1,533
    Would I be right in thinking that the #8880 Technic Supercar is one of the sets you won't be selling?
    I'd be interested if you were.
  • matrox2001matrox2001 Member Posts: 13
    Hi mate,

    Might be interested in some of your high end technic

    Most particularly 8448 but also 8446 8458 8856 8872 8250 8448 8466 8285 8275 855!

    I guess it depends on price and whether you want to sell as a collection or individually.

    Let me know as not that far from you!

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